• Jo Ann
    But, what of the regs? They say 2018 before you can walk into a shop to buy it. What is going on in other states who legalized marijuana?
  • JMM
    I just moved from Ma to Ca. Mass regulations said as of December 15th you can legally purchase and possess up to X amount, but dispensaries and recreational sales won't be available until 2017-2018. California is similar. It is now legal to purchase and have it on you without a medical card, but you still need a card to walk into a dispensary until next year when they change the recreational regulation. Kind of a pain, but at least it is somewhat in the right direction. This is all armchair research, so if anyone else has more details please feel free to correct me!
  • niceone
    I've read that my Dr. recommendation note will save me from having to pay quite a bit in taxes upon purchase. As well as that there won't be recreational sales in CA until 2018.
  • Chandler

    Canada is about go legal as well!!
  • Jo Ann
    Wow...all of Canada?? Another reason to emigrate!

    I wonder if it will still be cheaper to buy from my current resource?
  • Beamer
    All of Canada, right across the board.

    I know it is and will be cheaper for me to continue on with business as usual... From what I can tell it is pretty pricey going to med route.
    For me anyways
  • Zep4
    I hear the rec mj shops are going to open June 1 here in Massachusetts. About fkin’ time says this 60’s flower child:)
  • Rockytdogg

    I’m pretty sure it’s July...
  • MAbud
    July 1st
  • Zep4
    okay...then yay, July 1st!!
  • Futurevapors
    keep going US, we will soon be free over here in Ireland/UK/Europe. How weird is it that Amsterdam slap bang in the middle of Europe is totally Legal for the last 30 years and STILL no countries surrounding it has gone legal. You couldn't make this shit up.
  • 420edc
    It is legal in Belgium if it is Dutch sourced.

    The Dutch model isn't totally legal either, the shops and taxation are legal, the purchasing is legal but the supply side is not currently. It's like the cannabis just shows up and gets sold so there are no protections for growers which in turn means no protection for consumers in regard to pesticides, heavy metals, microbes/fungal contaminants or any type of standardized testing outside of the medical program which is totally separate from visiting a Coffee Shop.

    Spain/Portugal don't touch the Netherlands but they've come a very long way, Germany is ramping up medical and is already importing Canadian mmj.
  • Futurevapors
    Well the Netherlands is a small place but is managing to supply it's own shops plus UK/Ireland/Europe with very large amounts of Cannbais witch is illegal shipped out of the dam so personally I don't see that there's a big problem in growing crazy amounts of it and getting rid of it over there?

    when do you ever heard amount someone being caught with 50/100/200K worth of cannabis in the Dam, never! In Ireland on the news every morning all you see is 50k here 100K there, cars full of the stuff that come straight from the boat from the dam, never gets picked up in the dam, only once it reaches the shores that it's going to is it caught, it's like they catch every 1 in 10 just to show they are on top of it but really they are all involved reaping all the cash? seems funny hey, i think it's one big cash cow operation her in Europe personally.

    My man in Ireland gets his delivered to him from the dam and he's selling 4 oz per week and he always has green in, he's never dry! I know is from the Dam and it's just too good and is always top shelf!
  • 420edc
    It isn't about being able to supply shops with cannabis. The problem is there are no regulations on production, so you could be getting some very nasty products coming out of profit motives rather than consumer health protections.

    One of the oldest (and one of my favorite) coffee shops was shut down in Utrecht a little over 10 years ago: Sarasani via Wikipedia

    If you look at the test data coming from the Emerald Cup in California over the past 2 or 3 years, where they are also growing boatloads of cannabis that makes it to 49 other states (and beyond), it is full of pesticides that aren't meant to be used on plants for human consumption.

    Happy to hear the black market is thriving in Europe thanks to lacking Dutch regulations. Pretty much how California thrived/thrives on lack of regulation on cultivation across the state for the 20 years when Prop 215 was the law of the land. That's changed with the adult use law but the quick and easy cash on doubling or tripling a harvest's value by exporting it hasn't and the black market is still thriving on the West Coast for those who don't wish to conform to the state's new regs.

    At this point, we should not be relying on black market cannabis to satisfy our needs. Prohibition is a failed idea. I'd rather know that my cannabis is clean, what active ingredients are in it and that it was grown in a facility under sanitary conditions utilizing GMP and standards for the plant and the products manufactured from it.
  • Futurevapors
    Ok get you now. I too totally believe in 2018 we should have confidence in buying Clean and safe Cannabis. But as It's totally illegal over here I would Vape any bud that looked clean and smelt and tasted normal to be fair, also and thankfully there's been no death toll behind all this bad cannabis!!!! and I suppose it's cheaper for someone Not to put a load of chemicals into the mix when growing so I do believe the groups growing it in Europe are so good nowadays that they don't put too much bad stuff in it.

    BUT give me the choose and i'll pic clean vs black market every time.

    It also pisses me off that the governments don't mind gangs feeding the black market? Like it's just SO obvious that they are all financially benefiting from this and if it was legal they wouldn't profit as much than if it's on the black market.

    Who would of thought a plant could causes all this sillyness.

    you can walk into a pub and die from drinking a whole bottle of whisky and that's totally fine but you vape cannabis and all sort of things gets thrown at you about what it's doing to your body, and the hilarious thing is that it's only doing positive/healthy things!!!!!!
  • 420edc
    Here is one casualty:
    Contaminated medical marijuana believed to have killed cancer patient

    I'm sure the Brits are going to see the money Canada is pulling in and will change their tune fairly quick as more and more numbers come in from California as well.
  • Futurevapors
    You'd think. Britain is the worlds largest medical cannabis growers in the world. it's just laughable.

    Oh and the same people are still claiming it has no medical Value.

    This all boils down to the fact that Cannabis is possible the best Medicines available and the people at the top are trying their hardest to keep it all under wraps and also to keep people drying of Cancer and profiting highly directly from that.

    Ever wonder why all these new Cancer programs all cost insane money? yeah because they don't work and it's all just to take your money, while you're drying. That's nice....

    I'd love to see it Legalised here and I wont that to happen fast but we're all 10yrs behind what ever the US is doing.
  • Futurevapors
    The fact that it's just one kind of makes me think it could easily not be from the cannabis. I think if 100 people taking cannabis all died the same day and from the same supplier you would say that.
  • 420edc
    this doesn't take into account that California's production is legal in California. The only authorized grower in the US is the US Government at their research lab at the University of Mississippi. 95 Tons for GW Pharma in 2016 is nothing compared to what comes out of the hills of the Emerald Triangle. Yet researchers in the US have to fight tooth and nail to even get placebo cannabis out of NIDA's facility.

    While the person who died from the contaminated cannabis might be an isolated incident, the issue with the supply chain is that it needs to be regulated so that even someone with a compromised immune system can still consume cannabis they buy from an adult use shoppe/dispensary. One death is too much from a plant that by itself isn't harmful, but the contaminants it was exposed to indeed were fatal when ingested by an already sick person.

    Meanwhile people are dying daily from synthetic cannabinoids being imported literally side by side with opioids from Chinese labs. So what you are saying is indeed happening, not from legal cannabis or state legal cannabis, but from imported synthetics sold as a substitute for a perfectly safe plant that could be regulated and taxed like any other good on the market.
  • Lucic and Chong
    I'm sure the Brits are going to see the money Canada is pulling in and will change their tune fairly quick as more and more numbers come in from California as well.420edc

    I really think that Canada's legalization will be a game changer world wide, as long as we don't completely F it up. This is the 2nd largest country in the world going fully legal, and USA's next door neighbor.

    If the tax money starts flowing, without too many headaches, other countries will take notice. The world does revolve around money after all. Since legalization was announced here, it's amazing how many people changed their tune. Many businessmen who were once strongly opposed, are now investing in the cannabis market.
  • metalmancpa
    In my opinion, the biggest mistake MA is making with recreational legalization where medical has been around for years, is having the same board/committee oversee them both. I say leave the medical side to the medical world.
  • Futurevapors
    You're right, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!!!

    Your know this plant is super powerful due to the fact the government has basically tried their upmost hardest to keep it from us! All they want us to do is Drink yourself to Cancer, Smoke your self to Cancer and eat junk food until we get Cancer so they can charge us their own money back to temporally heal us. It's fucking pathetic.

    All they need concerned them self's with is birth control seen as they are useless at dealing with Humans.
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