• Saeed
    Do you get more or less high with Volcano High vs Mighty/ Crafty High?

    I've recommissioned my Volcano and find it get me more sneaky high when compared to the portable units. Am I wrong to assume this?

    Obviously there's a level of cognitive dissonance when smoking so its hard to quantify.
  • Saeed
    There’s an active Volcano here!

    My team and I have deployed balloons to capture the emissions but we need all the help we can get!
  • Chaotix
    I don't think there is an answer to that question in the universe but I would say the Mighty wins by just a tad. A tiny tad but it does win. The ballon is probably better for the human body though, also by a tad.
  • Bruce
    It's hard for any portable vape to be able to outperform a desktop vape, especially The Volcano.
  • To the Cloud
    I get more high with the Volcano. It would be interesting to know , how much more (if at all) I am consuming by taking down a few bags vs. The Mighty. Also when I am using the Mighty it is for a few quick puffs and when I bust out the volcano it is some serious business. I think a more even comparison would be a good test. one bag from the volcano at 380-390 and then do the same for the Mighty with how many rips you get out of your volcano bag.
  • Bud
    I notice a difference! one you rip, and the other you sip 8-)
  • Chandler
    @Baron23you use a volcano as well correct??

    i was wondering about this question the other day. a friend had a fun time with his buddies at a vape lounge and used a volcano for the first time... he's tried both my old crafty, and new Mighty. in his opinion, although he loves Mighty and wants one, the volcano was night and day for him. like it was hands down waaaay better.
    @VapeCritic is correct though, he obviously was ripping the volcano bags, while we sip on a Mighty...

    Its interesting, because many people i know who have used a volcano and tried my Crafty in the past for the first time, when i mention how its a S&B product and 'supposedly' it hits like a volcano... the response was always like 'yooooooo! it does hit like a volcano'!!!

    so i'm wondering. Is the volcano really on that next level?? i understand its the #1rated desktop
  • Kakarot
    Why is The Plenty left out? I get more from The Plenty than, Volcano,Mighty,Crafty,Firefly 2.. really any other vape, Potency wise The Plenty is king of the hill I believe.
  • Chandler
    Potency wise The Plenty is king of the hillKakarot
    Really?? interesting!
  • Baron23
    HI Chandler - yes, I do have a Volcano Digit and prize it very much.

    However, I generally DON'T think of the Volcano as a 'heavy hitter'...ala' vape version of a bong unless you are will to drive it at some pretty high temps, IMO.

    I have often thought this was due to the fan and the volume of air pumped through which would dillute the vapor compared to hitting a Grasshopper, for example, natively.

    But every time I think my Volcano is my 'old man' vape, I break it out, load a herb/concentrate sandwich in a dosing capsule in the reduced chamber and extract at 440 F.......and end up in a different dimension! LOL

    This think about vape signatures is very hard to be definitive about. However, wrt my two S&B devices (Volcano and Mighty), I do agree with you and your friends, there is something very similar and familiar with the vapor from both of these units. Its like the S&B signature. The AVB, the smoothness, the overall effects seem very similar to me.

    I do love my Volcano and even though I have been using the EVO and Enano a bit more lately, I don't see myself selling or giving it away. I also adore my Mighty, extraction is wonderful and my AVB is very evenly browned.

    I'm not sure I was at all helpful, but in my limited experience....yes, S&B vapes seem to share some common characteristics in their vape signature even though the designs are very different.

  • Chandler
    I'm not sure I was at all helpful,Baron23
    i understand what youre saying. very similar signatures. great vapor quality all around. only the user can decide... Thanks!

    personally the idea of inhaling all that vapor from a bag doesn't appeal to me. i'd rather sip on Mighty. i . need to try one day so i can form my own opinion though.
  • Sue
    you should definitely try the volcano at some point. on a daily basis i use my crafty and/or grasshopper .... but when i do decide to bring out the Volcano I always am happy i own it. i personally love the bags :D
  • Baron23
    I'm with Sue. I hope you get a chance to try one.

    When I mentioned 440 F degrees, I would like to be more clear about how I use the Volcano.

    Generally, I run at 385. That's a temp that I seem to like in general for a wide variety of vapes. I have run the Cano at 355 - 365 and its lovely and gentle. I tend to run a bit cooler when vaping while doing something else...e.g. Friday evening, drinking a scotch, some friends over for some grilled steaks. I tend to run the Volcano at 365 as we want to sip it as the night is young and getting too blown out to eat is not the objective! LOL

    But for me alone for my medical dose before bed, 385 generally. I don't often temp step up as I have done this in the past and while I have gotten more vapor boosting to a higher temp (i.e. 420-ish) once it starts to get a bit whispy, I'm really not sure its worth it.

    Now, reduced chamber with dosing capsule....and in particular with an herb/concentrate sandwich load, I crank that sucker up to 420-440 and the vapor is as dense and chewy as from just about any other device I have used so far.

    Like Sue, there are some other vapes I enjoy in the rotation, but I will not sell my Volcano....it still surprises me with just how damn good it is.
  • Sue
    you like scotch? me too! I have been drinking bourbon for the past year almost exclusively tho. i am obsessed. a little bourbon and a few hits at night is absolute heaven.
  • Baron23
    I do know a lot of bourbon drinkers and will not turn down a shot of good Kentucky water, but yeah....I do prefer Scotch and Irish whiskeys myself.
  • DregerUS
    i remember when I used to have a nice drink. but wait men can't handle their alcohol

    I've always had drunks in my family there's always this one guy

    Never had a problem with bud, worst case scenario it gets weird and then everybody just shuts up ... it can always be fixed ironically with more bud
  • Sue
    very true. Alcohol truly is trouble. I used to have too much in my opinion on a nightly basis. (2-3 glasses of wine). For some people that isnt a lot but it took its toll on me. Once i started with cannabis my drinking plummeted and i am happy with that. Now one glass or even a half is more than enough for me.
  • Chandler
    you should definitely try the volcano at some pointSue

    I'm with Sue. I hope you get a chance to try one.Baron23
  • Chandler
    Thanks. I appreciate your input! I definitely look forward to judging volcano vapor quality in the near future...
    on a daily basis i use my crafty and/or grasshopperSue

    Sue. You have all the best vapes! Please, (if you don't mind) share your thoughts on crafty vapor quality /flavour vs sticky brick Jr. Vs grasshopper
  • Sue
    sure thing. my opinion may differ from others .... especially regarding the sticky brick. I have the O.G. brick. i was having a hard time with it in the beginning mostly due to user error. I set the flame on my torch way too high and was often scorching my material. now that i have the flame way low, i am able to consistently get great vapor. the taste is good, but i don't find it phenomenal. i seem to be in the minority with that. i always taste something else. wood? idk. Maybe it's just my unit but there is another flavor there that doesn't let the cannabis flavor shine through. The vapor density and strength are excellent. it is a VERY hard hitter. Grasshopper .... love the flavor, stealth and efficiency. oh and the heat up time!! mine has worked very well since i got it a few months ago. the flavor is excellent on the lower temps. clouds are decent. crank it up, use a water tool and it shines. Honestly tho .... if i could only have one it would be the crafty. i find the flavor and vapor quality just excellent. i wish it would heat up as quickly as the grasshopper tho! I use the grasshopper when i am looking for a quick hit or two and need to be stealth. the crafty i take my time. i really enjoy the crafty with my bong too! it is capable of producing enormous thick clouds up in the high 300's. during the day i use it around 340 and it's delicious and perfect. Hope this helps!
  • Sue
    oh and the volcano. it is a 10 all around. as long as you can have something like that sitting out in the house ... you are golden. lower temps delicious. higher temps thick thick clouds. i cant have mine sitting out so i break it out one every few weeks for a nice nightly sesh :-)
  • Chandler
    if i could only have one it would be the crafty.Sue

    Ok. Ok. Thanks for your perspective! I understand what you're saying. Crafty is great!
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