• Bruce
    I have noticed many comments written by commentators who don't actually own the vape being discussed.

    I have made ALL of my vape related purchases via our Friend The "Vape Critic" and the links to the best places to buy. I have tried them all, truly Bud is the best at it. I didn't know anything about vaping until I found Buds websites. I am grateful.

    Even as great as Bud, he can direct us to the best products but there is nothing like when you have unboxed your vape and used it that you have enough info to post a comment. It may sound harsh, but Vaping is a serious thing. It is a vital tool for millions of people who rely on these devices. It's only when I have the device in my hand that I can put things together about the vape.

    2 Examples. After Bud directed me to the MFLB which there is NO WAY anybody can describe to me, its was only when I got it out of the box and used it that I knew I liked it and could comment about this vape to help others make a decision. (Good Or Bad)

    I decided that I am ready for a desktop (5 years ago). I weighed the info and decided to get the Arizer Extreme Q. I had no idea based on reviews and videos. It was when I unboxed my Q I got a feel of how it is. That was and is a great buy. It's all about feel. It exceeded my expectations. I have gotten a vape or two that did not meet my expectations.

    These vapes are marketed very well pictures are glossy it's important to follow the info from the Vape Critic but remember you won't know until you unbox the unit and had a few sessions.

    The reason this is important is because if you don't own it, your not giving an informed opinion. Many people are relying on these forums to sell vaporizers and people wanting to make the best decision. there are many peoples lives that are affected based on out reviews. There is more at risk than most realize, please have that in mind before you post.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By ^ ^ ^ "The Vape Master" ^ ^ ^
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  • Saeed
    The vote is just a reformation of what you've stated.. Okay I get it.

    I could easily click, yes; but would be annoyed. I know what you mean and have noticed this in one occasion. The general assumption that the "crafty is not reliable" I mostly hear this coming from those who have read about the issues but not experienced them personally. I cant speak for other vaporizers, I only use S&B.

    That seems to be the trend with consumer products; they're those who own them love them ad talk highly of them and they're those who justify why they dont have them for whatever XYZ reason. I am not arguing that their opinion is or isnt factual but I can say people generally over exaggerate in either direction..

    "You've just Been Vaporized By ^ ^ ^ ".........." ^ ^ ^ :/
  • Bruce
    Saeed, I vaporized you first!

    This forum is reputable because of its authenticity. If commentators are commenting on products they don't own its takes away from the credibility of this awesome forum. There are companies that need to stoop to patrolling this forum and writing false and misleading information, that everyone in our forum can see. I wish I knew the name of these companies because it would make the choice of purchasing a vaporizer that much easier.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By ^ ^ ^ "The Vape Master" ^ ^ ^
  • Bruce

    I am talking about those people that lie. To me I see it and it bothers me that people lie and that is ruining our forums authenticity, making false statements. It's pretty low that they come to our forum to try and trick us to not buy the product being reviewed.
  • Cl4ud3
    love to know who your talking about here, the only people I've seen come to the forums were when Firefly were getting stick and people came here to taunt those who didn't like it.
  • Hitz
    Already a system in place Bruce, everyone has Rep points here. The main purpose of this forum is to create a place where people can have discussions and share information, who decides who gets censored :( ? Gotta let the community sort it out so we don't have just a one sided perspective, that's what makes this place so great (Y).

    If you ever feel like something's fraudulent or doesn't belong the mods here @Baron23 get it handled ;).

    So to answer your question I feel if someone can contribute to a conversation I'm all for it, regardless if they own a device or not.
  • Baron23
    It is Bud's choice to moderate his forum very lightly at the present. I agree with him at this point in the forum's growth. If this forum every gets to be a big, wild, hairy internet site (Reddit or FC like), then it may need more rules and a heavier hand to keep the peace. But again, in such a case, Bud will determine how much rules/control is appropriate.

    I'm not aware of anybody lying. Oh, I think we have seen spammers come on the site trying to generate click counts, etc and they are usually cleaned up quickly. But someone saying that they own a device when they don't...well, I'm not aware of that.

    I absolutely do NOT agree with Bruce that a person has to own a device in order to comment on it at all. For example, IMO one does not need to own a Grasshopper to comment on Hopper Labs abysmal shipping history. Same with @Saeed's example of Crafty failure rates. If you frequent vape related BBS, and have seen example after example of Crafty failures reported with fairly low hours in the first year or two of its availability, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't feel comfortable including this knowledge in some post, whether you have had a failed Crafty or not.

    Now, IMO there are subjective, first person, aspects of the vaporizing experience with a particular device. E.G. "the vapor is very hot", "the vapor is very harsh", "the device carries a strong odor", etc.
    IMO only, unless prefaced by a "it is reported that" or "I have seen many users say" type of thing then I do personally believe that members should only post these type of subjective evaluations if indeed they have had that first person experience with the device. But I'm sure not advocating policing even that.

    My impression is that regular members of a BBS quickly know who is credible and who isn't and that's generally sufficient.
  • Bud
    Hey Bruce I know your intentions are good, would you mind PM'ing me a few examples of posts you have concerns with?

    We have a really great community here with a nice organic "checks and balances" system, so normally things stay pretty on track and any nonsensical content gets moderated.

    I think we're all with you in regards to people making false statements or assumptions about a product they do not own or have not used, but I think there is a good amount people can contribute and add to the conversation without them owning a specific product.
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