• Bud

    This my friends is one of the best desktop vaporizers I own, it's called the Cloud EVO made by VapeXhale.

    First watch my review video below, then use my promo code STAYUP10 for 10% off one of these from the official VapeXhale store.

    - All glass vapor path* (*except for bowl)
    - Excellent taste / pure flavor
    - Very efficient, works with small amounts of herb
    - Standard 18mm ground glass connection for use with a HydraTube or your own water piece
    - Easy to use, short learning curve
    - Potent vapor / strong effects
    - Big clouds / high vapor production
    - Don't have to vape it all at once, you can take one hit at a time and wait between draws
    - Also works with concentrates if you get the VapeXNail accessory

    - Fragile / must be delicate with glass
    - Temperature control is not precise, only has an analog dial for heat intensity
    - Outer shell gets very hot, must use heat shield they provide
    - Power cord needs to be thinner and longer

    So overall it has a whole bunch of positives and just a few negatives, and I use mine all the time. I've broken two HydraTubes already, so glass really isnt the best for me personally to use on a daily basis, but most people have no problem with this, I'm a big time klutz.

    I currently have this vape rated 95/100 overall, tied with the Volcano.

    Here's the video:

    If you have one or you've tried one let me know what you think about it!
  • Flipz
    Good looks on the discount code brother. I don't have one myself :’( but a friend of mine does so at least I get to use it often. For myself, there's 2 main things that stand out which you pointed out that makes me like it so much (don't get me wrong, i like the other things also)

    The pros "Very efficient, works with small amounts of herb" and "Don't have to vape it all at once, you can take one hit at a time and wait between draws" are great for me, probably more so that these features are on a awesome vaporizer.

    Oh yeah, it really does work fantastic with concentrates. You only gotta put in a tiny tiny amount and it vapes it sooo smooth/clean/fresh/nice, all those in one!
  • Bud
    Hell yea man, torchless dabbing with this thing (Y) (Y) (Y)

    This is how I'm usin mine right now, im vapin bud tho lol

  • Flipz
    That's a cool glass piece
  • deep_meditation
    What type of whip are you using with the Vapexhale Cloud Evo?
  • Bud
    The ones that NewVape makes, they're technically made for the Crafty & Mighty but I bought both adapters and use it with my EVO like you see in the pic above
  • deep_meditation
    Thanks! I appreciate all of your reviews, btw. and wanted to let you know that I'm glad you take the time to review all of the products. The reviews are thorough, informative and fun to watch.

    I bought the Firefly-I based on your review and I'm happy with it. Now I'm debating going for the Firefly II or preferably the EVO (I'd like to have a desktop vape with a setup like yours at home). Based on what you said though I know I'd wind up knocking it over... your setup looks like it would work for me.
  • Flipz
    Tough position :-O The EVO is a awesome desktop vape though lol.

    I also am guilty of knocking & breaking everything somehow lol. Can't forgot about the multiple close calls I have before actually breaking it. I'm on my 3rd dr dabber boost e-rig nail glass piece and got 2 extra since it's only a matter of time 8-)
  • CherryTom
    great 3 year anniversary sale on at the moment. Crazy low prices...

    sadly not for for European power though.

    It's very hard to get any sort of vapeXhale accessories in some overseas regions.
  • Bruce
    Wow, that looks like a real professional piece. I would consider but I think between the glass and the unit it will be beyond my means, it doesn't look like its too stealth.
  • phoenixashes
    I second your review VC. I bought this thing recently and it has turned into my daily driver. I thought my old Mighty was a great vape when it comes to using it with the water setup; turns out that the EVO is on a whole different level.

    I hope these guys come out with a clean portable vape one day because quite dankly, I'm sick of using S&B products. After using the EVO, I've come to realize that S&B vapes are overhyped and overpriced.
  • l2j1
    The VapeXhale site has a coupon code right now for 100.00 off, and it's good for 6 months.
  • Baron23
    Thanks!! I note that it appears this is only good for the Pro Kit only which includes a lot of ancillary stuff, maybe with high margins so that's where they are getting the $100??

    I think we are seeing two things lately in the industry, downward competitive price pressure and a lack of any really, really, really new tech or implementations that would excite buyers and drive new vape purchases.

    I think we are seeing this in revised pricing (can you say Mighty for $50 less than previous) like this, perhaps.
  • l2j1
    Yessssss, I was so exited too..sorry.
  • l2j1
    I was going to buy the log vape but I changed my mind I really like everything I've seen on the EVO. I'm a little overwhelmed with all the RESEARCH. It shouldn't be this hard. This site helped enormously so thanks for that.
  • Jack-vic
    Hey Bud.

    Do you know anything about this vape? https://www.instagram.com/musa.woodenvape.info/ Where to get one?
  • MrNiceGuy
    Vapexhale sent me a new Hydratube no hassel when the one I bought developed some sort of leak in perc area. They paid shipping and everything.
    Great customer service from them even after they got my money.
    Thanks to Vapexhale
    Thought this info may help someone considering a Evo...
  • Baron23
    Yeah, I too really like Seibo Shen and the folks at VXH.
  • MrNiceGuy

    Great crew there at VXH
    Answered all my emails in a timely manner, very polite and helpfull , seemed genuine.
    Shipped my Evo out same day
  • Seantagon
    Hey @VapeCritic Have you had a chance to try out the new Hydra mouth piece and/or the Lynx whip kit? Thoughts?
  • frandemarco
    I wish these guys made a portable I would preorder immediately
  • voyciz
    VapeXhale is having a sell up until Halloween - 20% off. They had some other deals but sold out already.
  • RightTrash
    They've got the 20% running through tomorrow the 15th.
    Made the jump for the unit w/ the presicion turbine, added 2 extra screens and the stand, w/ shipping came to right around $410 (without the discounts it have been more like $630 for same items).
    Ordered last night, just got the shipping info saying it's on the way; excited!
  • RightTrash
    @frandemarco Would love a digital unit, but being that I'm just now ordering my first EVO unit, I hope that doesn't happen for a while.!
  • YellowDog
    You will love you EVO. I was very lucky and found one on craigslist, however it is a fantastic vape, you will et huge clouds, vapor is very smooth, plus you can micro-dose if you choose to. Enjoy your new purchase.
  • Baron23
    no need for digital and a EVO and Turbine HT are an outstanding duo and I feel very confident that you will be highly pleased with them. Great hitting combo.
  • lazylathe
    I am loving my recently purchased 2nd hand EVO!!
    It is very different from my original EVO that i bought as part of their initial Indiegogo campaign.
    So happy i kept my Limited Edition Swagger HT as it is excellent with the EVO!
    The EVO makes me cough like crazy for some reason but it is a good cough!
    temps are a bit hotter at around 1pm on the dial.
    Only vape that gives me red-eye from coughing! LOL!

    11am is pure flavor bliss! No coughing!
  • Karec
    yeah really good device, in the end of the day always depend of the stuff you put inside, my fav temp is 12, never go higher and sometimes i go 11ish.
    EVO Rocks!!!
  • Baron23
    Glad you are liking it. Out of the dozen or so vapes I have, the EVO gets the call the most often because its so easy to set up and extracts so damn well (note, I session at night for pain and sedation so fast and hard hitting are my fav criteria).

    Now last night I came back from dinner with the GF to watch some episodes of Blue Planet II that was recommended to me by my friend @Aj85 (and boy was he right...absolutely outstanding and awe inspiring photography). So, I still had my dang hearing aids in when I went to session with the EVO later and heard for the first time the whistling that people talk about. Not loud at all with mine, but there do seem to be at least some advantages to having ruined your hearing! LOL

    Cheers and glad you are liking it.

    Oh, I'm with you....my standard temp is right at 1:15 on my EVO. Any higher is too hot and lower...yeah, great flavor but again I'm looking for that Louisville Slugger hit between the eyes prior to bedtime so I like 1:15 on the dial.

  • lazylathe
    It is a great vape, the heat up time is not an issue for me these days since the kids are all gone.
    I still turn to my Showerhead/Glass Symphony or my Supreme 4 for those massive, thick hits!
    The EVO comes close but does not beat them in my opinion for load size.
    I love hitting it with the HT, a match made in heaven!

    Also an evening user, too much to do during the day! And the heavy hits seem to last a good while into the following day for me. I can endure a few hours of discomfort before i need to medicate at night.

    I keep my draw just below the whistle, otherwise I have my old dog climbing into my lap!
    Must annoy the heck out of her because my pup does not care!

    All my desktops run very close to each other and produce similar quality vapor.
    It would be really hard to put one of them 1st!

    It's good to have it back on the desk! Going to stay with me as well this time.

    Have an awesome evening bro!
  • Bud

    Dude glad you like it!

    So happy i kept my Limited Edition Swagger HTlazylathe

    Can you post a pic??

    I still have my original Swagger HT also, it's literally one of the only glass pieces I haven't broken yet, I'm amazed :cheer:
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