• VapeCritic
    Hey guys! If you bought a DaVinci IQ please post here and let me know if you like it or not, even if it's brief, and be completely honest.

    I've been getting some rough comments on my review page: https://www.vapecritic.com/davinci-iq/#comments

    If issues are widespread I'll need to address this immediately, but if these are isolated and/or there really is no defect with the vape I want to make sure people don't get the wrong idea.

    I'm definitely aware that DaVinci the company is not doing well right now with service and responsiveness, and I want to make sure that nothing is wrong with the actual vape itself also.

    Like the complaints about it getting too hot, are these units really faulty or do these users maybe not realize that all portable vapes will get pretty warm when used for a while?

    I hope you guys know that I'm always looking out for you and I've never been doing this to make a quick buck so I take all of these comments very seriously.

    Also, I hope you're having a wonderful holiday 8-)

    Thank you for your help!!

  • Baron23
    Ah, fuck...here we go again.

    So, just my view but I have no real sympathy for people who write to you and say things like "Because of your review, I spent xxx", "Your review. Bud, made me spend $284", and similar comments that basically blame you and absolve the buyer from any responsibility whatsoever for their purchase decision. We have all bought vapes. We all know to read all available reviews, to look over the tech design info available, and read reviews by other owners if it had been out there long enough, and to judge whether this is a mature product or if we are willing to be early adopters. Yes, reviewers are very influential, need to maintain their credibility, etc, etc.....but a review is just a review. It is one persons impressions and findings on one unit they received. This is particularly true for a pre-release or pre-order item that's being reviewed without a large population of devices in the market place.

    If you bought a Chevy based on a Consumer Reports review and got a lemon, I don't think many people would blame Consumer Reports (although who knows in our modern society where everybody just MUST be a victim as it couldn't never ever be because of their actions and decisions, yeah!?)

    So, fuck people who come on your review site and post things like "You suck". Just my view of it.

    Now, I don't own an IQ but I nonetheless do have something to say (right, Bruce?).

    1. Apparently they have squandered huge amounts of good will by launching this product with enormously inadequate customer service infrastructure in place. Its not just on your review site, Bud, but all over other forums like FC. There is a DaVinci rep coming on to FC to help address people's customer service issues (which is basically that there is no customer service response). Might want to see if they would do that here or on The Vape Critic site. But bottom line is that they fucked up and its not easy to recover customer trust after a CS cock up like this.

    2. You only reviewed the one device that they sent you. Was this a normal pre-order or did they know it was you? I ask because your unit may have been pre-checked for proper function (cherry picked, if you will) if they knew it was a review unit while general production may not have. So, you used it, you liked it, you gave it a good review. I'm sure that this was true for the unit you used. Problem is that apparently not every unit is shipping in this good of condition and doing a review on an early pre-order unit just sort of comes with significant risk that general production units may not be to the same level of quality.

    3. On your site, and other sites, there are a good number of people complaining about very hot units. Others don't find their unit to get hot at all. Either some folks are very sensitive to heat in their hands or, more likely, some of these units are indeed getting very hot.

    4. DaVinci's issues with their website, warranty registration, and the $51 credit that you can't really use effectively (or perhaps at all) at the moment just pisses people off unnecessarily. If they didn't have product and process in place for owners to effectively use this $51 credit, they would have been better off from a customer satisfaction perspective if they never offered it at all.

    5. Almost all reports from owners seem to support this device working well. But some seem to definitely not. Consistency is key and it would not appear that they have this in place completely. QA variance will kill a company and a product's reputation

    6. No instructions or documentation when they launched? Really? If so, that's just too stupid for words. I don't care how "committed" they are as I really don't care about their personal emotional state. But like all potential customers, I do care very much about what they do and if they couldn't recognize the need to have full customer facing docs up and running before first shipments then I'm not sure what I would trust them with.

    7. I have seen, on your site but mostly on others as well, that they are still have fit and finish issues including things like shipping a unit out with a pearl that had an obvious chip taken out of it somewhere along the line and similar issues. QA is NOT an after thought. To be effective it must be built into the culture, product, and processes from the very start. Not at all clear that DaVinci didn't cut corners in order to get xmas shipments out. Just a suspicion but there it is. Again, very hard to recover customer trust when people read about some of the issues being found with individual units.

    P.S.: On consideration and re-reading my post, I thought I need to add an addendum to be very clear that from my reading on this and other sites there are many, many folks who are perfectly happy with their IQ and its performance and quality. Lots of folks out there with good experiences.

    I doubt that this was at all helpful to you but its what I could offer from my travels on the vape related internet.
  • Chaotix
    please don't tell me the iQ is giving you second thoughts after a few weeks.... I was kind of looking forward to getting that one since I am out of patience for waiting on the next big storz bickel vape
  • jnick
    i love my IQ and have not found any extreme heat problems. It gets warm but as posted previously its not too hot to the touch and not even warm around the mouthpiece. The only bit of criticism i have with it is that it truly does need a full pack tamped down, that being said i typically get around 15-20 full draws in a ten min sessions starting at 365 and getting up 385 degrees. Usually i go back to it and finish it off with the water piece adapter(the one sold separately) for an additional pulls maybe 3 to 4....The IQ is currently my go to vape over CFX, FF2, and FF1.

    A few recommendations.... i always use the provided glass mouthpiece and have never even felt any warmth using it. The unit itself will get warm, again not too hot to handle, but i think taking quick pulls back to back makes it hotter and also if your adjusting the temp constantly like every draw it will get warmer. I think because the actual heating element needs to get hotter than the desired temp to provide that desired temp, hope that makes sense???? I have not found any need with the flower i have been using to turn it up past 390 degrees unless using water for some quick monster draws.
    Not sure if it makes any difference, i pre-ordered my IQ from Davinci waited 30 days and canceled it. then purchased it it from vapeworld that same day and received it two days later...

    All in all the IQ to me is great vape, leaves minimal odor, by far the easiest vape to clean and stays clean longer than any vape i own, very discrete can be completely concealed in palm, also a pleasure to use, perfect draw resistance, sleek, comfortable, and easy to use... Thanks be to BUD for your honest review.
  • Baron23
    Thanks for the positive feedback, jnick! Always nice to hear from a member who is happy with their vape purchase. (Y) :D
  • Bruce
    My experience has been very positive.

    I agree about the unit getting too hot. The funny thing is that the only vapes that I know that get very hot are the ones that are the best (stronger is good).

    Everything else this was worth the hype. I am concerned the customer care is not responding.

    It would be nice if they can meet the demand of units ordered, it also says a lot that people are lining up for it.

    Just the facts, I got this around 2 months ago.

    I use my other vapes just for a change of pace.

    This is my go to vape. (I have some good ones)

    It does an efficient and complete job of vaporizing my herbs (Every last bit).

    On top of that the ceramic zirconia and metal is very sleek.

    The digital display kicks ass (Precision Control),

    the mouthpieces (2 different ones) are made of ceramic zirconia,

    the ceramic zirconia pearl that is the oven door,

    the ceramic zirconia air path

    the app is excellent and works well (via Bluetooth and phone apps),

    the loading area is made of finished metal and it slide right into the oven,

    the micro USB Charge which goes directly into the vape,

    it has taken a fall still looks brand new,

    easy to clean (like new every time. I have used mine at least 50 times like new everytime.

    cleaning tools are very useful (perfect),

    the unboxing is very impressive,

    the smart paths (very cool),

    the flavor paths (might be fun to try),

    the last 5 Factors....

    #1 the 18650 Battery (replaceable!)
    #2 Fits perfectly into my water tool,
    #3 BOOST MODE !,
    #4 $275
    #5 I think that this is The BDVP (Best Darned Vaporizer Period). There are some great ones out there, that are also phenomenal, I think this is the best of those best, but everybody is different.

    If I come up with anything else I will give you a shout out. It is worth the wait I appreciate the Vape Critics Reviews I watched his review and used his links to the best deals and extras helped me with my purchase.

    All of this writing about, I am going to do another session.

    Thanks Bud

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By: ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • VapeApe
    In my opinion,
    If the Crafty and Mighty where not available, this would be one of the best performing vapes. And it has a lot of pluses with the design and removable battery.
    However, it does have some serious flaws that are not apparent immidiately.
    There is a large gap between the back of the oven and the flavor chmaber that is uncleanable. Gunk accumulates here (lots) and affects flavor and performance, eventually making it unusable. That's where I am now. It also has a white oven which stained badly. Its not as convinient to pack or clean as a wide, shallow oven, but it does the job.
  • Ander
    Vapes are like any machine. A device could win a contest based on a first test... but can be a delusion after being put it in the stress of a daily use. Bud reviews can only be first impressions, and only after some months the true reliability is revealed. You know better than me that this market is in constant evolution so manufacturers must be quick in throwing out their inventions. Acceptable or not, and with some exceptions, it's simply businnes.
    It is not casual anyway that devices like the Arizer Solo are so popular and recommended among the veteran vapers.
  • Taz4101
    Don't own the iq. But I confirmed with them that most of the interior battery chamber is aluminum and I have heard peoples 18650 wrap being torn easy inside. If the casing touches battery it can start to overheat. There should be a sleeve or a non conductive coating in there. They did a poor job with explaining the dangers of 18650s for someone new too them. I'm surprised there insurance allowed them too use unprotected 18650, as much as I prefer them.

    Also every ceramic chambered vaporizer I played with has a ceramic taste and almost a powdery smell. I've seen those glass coatings wear off as well. And from the looks of it the iq has the same heater as the imag and countless other cheap Chinese vapes. The point of the marble is to conduct the heat in the middle for even heating as the heater can't penetrate that far.

    I'll admit it sounds like they did a good job with what they had. But half of the work almost seems like a waste in old technology
  • Slab
    I am pleased with my IQ and purchased it over the pax based on your review. Davinci could have paid a little more attention to detail with the airpath because it is advertised as full ceramic, which I find is a half truth. The vapor comes into contact with multiple rubber parts and possibly the aluminum shell of the vape that surrounds the flavor chamber.

    You did an excellent job on your review Bud. I think the only thing missing was a more in depth look at the air path of the vape. Luckily my IQ arrived without any problems so I didn't have to put up with Davincis overwhelmed CS team.
  • VapeCritic
    Thank you very much for your feedback guys!! All of it is excellent
  • Bruce
    Long Live The Solo!

    Great buy, it is still kicking ass like out of the box new, you would never know.! Thanks to Buds reviews.
    arizer_solo_silver_retina (76K)
  • vape L
    Whenever I take a 3 sec draw from my IQ the vaporizer temp drops by a good 15 degrees, for example if I have it at 375 it'll drop to 360 after my inhalation. I'm new to vaping so could someone please tell me if this is normal or am I screwing up somewhere? Also my battery life is nowhere near that 60 min ranging I've been reading about, it's more like 40 mins max.
  • jnick
    doesn't seem normal to me, dropping 15 degrees is a lot. i don't get any temp change when drawing except when i use the sold separately water attachment and even then maybe it only drops 2 or 3 degrees. As far as battery life 40 mins seems a little short but not much, sorry that's harder for me to tell as i do not usually let the battery fully drain.
  • Bruce
    It doesn't sound like it's not working properly. I have used mine around 50 times, that hasn't happened to me. I get a good hour out of the IQ, I think the higher the temperature the quicker the battery drains.
  • vape L
    thanks guys, at least I know it's my problem alone then. I'm sure the 2 problems are related, the battery is getting drained because the oven is constantly drawing power to compensate for the temp drop.
  • The Big Kahuna
    Just got mine this week. Charged and set it up. Won't turn on. Factory reset. Won't turn on. Call to Davinci - same result as others. Nothing. Charged again. Won't start. Lights are on when charging. Button lights light when pressed. But device won't turn on.

    Called and emailed and have no response yet. Baxk to my Pax. At least it works.
  • Bruce
    My case I use it almost every day for 3 months. I am pretty picky. This vape is worth every cent. It has exceeded my expectations. I see that other IQ owners are having some issues. I can tell you stick with it because it's worth it.
  • MisterWeed
    I am seeing a lot of negative feedback already on the IQ, but still, I am almost ready to pull the trigger. I chose to ignore a few people who constantly criticized the Firefly2, but I couldn't be happier with my decision to buy one!
  • Cl4ud3
    I haven't seen much negative feedback apart from CS being busy and complaints where people didn't get the unit as quickly as they wanted.
  • MisterWeed
    Getting too hot, not providing consistent flavor, flavor being subpar.. .Btw, I bought the FF2 before I saw some negative remarks, my point is that sometime it's good to not take them super seriously.
  • Cl4ud3
    Sometimes you just got to roll the dice, some people get the bad units, its just weighing up if the failure rate or issues are acceptable.
  • Auggiedog
    I'm such a newbie my biggest fear is that I wouldn't know I have a bad unit. Ugh! It's on my short list.
  • Bruce
    You could always check here in this forum everyone seems more to help.
  • Bruce
    [img][/img]after 3 months.
    On bottom check out my IQ after 3 months of daily driving.

    Today I did a session with some fine bud.
    I loaded the unit.
    I set the temp on the IQ to 372
    45 seconds later boom.
    1st one the flavorful one.
    ~2nd draw, clouds and feeling the effect. (My draw 15 seconds and hold for 15) taste is awesome.
    ~ Zero Draw resistance like pulling on empty straw.
    ~3rd through 10th draw. Very smooth big clouds and big effect.
    ~At the end of ten minutes the unit shuts off. I am very medicated.
    ~ I restart it and set it at 385 degrees.
    ~ 20 seconds start up.
    ~ 11th -22nd Draw really awesome, still nice clouds. The medicine is really working. Still taste great.
    ~ Raise the temp to 410, still kicking ass.
    ~ 23rd - 35th - wow I cant believe its going strong. I am kinda done but vape is'nt. I give it the extra mile, good vape shall not be wasted.
    the unit shuts off and so do I. I could have had more but I was where I wanted to be and then some.

    I got my alcohol swap and towel its clean and ready to go in 20 seconds, like new.

    I take my medicine nightly. I realized after my session I forgot to stir (cause: medicine effects).

    The unit after 3 ten minute session 50% left.

    It takes around 2 hours to charge. USB Micro.

    Basically the unit outperformed me. There is nothing like this. It's TBDVE (The Best Dammed Vape Ever)
    IMG_0266 (96K)
    IMG_0267 (86K)
    IMG_0268 (88K)
    IMG_0269 (93K)
  • Cl4ud3
    (My draw 15 seconds and hold for 15) taste is awesome.

    Your lungs only absorb when your inhaling, sitting there for 15 secs not breathing does nothing. This was an old smokers myth about getting higher but it was just oxygen deprivation.
    You might be better off exhaling 25% and then inhaling, keep doing this till you have no vapor left in your lungs.
  • Bruce
    Thank you, i will try that.
  • Magicman
    You might be better off exhaling 25% and then inhaling, keep doing this till you have no vapor left.

    This advice is pro!
  • Justin Saenz
    What kind of joint can the Da Vinci use, for example I heard it can definitely be used for a 10mm Female joint and a 14mm Male joint. But can it also be used for a 14mm Female joint or a 10mm Male joint? I am trying to look for the best water pipe(that also has a Flower Bowl) to use with this.
  • Brahdude
    Hey everyone I am a recent buyer of an IQ and I have to say that I think it would have been an amazing product if I had received one in working condition. Upon turning the IQ on the product made a loud buzzing noise that was not the regular vibration that it makes. It sounds as if it is an electrical noise coming from a loose battery after 2 uses the product no longer turns on. Extremely disappointed in receiving a defective product. Furthermore I paid for 1 day shipping ordered it on the 26th of Dec, did not receive it till Jan 3rd. When I called costumer service told me that for some reason the order just wasn't processed (first sign of trouble.)

    I have emailed, called and left voice-mail to return the product no luck in reaching customer service whatsoever. I have called mutiple diffrent numbers at mutiple diffrent times on multiple diffrent days to no avail, in short they have no costumer service. Upon receiving the defective product I would have been willing to just return for a working product. Now after days with no response I am not willing to trust that they are able to honor something like that and just want a return. I have contacted my banks claims department to assist in the return because DaVinci is un responsive. Shame really as I am shure that the product is excellent if in working condition. However the lack of customer service is actually apauling. At one point my bank claims represtative was able to reach some one but before they could even talk the customer service rep laughed and hung up the phone. At no point have I been rude in my messages to warrant this kind of behavior. If anything my emails and messages have been cordial and polite. I have lost all trust in this company
  • Baron23
    That's no good. Yeah, they have "reasons" for how badly in the weeds they are on CS, but to me they are just excuses.

    DaVinci does not seem to frequent this site. However, they do on fuckcombustion.com and they have been responding to PMs and clearing bottlenecks/fixing CS cock ups.

    If you go to FC and have an account, then PM 'Davinci_vaporizer' and they will respond.

    F*cked up way to do it, but perhaps you will get some satisfaction from them this way.
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