• Jocelyn
    @Davinci Vaporizer I just got my Davinci IQ, I used it two times and now it is not working, as soon as I turn it on it turns off. It is not working at all, I have reseted it and it is still not working I am worried, what could I do?
  • Jocelyn
    Please ignore the previous message @Davinci Vaporizer, it was the battery, I changed it and it works perfectly, I love it <3
  • Davinci Vaporizer
    Glad that worked itself out lol. Did it just need a charge and fresh battery?
  • zelucas
    Hi ... After waiting months my Davinci IQ arrived but this one is defective, it does not turn on, since I live in Brazil I will have to wait another few months until it comes back from the Warranty, total disappointment is better to send the device to the manufactures and to request The money back... bye.
  • StercusMaximus
    @davinci, my IQ makes a buzzing noise when I use it, and almost every time I turn it on, it shows 2 battery levels. For example, I just put a NCR18650GA battery, which is the same type shipped with the IQ, into it straight from my batter charger so I know it was full. The IQ showed the full battery symbol, then vibrated and showed a 2 dot battery level. Why does it do this?
  • Tobias
    Hey, so I have an iq as well and it always makes a buzzing noise if the heater is on. that might be normal though, what is more concerning is the fact that I used it, left it laying around for three days, and when i went to use it again the IQ did not react what so ever, after taking out the battery i measured 1V normally a cutoff for a LI-ION should be at about 3V. It has started working again after I put it in a different charger, but that is really bad engineering to me... is it just me, or has this happened to others as well? and what is up with the buzzing?
  • Dazza78
    Got my iQ loved it at first really loved it best vape I used then the problems started,
    1. Battery won't last more then 2 smart path cycles with a full charge
    2. Unit gets very hot hotter then it did at first not too hot to hold but way hotter then it did at first.
    3.mystery vapour escapes the mouthpiece with an empty oven even after deep clean including behind the oven as best as I could
    4. DaVinci customer service is the worst I've encountered in 38 years.
    Such a shame as I love this vape and was a huge step up from my crappy grizzly guru
  • dmanzato
    Live in Brazil, got my IQ yesterday by a traveling friend, and faced the issue of over burning after attempting to pair with the buggy crap app (iPhone). It happened exactly like others have described, not only the unit never got paired, but also it shut off all led lights as if it was turned off, but in fact the device started a ramp up heating curve as if it was stuck in the boot mode (which I didn't command at the moment). When it came to the point of not being possible to hold it bare hands (I really mean it), I made the decision of taking the battery off (since 5x power button to shut off wasn't working. It was only then that I decided to read reviews from Apple Store, and realized that this was recurrent scenario to customers, which is unbelievable, since this could have started a fire or damaged my device forever (as it has happened to other fellows, unfortunately). Although my device came back working after a full recharge plus unit reaching cold temperature, I had to clear all removable parts with ISO alcohol so as to get rid of the burning coal taste. To make things worse, when I tried to thread back the pearl (which was removed according to the user manual), the rubber screw tore, being now impossible to attach it into its place (that's the oven lid).

    To sum up:

    -There is a clear bug in the app which can physically damage your unit at least, with the potential of setting your site on fire
    - There is not a software independent mechanism to power off when the unit gets excessively hot (which is the purpose of the 10 min auto shut off, which didn't work)
    - If they need some time to figure out and fix such bug, it's vital and such important responsibility to withdraw the app from Apple Store (don't know about other stores), so as to avoid a large catastrophe as a fire.
    - I would like to keep my unit (apart from this issue, it's such a decent designed device) provided that they fix this critical security issue and I get my rubber screw kit replaced (my pearl is intact, it's just about the tore rubber screw; although it must cost cents of dollars, how am I supposed to find such specific and vital unit part being out of country?).
    - IMHO, the worst thing a company like that can do for their frustrated customers (in terms of impacting their reputation) is neglecting a critical issue like this and don't be responsive to different customers reporting the same scenario. They should recognize ASAP that they have screwed up and propose a recall or something like that to fix defective units like mine.

    Haven't tried to contact them yet but will do shortly. Wanted to share my miserable user experience with other fellows here.
  • rdeming
    I purchased this product based on the company commercial and after discussing the product with the company representative. And also discussing the product with my family doctor. I suffer from cancer and wanted all of the features of the temps.

    This vaporizer did not meet my expectations.

    The quality of the anodize finish was poor. It has areas were the finish was dirty prior to the anodize bath. Little specks where the anodize did not adhere.

    The larger mouthpiece falls out. This is an easy fix and can be fixed two different ways. Probably 3 or more with a little creativity.

    The software should have never been released. Time to dump the CEO and move on. That software is horrible and does not work on 3 phones when tested. Sometimes refuses to see the vape and shuts down. Can not adjust the temps. Total failure.

    Software is a total failure and shows the lack of ethics and integrity of the company and its management including the CEO.

    I will not recommend this product and will not purchase one for my wife until these problems are corrected...if, and actually I see not nothing in the future for this vape.

    I like it. But because the company refuses to discuss their product or even answer the phone, I think I will buy a PAX for my wife.

    I feel that I was lied to buy the company representative and the software is borderline "fraud". Knowingly distribute a product that is faulty is fraud.
  • alpine dude
    hi there, my iq worked great untill yesterday... loaded it up, put in the charged battery, turned it on and left it on the desk for 3 minutes... when i came back it smelled like burning weed. took the iq wich was extremly hot went outside and got the batt out, since it didnt turn off. after cleaning and cooling i put in new batterys. always the same. it starts to vibrate continuesly until i remove the well working batterys. shut off doesnt work, app doesnt connect. i guess the electronics got damaged due to the massive heat. the battery still works (in the arizer air). will try to contact cs (wish me luck ;-). im from berne switzerland and bought it directly from dv. i'll let you know how it works out.
  • Willy55
    Hey man, got my IQ a few months back and have been using the device daily since then.
    I too, have had battery problems stemming from overheating issues and charging via USB I believe was a problem. Bought 5 extra batteries and an external charger.
    Has anyone had troubles with pieces coming off? I have had the lid magnet come off and also the chrome surround around where the flavour chamber sits has had the glue come off and need regluing.
    I also concur with how hard it is to clean the device between the bottom of the flavour chamber and the bowl. Very hard place to reach and certainly without a doubt affects taste and vapour production. I love the product, just disappointed in the build quality and certain design flawsaol9ja2dalfgxfdp.jpg
  • Willy55
    Also had problems with the device turning off if you touch the top of the device firmly, with mouth or otherwise.
  • zed
    Bought in June it would not start after a full charge. Called Davinci for some trouble shooting. After a 20 min conversation OK send it in and we will have it checked out. After a month they send it back with a note saying the battery and charging port are working fine. Hello I said it won't start. Now in the process of trying to send it back. They say we don't take back used item. Hello it won't start there for it has never been used. Next calling my financial institution and I will get my money back.
  • Brink
    Nope but I noticed if I put it a bit stronger on the desk the device turns off.

    So I use my Davinci IQ since march and really don't know what to think about it.

    The size is perfect, they used every space, you can change the battery, flavour chamber, cool led's, many extras in the delivery box.

    To the negatives
    buzzing noise(after a few months it dosen't bother me)
    battery status not accurate
    chamber could be bigger and better

    After a session with my flowermate v5 pro the herb is completly brown but with the davinci I need to mix the herb and smoke again to get everything out of it.

    I'm wating for my new davinci iq because it died without any reason. The display showed me the charging animation all the time and after pressing the power button it showed me the turning on or off animation and changed back to the charging animation.
    Hope that it won't happen again.
  • gildp67
    I was reading on another site a post in regards to getting hot, they had recommended changing batteries and more specifically the LG HG2 18650 2500mAh 35A 3.7v
  • gildp67
    Check post about batteries Willy55
  • At7
    Hello to all! Sorry you are having issues, I’ve owned mine since about June 2017. I like it. The only issues I’ve had don’t seem like much compared to some here is...
    1. Chrome piece unglued on top , super glued back on, fixed
    2. Pearl rubber post ripped off, why didn’t they use a stainless steel ball joint or something?? I use both glass spacers at same time now. A little herb goes a long way.
    3. Flavor chamber fell out and broke one day so I ordered a new one and now about 1-2 minutes (dependinding on temp) into a session the top lid opens up on its own. The reasons for this are:
    1. Flavor chamber maybe longer leading to the next reason and most concerning of all to me because of potential health risk...
    2. GASKET (between oven and flavor chamber) has several issues...
    A. Heat causes it to expand/swell causing it to open top lid.
    B. Cleaning, hard to clean, lots of gunk gets into the cavity. Should have different design.
    C. This is a big one for me. I think it’s a big HEALTH concern, and here is my reasoning;
    so much goes into making this device seemingly healthy because of the materials used (ceramic zirconia,glass spacers) down our whole sacred vapor path but the gasket is where highest heat is after oven so I think it defeats the whole purpose. Doesn’t that rubber or silicone off-gas? Hello!! The main reason I bought this is because I want to reduce toxins going into my body. This thought alone races through my mind and ruins some of the experience for me. It’s very frustrating. Not to mention the potential side damage from the herb itself with the use of chemical pesticides and growing and curing practices.
    Even after thoroughly cleaning with 91% ISO and organic Q tips into the cavity and going through a 10 min burn off cycle (430deg) there is still a mystery vapor I can see when held under a beam of light.

    I really hope we haven’t done irreversible damage to our bodies. Life and health is the most precious gift God has given us and we should do what is in our means to honor it and our creator.
    Proverbs 22:3
    Romans 12:1
  • bigldiesel
    Whats the remedy for the IQ top not closing and opening when vaping at high temps?
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