• Halada
    Short version:
    I am considering buying the Mighty, but reports say it breaks a lot (though less than the Crafty). I am wondering just how fragile it is, or whether breakage is inevitable and should be considered as a part of ownership.

    Long rambling version:
    I am shopping for a portable vape. Have spent a lot of time reading reviews but especially, forum discussions and comments, since this is where the truth often comes out. I currently own an Arizer Solo, Extreme-Q, Underdog Log Vape, Cloud EVO and a Sublimator.

    I acquired the Sublimator the last, in July 2014. I have been using it daily since then. I pair it with a David Goldstein fritted disk bubbler (photo here: http://imgur.com/a/grbip) and it's the best combo I have ever used. It's built like a tank, the all stainless steel/all glass construction makes cleaning super easy and I can keep the setup pristine looking if I want it to. Just soak everything in Grunge Off overnight and rinse and the morning. No brushing or scrubbing. Just rinse and it shines like new. My Cloud EVO became a paperweight after 4 months when the juices that flow down the central glass stem accumulated and formed a resin, considerably obstructing airflow. To soak the stem I would have had to open the vape up, voiding the warranty. For a daily user, the ease of cleaning the Sublimator and the bubbler is an amazing convenience. It also produces the best vapor of all vapes I have ever tried, and consistently.

    Finally, the consumables (screens) are cheap. I buy coarse screens from PlanetVape at $4 for a pack of 5. I keep 2-3 dozens on hand so I can change them as soon as they clog. When most of them are dirty I give them an overnight Grunge Off soak, brush them in the morning and I am good to go for another month.

    I was very surprised to read so much skepticism about the Sublimator online yesterday when I was doing my research. Newvape even came out with the Flowerpot, an apparent copy cat of the Sublimator, and people raved about that one. Anyway, I've been accustomed to the sublimator's quality for over 2 years now, and have my system figured out. Its only and biggest downside is that it is not at all portable. Just look at the thing... (http://imgur.com/a/grbip) The review saying it looks like a science project is right.

    I eventually concluded that the Davinci IQ, Pax3 and Firefly2 were too immature and has too many QA issues for me to seriously consider them. It's not encouraging to read so many negative opinions on these models from experienced vape users.

    In the end, the Mighty constantly came out on top for vapor quality and performance. it seems to be the only portable model that would even approach my current desktop setup performance. I just wonder if I should expect it to break even if I take immense care of it? Do S&B have replacement centers in Canada?

    I thank you for any advice or point of view you can give me that will help guide my purchase.
  • tbonetoker
    I don't have an answer to the mighty question at hand because I'm still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail.

    FYI for Evo users.. if you're using the glass nail and you had resin going down the glass bamboo tube of the evo, then you're using too much oil in your nail. It shouldn't be running down the evo.
  • Halada
    I'm strictly a dry herb user, never used oil.
  • Cl4ud3
    One thing I have read is of people using the loading stick (orange thing underneath) as a stand, and causing damage as its not intended to be used that way. I think some of the older faults (old versions) some had case melting issues, but it has mainly been batteries dying I think.
    They do seem pretty good on customer service but one member here had his returned to Canada and was stung with vat or tax as it wasn't marked properly as a returned unit.
  • Dinsdale
    Since you're in Canada like me, Mighty will set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.
    My unit's power button broke after a year of daily use. I figured it would be covered by warranty, but they charged me C$180 to replace it. I don't consider that fair--it should be covered entirely by warranty...or refused citing "misuse/abuse by user" (which I wasn't guilty of). But it was either that or lose a $500 purchase entirely, so I bit the bullet and paid reluctantly.
    They also ignored four requests for repair authorization that I sent directly from their website as a registered member. It took to calling them out on their Facebook page before they finally gave me my RMA (with the blatant lie, "Your email setting is treating our mail as junk." Yeah, bullshit, I got that final email notice just fine.).
    They also wrote up the full retail price on the return invoice instead of labeling it "repair return, no commercial value" so I ended up paying another C$80 duty on it.

    If you're seeking a similar performance to Mighty, look up reviews on Boundless CFX.
    I think it's a Mighty-slayer with performance and features at least equaling or beating Mighty at way less than half the price.
  • Saeed
    Interesting experience. I wonder if S&B warranty experience varies country to country. Here in the US I have had no issues with their warranty. I have had my Mighty replaced once in two years and the Crafty twice in two years. The entire process took about 7 days.
  • Bruce
    Best thing you can do is pray to the vape G-ds. ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Halada
    Your situation is exactly what I was afraid of. I've read other reports like yours, S&B saying a broken button can only be the result of abuse... which is bullshit. Paying 180CAD+80CAD duties is the price of a brand new Boundless CFX. I wouldn't mind the high MSRP of the Mighty if the customer service was up to scratch, but it doesn't seem like it is.
  • AaronOZ
    I was surprised as well by the variance in experiences with warranty. I had my original Crafty for just over 18months before it kicked the bucket. I had a new unit in 4 days with no issues, though that might be because of the retailer not so much S&B. That might be an additional factor in others experiences. I'm in Australia.

    Even though there are the issues with batteries/warranty I would still spend the money on the Crafty (well I would most likely cough up the extra cash and get the mighty instead for the battery life).
  • Chandler
    They also wrote up the full retail price on the return invoice instead of labeling it "repair return, no commercial value" so I ended up paying another C$80 duty on it.Dinsdale
    I also reside in Canada. in the past 18 months i replaced my Crafty twice, the second occaission a few weeks ago. in my RMA request i wrote the problem and my request to pay the price for the upgrade to mighty. they promptly sent a paypal invoice for $59USD. I haven't had an issue with them yet. my turn around was almost exactly 2 weeks both times....

    in regards to the labeling, one thing THEY state when sending in your device, is to clearly mark on YOUR package that what your sending is being sent for repair and valued at less than $100. I don't know if that makes a difference, but i didn't get dinged on duties or taxes. My only extra cost was the $20CAD i had to pay both times for insurance on my delivery

    If you're seeking a similar performance to Mighty, look up reviews on Boundless CFX.
    I think it's a Mighty-slayer with performance and features at least equaling or beating Mighty at way less than half the price.

    Paying 180CAD+80CAD duties is the price of a brand new Boundless CFX. I wouldn't mind the high MSRP of the Mighty if the customer service was up to scratch, but it doesn't seem like it is.Halada

    I recently had an opportunity to try a Boundless CF, not the CFX and i purchased a Boundless CFV. But, 'Mighty Slayer with performance at least equaling or BEATING Mighty??!... i've come to the conclusion, although the CF is similar in design to crafty, thats where the comparison stops. Flavor, vapor quality, draw restriction, effects? Crafty/Mighty destroys it. No comparison... I tried giving my CFV an opportunity a couple nights ago... its a nice vape, but theres no comparison to my Mighty. After 2 sessions, i found myself pissed off i forgot Mighty at home... i ended up using my Vapman for the rest of the night.
    My friend with the CF, took one draw from my Mighty and became obsessed. with his asthma, to take a fresh toke from 0 restriction Mighty was like heaven!
  • Halada

    Flavor, vapor quality, draw restriction, effects? Crafty/Mighty destroys it. No comparison...

    I caved in and ordered a Mighty yesterday. If it breaks I will have to be insistent with S&B, follow-up often and make sure it's handled correctly to make sure I don't slip through the cracks like Dinsdale, but it seems to be the only model that receives no complaint performance wise.
  • pFresh
    Halada, my apologies in advance for what will end up hijacking the topic of this thread, but this is a PSA that needs to be made and I see a few Canadians on this thread chiming in.

    Cheapest legit way to get a Mighty through a S&B approved seller.

    To my card carrying Canadian brothers and sisters (by card carrying I mean MMPR), a little word to the wise that may end up setting this forum on fire with friend requests and favours from our American friends. For those of you who aren't aware, both Bedrocan and Tweed, licensed providers (same parent company; Canopy) resell the Mighty Medical; the unit that comes with dosing capsules, for $375 CDN Dollarettes (before our insanely high taxes). I can already hear the currency conversion calculators clicking and minds being blown across the continent.

    Bedrocan is the cheapest Licensed Provider out there. They were one of the first LPs in Canada. A year or so ago there were only like six or eight on the government list, now there are around 30. Their product selection is a bit lacking and other than their namesake Bedrocan (Jack Herer), their products are a bit lacklustre, but great pricing. (Though their "Bedrocan" is actually an incredible example of a gorgeous JH for the Sativa lovers out there). Most people aren't signed with them as a result (Broken Coast and CannaFarms being my current favourites). I had them as a LP before but changed, so I can't help anyone since my documents are expired with them now. If any Canadians with a MMPR has the option to split their prescription or has a local supply and just needs a licensed provider to keep their medical documents on the up-and-up, either Bedrocan or Tweed is a good choice as it's hands down the cheapest way to get a Mighty through a S&B approved reseller.

    You're welcome.

  • Dinsdale

    Good to hear S&B's been good to you--I was merely reporting on my own experience dealing with S&B. I can't extrapolate from my own experience to claim, "S&B will screw everyone over" or anything extreme like that.
    (Though it doesn't inspire much confidence that you've had to replace your Crafty twice in 18 months. The original poster did have concerns about S&B portable's durability and reliability, after all.)

    Seeing as how others have reported differently, all I can say is your mileage may vary.
    Maybe I happened upon a CS agent having a bad day, who knows.

    About the shipping invoice, they got me to write to "repair unit, no commercial value" when I sent mine in for repair, but despite that, they wrote my return invoice at full fare, which resulted in C$80 duty. I was pretty outraged that they would take steps to ensure they don't have to pay for duty, but failed to take the customer's side into account. I don't think I'm being unreasonable here.

    I'll also add that I had no trouble with S&B about a year before my Mighty failed I had a Plenty shoot white and purple sparks, vomit white smoke, and die spectacularly. They responded to my email within a couple days with an RMA, and replaced that with a brand new unit, on which I did not have to pay duty.
    I have no idea why. Canada Customs seem to work in weird and mysterious ways. (I get tons of games, books, collectibles, etc., sent from Japan every several months. In thirty years, I've never been tagged for duty once. But I got dinged for duty on Firefly 2 twice, when I first got it and then again when I had to get it repaired. I'm waiting to see if I'll get tagged for duty for my recently purchased CFC and second CFX.)

    As for my opinions regarding CFX, here's my reasons I long ago posted on Bud's Facebook wall.
    (But, you know how it goes with opinions and buttholes, right? Just stating mine, and not trying to pick fights.)
    It heats up way the hell faster. Around twenty seconds to vaping temperature as opposed to over a minute.
    It has a deeper and bigger chamber.
    It times out after five minutes, which appears less random than Mighty clicking off.
    It has a flat base so it stands on its own. Mighty doesn't.
    It comes with both an AC charger and a USB cable for charging. (Mighty charges 40 bucks for a car USB adapter.)
    It appears to use better parts than Mighty, both buttons and display screen (color OLED).
    Battery appears to be good (knock on wood). Charges real quick with the AC charger. Better UI, too.
    The vape quality is voluminous, steady, and tasty.
    Didn't notice the draw resistance being any more than Mighty.
    Way easier than Mighty to clean--no stupid sliding lock that gets gummed up with resin or an overly complicated cooling chamber with all sorts of nooks and crannies for resin to pool.
    Mighty does come with a plastic grinder and a container/filler thing.
    CFX comes with a little metal thing for liquids, oils, etc.

    Also, I've never tried a Crafty or CFV, so I can't comment on what I don't know.
    But isn't CFV--being a convection vape--a different sort of creature than Mighty or CFX?
    It's not really a fair comparison. (I decided not to get a CFV because I'm not all that keen on a device with a CF battery and only USB charging that's also more expensive than CFX.)

    I loved my Mighty until it broke. If it weren't for my dealings with S&B CS and the additional costs afterwards, I would still be sucking on it blissfully. But, my experience soured me on the company, and made me go looking for an alternative. In that regard, Pax 2 and Firefly 2 failed miserably.
    CFX won me over, that's all.
    I could be singing a different tune in another six months when my first CFX hits the one-year mark after daily charging and use. I hope not.

    Anyways, thanks for reading all this, peace out.
  • Halada
    I do have my MMAR/MMPR papers, might be worth checking out Tweed.
  • Chandler
    I caved in and ordered a Mighty yesterday.Halada
    no doubt you'll enjoy it!

    I loved my Mighty until it brokeDinsdale

    CFX won me overDinsdale

    for sure! everyone has different preferences. there no wrong answer in this debate. i want to see even further innovation!
  • Halada
    This forum has made me want to get a Firefly 2 too now.

  • Chaotix
    I've had my Mighty for one year and a couple of months.

    And I really beat it badly. Dropped it...Didn't want to but did ;( well it still works.... the case opens like a millimeter on top... but it works Ike new.

    When I am at home I do let it heat up using a charger in the wall. I heard this engineer that that's good to keep a rechargeable battery in good shape. But that's all. It's a great unit and I have version 1 with a 1 minute timer ....
  • Flipz
    The mighty is durable as heck build wise but yeah they are reports of it breaking for some reason internally. I've had mine for about 2 years and thank god haven't had any issues with it. I dropped mine more times than I can count and it can sure take a beating in that way lol.
  • Baron23
    FLIPZ!! YOU'RE BACK!! Good to see you, my friend :D (Y) 8-)
  • Sfumato
    If you have warranty issues with products, any products, you should use an American Express card.
    They are by far the best at getting the issue with your product taken care of or a REFUND. Thats why some merchants dont use them.
    Well worth the couple hundred the card costs each year.
  • DregerUS
    Topic: to make the mighty last longer.
    Follow all the basics with any Vape with any battery powered vape that is. Don't beat up the battery. Don't charge the battery right after a session when its hot. Wait till its cooled off and don't discharge them all the way down. Lithium ion basics.
    You say your a daily user, so am I. The mighty can handle it but just follow the basics and keep it clean.
    It's a game changer so I wouldn't hesitate on the purchase
  • DregerUS
    Oh and don't touch somebody else's mighty.

    Before and after photos, noticed the change in the eyes.


  • Halada
    My mighty has arrived! Cant wait to take it for a spin.
  • DregerUS
    I can't wait to get your feedback ;)
  • Halada
    After taking a few bowls, my initial impressions is that the vapor quality competes with desktop solutions like my Cloud EVO and Sublimator, which is rather impressive. My only other portable vape and point of comparison is the Solo, which is a great little machine, especially paired with my PVHES adapters. That said, the Mighty is in a league of its own (no surprise to anyone here).

    What I really like at first glance:
    1. Vapor quality is outstanding. My daily driver for the past 2.5 years has been a Sublimator paired to a single chamber fritted disk bubbler. The Sublimator performs even better than the Cloud EVO imho, producing massive clouds on a consistent basis (at my go-to heat setting for herb which is 8) and paired with the fritted disk, provides massive diffusion. I never cough. I have sensitive lungs, I'm not a smoker. The Mighty gives me cool enough vapor that doesn't irritate my lungs without the need for water. I lose vapor density and quantity (though we know this is not where its at as far as efficacy of the medicine is concerned) but gained a MASSIVE boost in flavor. I start at 175C and finish at 210C or so. Truly, the flavor is amazing. I knew the fritted disk in my rooster piece eliminated a lot of flavor, which was fine 2.5 years ago because I had no access to nice Sativa strains, but had forgotten how much. DHgate was not a thing back then either, and I wanted a quality piece that provided max diffusion. I recently ordered a FC-1000 and D020-D and I look forward to experience different percs to revisit flavor again.

    2. Digital LCD temperature controls. The thing feels like an actual precision medical device. The first vape I purchased was the Extreme-Q a decade ago, which has a LCD control as well. It puzzled me that the Solo, Cloud EVO and Sublimator I got later were all highly regarded and yet had no precise temp control. Felt like a backward move.

    3. Heats up wicked fast compared to my daily driver and fast compared to my Solo.

    4. Feels sturdy and looks like a no frill device. Not inconspicuous, but highly portable nonetheless.

    5. Simple to use. I experienced with a coarse grind, fine grind, tight packing, loose packing, I got good vapor each time.

    What I dislike at first glance:

    A. I wish the bowl was a bit a smaller

    B. The auto-shutoff after 1 minute

    C. The plastic mouthpiece.

    Overall, my first impressions are so incredibly positive, the Mighty has made me want to get another $500CAD vape, the Firefly 2, for its on-demand capabilities. Because the Mighty remains a session vape. One that shuts off on you every minute for some reason. I agree with the review from Bud that the Mighty is more a cordless desktop solution than a true portable vape. It's an impressive technological feat to get Sublimator/Cloud performance in such a small form factor. I can see myself using the Mighty with my D020-D on the terrace during Summer while I'm grilling some steaks on the BBQ, or while I'm chilling on the couch watching Netflix.

    I have ordered a glass mouthpiece and gong adapters for the Mighty from Sneaky Pete, should hopefully arrive at the same time as my FC-1000 and D020-D. Once that is the case I will post a more thorough review with photos.
  • Roc pietro
    I have the mighty and ff2 and I will say they are a great combo. Mighty for when you want to have a nice vape session or I still enjoy it for on the go and ff2 when you want to just take hits here and there and not worry about vapor loss when not using. In terms of taste, effiency, and cleaning I give ff2 the edge. All other aspects go to the mighty.
  • Halada
    How much smaller is the FF2's bowl compared to the Mighty?
  • Cl4ud3
    Info's on the VapeCritic reviews - your looking at .3 mighty and .15 FF2
  • Roc pietro
    makes sense 2 ff2 bowls get me almost to a one full oven mighty level.
  • DregerUS
    Just an option if you want to keep your mind open instead of the Firefly and another machine try this method
    Good method for micro dose that top part was the bottom of one of their capsules pushed into the coolant even with the screen
    No this is not my preferred method I rather go with the quantity of a full dose in cap or just a full bowl
  • Roc pietro
    Def a good idea there, judging from your posts you seem to be a seasoned vet in vaping.

    Something about my ff2 gives me combustion nostalgia, I feel like I'm hitting my old glass bowl from college haha. I just enjoy the occasional rotation between the two even though I'm grabbing the mighty prob 90% of the time now. Those Germans sure know their stuff.
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