• DregerUS
    Funny thing is with the Firefly in mind I try to slip the idea of a new Vape to the wife and I got one of those looks.
    Roc I don't have a chance at least not for now but I shall scheme and come up with a plot O:) I'll let you know how the story ends X-)
  • Halada
    So I received my Firefly 2. I watched Bud's tip and tricks video twice before firing it up. Used the high setting as he suggested, and a coarse grind. Made sure the lid was tightly on and pulled slow for a long time.

    It resulted in immediate and flavorful vapor. It's pretty awesome to be able to put down the vape and not worry about wasting material or feeling obliged to finish the session immediately. It's a new convenience.

    So I listened to Cl4ud3 and ordered a Milaana. Will see how it compares, and see which of the three I keep in the end (2 of the 3 probably).
  • phoenixashes
    I am in the majority of the boat with you Canadians when I say that we do get shafted by S&B's lack of quality customer service. When I had to get my crafty repaired, it took them a full month to finally get my issue resolved. Granted they allowed me to upgrade the unit to a Mighty, but the amount of slow email responses and the non-existent telephone option made me lose my faith in this company. They made me feel like I had to put up a battle in order to get the warranty process going. Are they really that cheap to not hire more people to service their customers' problems? I bet they make a boatload of money (probably own the largest vape market share globally) but are consistently inconsistent when it comes to customer service and warranty servicing. After my bad experience with them I have given them the following tagline: "At Storz and Bickel, the customer is never right".

    Sure they have a great product but the fairly high defect rate coupled with their lackluster customer service comes with a hidden cost when buying their vapes. I really wish another rival competitor will come along and give us a vape that can truly compete with the Mighty when it comes to portables.
  • Baron23
    I hear you and I'm sorry you had a bad experience with S&B CS, but in a couple of interactions of mine with them they were quite responsive and resolved my issues to my satisfaction without hesitation.
  • Chandler
    @phoenixashes i'm also canadian. i've sent back two Crafty in the past 2 years.
    Agreed, they don't communicate well, however i've never had an issue getting my problem resolved. when i requested upgrade to mighty, it was a seamless no hassle process. both times my turn around was exactly 2 weeks.

    its unfortunate some people have to deal with some bull, but i've yet to have an issue with them... end of the day, i know i'll have to pay to get my Mighty serviced evenetually, but i'm ok with that.... Mighty retails for $510 CAD with tax thats approximately $585 CAD.... one year from now, hopefully more like 2, i have no qualms paying $100 CAD for a new battery and servicing. (hopefully it doesn't cost more than that)...
    It is amongst the best portable vapes available!!
  • dennis mccloskey
    I'd say the mighty is a home portable,
    It gets the job done,and sits nicely in the hand,battery is great too.
  • DregerUS
    Okay there's a slight performance loss as time goes on but I'm going to tell you these things are beastly. I believe the other vapes, are toys compared to the mighty. I stay very well medicated with the mighty throughout the day. This was the first portable Vape for me that can take the abuse of a daily driver if needed. On and off the cord.
  • Baron23
    Love my Mighty. I have dosing capsules but haven't used them yet. I do like smaller loads and find that the Mighty works very well with .1 - .12 g loads if you put an liquid pad on top.

  • jnick
    could you explain why your putting the liquid pad on top of your herb inside the chamber?? I also sometimes like smaller loads, using a CFX, just curious what purpose the liquid pad serves??
  • Baron23
    Keeps the load packed reasonably tightly for the conduction portion of the Mighty tech so it vapes better IMO.
  • Flipz
    I use the liquid pad like @Baron23 does also with the mighty. Feels it vapes better and more even as well.
  • DregerUS
    The liquid pads are ok. There's better ways. I've noticed one issue with a liquid pads. They clog up quickly and effect efficiency dramatically as time goes on.

    There's two that stand out for me. I had a lot of time for trial and error as well as comparison.

    these as well as the lower capsule in the cu as shown earlier

    Because these are concave they can be used multiple ways (#) or ##() like a spacer
    They don't fit all the way in they will get caught in the middle


  • DregerUS
    I sometimes even include one on top. What this does is put a lid on the oven to help conduction. For faster sessions.
  • Baron23
    Thanks. I have some of those and will try it. So far, the liquid pad works well and I don't mind dropping them into a bit of ISO to clean, but always looking for new and better ways.

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