• Auggiedog
    Yes. I did write "far from" disposable. More accurately my thinking was that I can always develop a case of VAS and keep a place in the collection for the CFX as it's "far from disposable."

    I'll be doing what experimenting I'm able to in my less than friendly location. I depend on others for help given no direct access. A move to friendlier grounds is eminent.
  • Auggiedog
    (Stupid spell correct)
  • Beamer
    Great info in here
  • DregerUS
    I have two mighties and one is out on loan. I think I'ma pull the trigger soon on the cfx
  • Auggiedog
    I should add probably that I'm not impressed by all of the customer service and quality nightmare stories I'm hearing from Davinci buyers. That really helped clinch it for my decision to give my money to Boundless.
  • Bruce
    I Will chime in with if you want a multi purpose vape for concentrates and dry herbs, the FF2 is a dual purpose vape. The Davinci IQ and The Crafty in my opinion are the elite in regard to just dry herbs. Tough decision for those into concentrates because The FF2 does do dry herbs very well and it has that ability to work with concentrates (It is very smooth and efficient.
  • VapeCritic

    I went with the Boundless CFXAuggiedog

    How are you liking it my man is it treating you well?
  • Auggiedog
    Long overdue everyone for an update.

    The Boundless CFX arrived with surprisingly nice packaging. I immediately gave it a test run for a few cycles unloaded. There was a manufacturing, plastic flavor I wanted to burn off.

    It works really well as every review will tell you. I'm literally on my first charge so I haven't used it a ton.

    What struck me first was the restricted air flow but my comparison as a newbie to vaping is the Mighty. So that's a bit unfortunate. I've gotten used to the draw which for vamping is very different from toking on a joint where you can pull in air at the same time. I describe it as a little bit claustrophobic. But I'm getting used to it.

    The quality is really great. In fact both myself and my buddy who owns the Mighty feel the design is a little nicer than the Mighty. It feels more solid, less toy like with the plastics used and rubberized areas. In fact he may get one as a backup to his Mighty. Of course it's just a feeling as the Mighty is the portable standard. The CFX has a much larger bowl and everyone knows it heats up super fast. My friend was very impressed with heat up time.

    I'm on the fence about "do over". If I had it to do over I'd probably stretch for the Mighty but ONLY for the draw resistance. Literally that's the only reason. When I consider that would cost me $231 I feel WAY BETTER about my decision. In fact I'm sucking it up...pun intended. I'm looking forward to getting the ELB mod though I don't think it will improve the draw much. The limit seems to be the area where the top swiveling mouthpiece meets up with the lid. Even just drawing in there is quite restricted.

    Vapor is very nice and floral and cool at 365 where I start. Then I've been going up 20 degrees at a time to get an appreciable new set of clouds. At higher temps my lungs get pissed off at me though. And I'm not too worried about efficiency as I'm a lightweight and willing to keep to low temps for the most part. I'll figure out something for the AVB. I suspect there will be a lot of it given that I load it up and don't get too hot.

    Thanks everyone for helping with the decision. Any techniques for dealing with a slightly claustrophobic feeling as I draw in? Lots of short pulls? With air in between? I'm experimenting.
  • Bruce
    (Yoda) Hmmmm the CFX and the Crafty, similar is it not ?

    (Yoda) I Question the material the outer shell is made of?

    (Anakin) Can you shut the F**k Up and stop talking in backward sentences?
  • jnick

    if air restriction bothers you that much maybe try their water piece attachment it is superb and work really great with the CFX...i think its $20... I'm a little confused why the restriction is a problem? i think it pulls easy with very little restriction at all, is the mouth piece more of what bothers you versus the air flow? if that is the case i believe boundless is coming with a bunch of different attachments for it the in the near future.
  • Cl4ud3
    The draw can be down to the grind etc. I would seriously recommend ELB modding your CFX though. WHY ?

    Better airflow as the screen is finer. You can let the unit heat up then put your loaded ELB in & remove it mid session if you need to stop. It keeps the oven spotless. Extra convection on first hits.
  • Magicman
    Now is the moment you realise....
    "I should of bought a crafty!
    bitmoji-20170129082330 (38K)
  • DregerUS
    Remember packing technique. Keep it loose if you want more airflow.

    Unsure if this was already asked/stated:
    ensure you have the mouthpiece with the new screen instead of the old filter plate with holes.
    The mouthpiece was changed to allow for more airflow. Check your version.
  • VapeCritic
    Thanks for posting an update!

    I agree 100% about the draw resistance, and I would try what @Cl4ud3 mentioned:

    I would seriously recommend ELB modding your CFXCl4ud3
  • dennis mccloskey
    I've had a solo for 4-5 years,a volcano,a plenty,grasshopper, got a mighty and recently got my hands on an IQ,
    Well I can tell you the IQ is a fantastic bit of kit,
    It basically ticks all of the boxes that the mighty does,but it's tiny and you can replace the battery,
    The Davinci app does lose its connection now and then,but the app is really just an added gizmo,
    The quality of clouds and taste, as well as being the most stealthy vape ever cones tops to me.
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