• Ricky
    Hey I tried lower temp , clouds where thin , but a small amount went a long way , I felt it , chamber and mouthpiece got warm after a while . Most important though the vapor tastes good and wasn't hot . I can see takeing this unit to the beach for a stealthy , fast , quick session, not your daily driver but if they improve the mouthpiece for this price it's good .
    I cant wait to see what Bud thinks .
  • niceone
    POV sent a replacement mouthpiece pretty quickly. It came in a few days ago, but this is the first time I've had a chance to post about it.

    I wonder how long this mouthpiece will last. :(

    Still, I do like this vaporizer.
  • Flipz
    great to hear!
  • Cl4ud3
    I hope it's a one off problem. I had an issue with my original CFV (beta), the inner chamber split and seemed brittle but I was the only person to have this issue. Hope this one lasts for you.

    My unit is inbound from China as it was part of the CFV pre-order and Boundless no longer ship or sell themselves. Next 2 weeks I hope and I will be puffing on it as a walk around "oh shit its the fuzz, ditch the gear" vape ;D
  • Ricky
    So I was going to ask about the mouthpiece on last nights live feed but the sound was so bad in boundless end , you couldn't hear a word they said . Mine isn't cracking , just hot , maybe next week live feed will be better and we can get some answers
  • Ricky
    I was wrong , I love the cfc ! No it's not the CFx or a IQ but it's a small , fast, easy to clean little ripper , when you get used to how it hits you don't have issues with heat . Good flavor , fast tokes not long rips . Much better after more use and getting used to its performance. Not your #1 ho to for regular use , but on the go stealth , great and never as hot as grasshopper
  • Cl4ud3
    Mine came in this week and I am enjoying the little thing. Your right it isn't the #1vape but damn its such a nice little thing. Easy to palm or pocket, nice feel in your hand.
    The mouthpiece and top of the unit does get slightly warm but its similar to the haze for that.
  • Dinsdale
    Welp, my mouthpiece developed cracks after a month of very satisfied use (CFC takes over for CFX when CFX is charging). It cracked even though I was attaching the mouthpiece only during use.

    I contacted Planet of the Vapes on Friday, and I got an email first thing today (Monday) wanting photos, so I sent them some along with a link to this page.
    They got back to me within 15 minutes of my sending my photos along with this quote, "Thank you for the picture. Yes, you are right and they are addressing [the mouthpiece problem]. I will ship out today and I will be in touch with the tracking once it is shipped."

    At the very least I know that PoV can be counted on if there's a customer concern.
  • VapeCritic
    Very glad to hear! (about POV not about ur mouthpiece)
  • Shadowcat
    Call their customer service.

    I am using a Grenco G-Elite. The first one that cracked in a similar way I thought was my bad for dropping it when I stood up too many times.

    I replaced it with one that lost its heater rather quick. That was replaced under warranty, but in the mean time, I bought a third so I would have something to use. It cracked just like number one. But this time, I called and it was replaced under warranty. I never really DID get a SOLID answer as to why the mouth piece of TWO cracked the same way. Perhaps removing the mouthpiece while too hot was the most offered answer. They did admit that though the unit will go to 425 deg (F), it's not a good idea to use it up there all the time.

    I now have both of those, the heater and the second cracker, back under warranty, and, once again, both are showing signs of cracking. I work at being EXTREMELY careful with them although they both have rolled out of my lap. I have them wrapped in thick pony tail rubber bands for cushions. They only roll off my lap, only an 20-24" drop. I am also very diligent in how I separate the mouth piece from the body, being VERY careful to follow the exact steps on the video.

    I have only had these new ones above 400 once of twice each, but I don't believe there was ANY sign of anything until I took it up that high. And once it starts, it goes.

    So I will use these until the pop, and send them in as well. I am experimenting using clear fingernail enamel polish to prevent further damage. It doesn't start emitting anything until somewhere around 600-700 degrees (F), so I'm not concerned with consuming anything toxic or otherwise from it. As well as my cracks aren't in the air flow line, but where the mouth piece snaps on. It is an oblong 'ring'.

    I'd call or e-mail, and send them the pics.
  • Baron23
    Glas to hear PoV confirm that Boundless was working on it. I do have a lot of faith in those guys customer service commitment and feel sure that they will make this CFV MP issue go away to everyone's satisfaction.
  • Dinsdale
    Got the replacement mouthpiece today from PoV.
    They sent it immediately, but USPS service to Canada takes around a week.
    It's the same design as the original, though.
    I duct taped it like I did with the cracked original, but I imagine I'll be bugging them for a new one probably sooner than later.
    Hope Boundless makes good on their vow to address this known-to-them issue.
  • Ricky
    Mine cracked too
    I freaked out
    I emailed boundless ,potv, and puffitup,
    All 3 have great customer service and all 3. Sent me replacements the same day
    I really like my CFC , I now have a new mouthpiece and 2 back ups
    I hope boundless makes a better mouthpiece
  • Cl4ud3
    They have apparently made one not sure if it is in with them or not. Boundless did say that if anyone's breaks they will get a replacement with no hassle.
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