• liljebarnet
    It's my new favorite toy. The fact that there's no cleaning maintenance is a major plus. The cartridges are better than 510 threaded cartridges (like the O-Pen cartridges) because they don't leak and the craft/quality of make of the cartridge is better.

    At $60.00 it's certainly worth it. I also found a great hardshell case that holds the Era and a few cartridges.

    Anyone else loving their Pax Era?
  • VapeCritic
    I agree this is actually a really cool device but I've only been able to test it with an eliquid pod I can't get one of the real oil cartridges where I live!! :’( :’( :’(
  • Flipz
    I've only tried it with the eliquid pod also due to not being able to get it in my area like the @VapeCritic but I do like it as far as what I was able to do with it.
  • 305ROLLING
    Just got a Pax Era for about a month now and I LOVE IT!!!! It's small, easy and packs a punch! So far I've tried 6 cartridges/ pods from various farms/brands with prices ranging from $40-$70 bucks.

    I haven't seen a lot of post for cartridge reviews so let me rank the ones I've tried thus far - hopefully it will help someone out?

    1. Lavender (i) Legion of Bloom - probably the strongest cartridge so far with THC levels at 73% and tasting delicious this is an amazing Indica at $55 for 1/2 gram. It's a must have!
    2. Sour Diesel (s) Bloom Farms - at a close second this Sativa pod made me fall in love with my Pax. I'm a sativa guy so it was easy with this old school strain leaving you happy and energized.
    3. 10k Jack (s) Legion of Bloom - I love any strain with Jack in the name - nuff said?
    4. Cindy 99 (h) Legion of Bloom - great hybrid with highs leaving you relaxed, chill but not sleepy.
    5. Hybrid (h) Bloom Farms - entry level pod at $40 bucks is great if your tolerance level is lower or anytime kinda mellow buzz.
    6. Ancient Lime (S) Guild Extracts - the most expensive pod I've bought at $60 - was kinda of bummed with this pod being the more expensive and least potent of the bunch. Was expecting more I guess from this brand and price. Also the budtender told me this didn't come strain specific and I didn't look at package until I got home but they do in fact come in different strains with different THC levels so check the back of box for strain specifics. This one also smoked more like a hybrid then a sativa.

    7. Sour Jack (s) Bloom Farms - TBD just ordered online.
    8. OG Kush (h) Bloom Farms - TBD just ordered

    Overall - love the Bloom Farm pods if I had to pick just one brand but the Legion of Bloom pods are amazing also but a little more expensive and less strains to choose from....

    Happy Vaping!
  • Baron23
    Yep, jsut wish they were available in more locations than just CO and WA.
  • 305ROLLING
    Sorry! Also in CA! LOL wish we had The Lab live resin pods like CO! Might have been off on THC levels on previous post - so hers some pics! 8dudsiljbinj5ryt.jpg
  • Blecht
    I've been looking for something like this!

    According to the Pax web site the pods are only available in CO and CA.

    Anybody have any idea if they plan to have them available in Washington or Oregon?
  • Baron23
    Ah...you are right....its CA and CO...not WA.

    Very nice.
    Anyone torn down a pod and been able to do a user-refill ?

    Or has any firm released a 3rd party user-refillable pod made from Quartz/glass/steel/ceramic ?
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I loved this thing when I was in Vegas. Yeahhh, you can refill the pods too. Being able to walk down the street in broad daylight, surrounded by people, vaping this as I go along was amazing. Biggest issue I had with it was what I experience with most e-cigs in general.. chemical burn kinda damage done. So long as I have water with me, goood for the most part. Worked the best for me when it was lower on oil, not wicking as much, less juice being vaporized.
    I brought this with me everywhere after my Ghost was scrutinized at a club. Dude thought it was a grenade or taser or something. Still let me in but after that experience, I pretty much only carried the Era with me in areas with security checkpoints. Love it. Just wish I had pods here in NJ.
  • Futurevapors
    I have to say, this is going to be the future of electrically vapes! all the new vapes for Flowers are making more work for themselves as they get more technically advanced, heat up times and having so many more things inside them to go wrong, and after about 2 yrs they do all go wrong because they just don't like doing what they are being asked to do.

    look at how simple Dynavap or SBL products are, both come with lifetime warranties and both work using the most simple deign so that proves a weed vape doesn't have to be technical or complex, I even think you could make the Dynavap easier to use by making it on demand because the amount of butane it takes me to do one cycle i could of done 2 whole bowls with me Sticky Bricks? I'm sure there's a way of doing away with the cap and drawing while torching the end and getting instant vapour. I get it's not that simple but there are glass designs out there very similar and apparently more tastier??

    These O-Pens work on a very simple design and can't really go wrong so in my eyes and if the option was available where i lived I'd pick liquid thc over flower all day just so i could be messing around carrying flower around and knowing i could press that button all day without a care in the world.

    if the companies that sell the liquid THC use the correct ingredients and they are as strong per hit as a hit from a mighty then why would you go to the bother of messing around with a flower vape when a O-pen will do the same and with much less messing around and with the same material but just in liquid form so that the vaporiser can do it's job much better, simply and more efficiently?

    I'm sure I'm missing some reason to why everyone hasn't got a THC O-Pen.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    its availability really. We simply don’t have access to this stuff in other states. Other thing too is the chemicals. Flowers feel cleaner to me to a certain extent.

    If somebody is able to manufacture a vape for flower the same size as an era with the free flowing nature and adjustability of a ghost, that’d be sick.

    If oils, era pods, devices like the Era were easier to get ahold of and available, I could see there being a tremendous surge. These are fantastic.
  • Sveeno
    Started making them myself from concentrates about 6 months ago. I live in illegal state. But. Gota guy. I havnt smoked flower since. My lungs thanks me. I no longer hack up phlegm in the morning, and no longer use an inhaler for athsma. Biggest knock is additives. Needed to make thc oil the right viscosity for vaping. The technology is advancing daily so i think this sector will advance and newer better products will be coming out
  • Futurevapors
    Got ya guys, so it's just not available to most of ya's yet.
    I have to say i cannot get my head around states are Legal but other's ain't?? Jesus Christ that's hard for me to get my head around.

    so weird? bet there's no states where Alcohol or fags are are legal/illegal, oh yeah but both of them substances can kill you so that's ok. Silly me i forgot anything that can kills is automatically legal, GUN :vomit:
  • midas
    The pods are available here so I tried it. They only had 1 Sativa and 1 Indica. It appears that Pax will only partner with one grower (?) in each area and here that's G.T.I. / Rhythm. I tried both. The Sativa pod wasn't bad but the Indica screwed up big time. It was like it crystalized inside the pod. Unusable.

    I did see a video on refilling the pods. But it's very touchy to get them apart without ruining it. I completely failed at trying to change the cotton, or whatever they used for wicking.

    Instead I would recommend looking at some of the e-cig stuff that's out now in the same form factor, but designed to be fillable. The Smok Fit is a pretty cheap one to try at under $20. Comes with 2 pods. But there are a lot on the market, just look around.
  • Baron23
    Other thing too is the chemicals. Flowers feel cleaner to me to a certain extent.SirCrackKillaH

    It is indeed a matter of legality in our patch work of laws and prohibition.

    In my newly med legal state, we have access to fractional distilled carts which have virtually no remaining ppm of solvent. We also have supercritical CO2 extracted carts and they are also very good.

    I like carts for their convenience, ease of use, and portability. But I still like combining flower and concentrates in a session as the trates (incl these carts) provide great strength of effect but the flower seems to provide more "character" to the effect.

  • Philly
    agreed. Flowers taste way better. Even with the live res it tastes like the chem dog or that gross brick weed I would get in middle school (aka the brown frown)
  • Baron23
    ↪VapeCritic not with that atitudeARMYmedic604

  • Sneaky Pete Vaporizers
    I’ve used a good number of vape, and the Pax Era is without a doubt one of my favourite. I could only use one for a few days when I was in Washington, but I’m counting down the days until we’ll have them up here!
  • analytika
    thanks for the personal review of particular cartridges! All in one place. Well done!
  • Futurevapors
    Yeah when these are in full swing it's going to have a direct knock on effect to battery operated vapes. of course old school people will still use them but new people will go for the easy option of having the refillable carts to hand.
  • Jack Jackson
    Era is now available in Massachusetts. I've been using the Rubi from Kandypen for a few months since that came to MA first. The Era blows the Rubi away. I can't wait for more pod options to be available. I've pretty much stopped using flower and I'm not sure I'll ever really go back.
  • AsUwish
    I love using mine out and about. It's the future of vaping concentrates because they super simplified it. Great taste, clean strong concentrates, super long battery life, easy settings through the app. No brainer.
  • King Moon Razor
    Pax Era is one of my FAVS, for ease of use and with more and more carts becoming available it is a nice vape on the go. Please keep new flavor varieties pods coming. Thank you Pax
  • Alex Hand
    The Era isn't refillable, right? I was shopping recently for a syringe of oil to fill a Rubi and the shop had Era carts. It was like $60 for a PAX cart and $35 for a gram syringe of 70% THC oil (which is so strong that one hit equals about 4 of flower in my Dynavap). It's cool to have the convenience of popping in a new prefilled cart every time one goes empty, but besides producing plastic waste that winds up in landfills or the the ocean, it's a luxury item at almost double the price. I'd like to see one of these brands/pens start coming out with gram carts under $40, but I think it's a matter of taxes on herb coming down in time. I live in CA.
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