• Sfumato
    The swift pro is my first convection vape, Ive had a few pens and a flowermate V5pro. Ive never had an issue with combustion with those vapes, even when I cranked the temp to max.

    I now have the swift pro and after a few sessions I will notice some grey almost black very fine dust resting on top of the 4 hole porcelain oven underneath the removable screen. Of course first reaction is that it is "ash".
    My question is if this is normal for convection vapes, I rarely, maybe once or twice a week go up to 420F, thats why I was surprised. I usually start at 370 and work my way up to 410max. Its not a lot of "ash", just a very thin layer that blows out quite easily, and my AVB is a nice dark brown color, no signs of blackness or burning.

    So, is it combustion?, or just natural for air heated vapes to leave a little grey dust??
  • Cl4ud3
    It's probably just dust from the herb, you will soon notice the difference between burnt and just normal avb. You can get scorching on some devices and some will combust but the taste and look is noticeable. I've had AVB come out black before and no combustion, If you get true combustion you will get white ash.
  • Hitz
    Cl4ud3 is spot on, if you combust the flavor completely changes and you would definitely notice a difference. When cleaning my CFX my avb is usually a consistent mocha brown, when the avb is dumped out I usually have a fine brown dust I just blow out and we're back in business (Y)
  • Sfumato
    Thanks, I was kind of miffed because I see a lot of people cranking it up to 442.
    Its not a bad vape, I like convection over my FMV5 Pro, so much more efficient.
  • Sfumato
    Are you worried about that getting down the 4 holes and eventually collecting on the heating coil? IVe looked at the tear down , and it seems like it would be a bad idea to have dust collecting on that isolated coil. Wondering if doubling up on screens would help?
  • Hitz
    Not really, its such a small amount that I'm not worried about it. If you think about how the device functions there's nothing (including air) that could push that stuff down in the oven (if properly used), as you take a draw it's all being pulled away from those holes therefore making it less of an issue. So in other words don't blow air into the mouthpiece and out the bottom of the unit because now you are blowing debris into the oven instead of drawing fresh air through it.
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