• Biz
    Hello Vapers

    after a few days of happy use, the tap to show heating setting and tap to show battery life stopped working. I've used the vape normally, then it started blinking red right after heating up for a few seconds, so I charged the battery. After that, the tap features would not work anymore. I took the battery out for a few seconds, but it did not help. I then changed over to the second (fully charged) battery - the tap to show battery function worked - once. And never since. All I can do is press both buttons to heat the bowl. I've played with the settings in the app etc., but it did not change. I still get the red blinks when changing heating profiles in the app, so the lights are working.

    Prior to this happening, I tapped to check the battery status and received 2 blinks. I checked the app, and it also showed half battery. One or two draws later, I got red flashing right after engaging the heater, and saw the battery with a thin red stripe left in the app - strange. From indicated half battery to flat so quickly?

    Something strange is about...
  • Biz
    It just started working again out of nowhere. Will see whether it stays that way or whether it will be a moody beast.

    Is this a known issue?
  • Halada
    I received my FF2 on Monday and this morning experienced an issue where the vape would not heat up even with a full battery reported inside. I swapped battery and it worked again.

    This device is very fiddly.
  • Cl4ud3
    You could try pulling the battery out for 30 secs and see if it resets things but it happened to mine the first week I had it and never went back to working.
  • Roc pietro
    Those two features are always finicky on mine as well. I rarely use either of them. The ff2 battery sucks so I always just leave it on the charger so I know It won't die on me. I use my mighty for on the go so I never use the firefly for more than one long session. It is a great vape though flavor vapor and efficiency wise. Like cl4ud3 said sometimes taking the battery out will work. I've found the phone and unit never match up battery wise.
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