• allan
    Is it just as unhealthy on your lungs to use a vaporizer whether its convection or conduction vs smoking right from a bowl?
  • Baron23
    NO. Combustion takes place at a higher temperature and creates, in this heat, a lot of toxins and tars.

    Best for your lungs is breathing pure clean air every day of your life.

    However, if you want to consume cannabis, vaping is WAY better than smoking

    Also, the high temp of combustion destroys a significant percentage of THC before it every gets to your mouth.

  • jnick

    Vaping is so much better for you than smoking. i wont get into the science of it, mass research available online if you want it, but basically almost all the carcinogens(cancer stuff) are eliminated when vaping because your not lighting your herb(combustion)..... if you have never vaped before there is a distinct difference between smoking and vaping, not much of a difference between conduction and convection but convection i think is even healthier.
    Big differences i notice between smoking and vaping: taste is so much better, no throat burn, efficiency in saving herb, very little smell almost none.
    If your looking for a first vape the I recommend looking at the boundless vapes, CF & CFX i think they are great starting points...
  • Bruce
    I have lungs issues. I use my vape on a lower setting. 350 -362, I don't feel anything other than the humidity my lungs work better with a mist of vaped herbs. With the right vaporizer (Vape Critic Reviews and Recommendations) you will feel no harshness at 350 - 362, it gets you everywhere that the higher temperatures get you to, just slower and less to no harshness.
  • allan
    Thanks everyone, now its time to choose, my 1st was the Matrix, not happy with that at all, so I think a straight convection vape is for me. To many negatives of the FF2, so the CFV may be the next choice. any other suggestions for personal use only and small sessions and good taste. Will I still get a good vape cloud using a convection only vape.

    Thx again
  • Flipz
    you can still get pretty visible good clouds with convection but in my experience not as big. doesn't take away from the experience though!
  • jnick

    I have never used a CFV but like i said earlier i really like the Boundless people and vapes they bring to the table. I own a CFX and love it. One thing i like about Boundless is that it seems they are little bit more ambitious. Meaning they know they have good vapes but instead of just sitting back and collecting they are innovating new vapes, new mouthpieces for current vapes and field a ton of questions from users, they even hold a live youtube show every Monday if you have questions..
  • Baron23
    Alternative is CFX. It will definitely give you clouds.

    My impressions of the CFX are here: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/723/cfx/p1

    I ahve not used a CFV. I do think that convection is a bit more of a tech/design challenge than conduction or hybrid like the CFX so....I would read every review I could on it before buying.

    The CFX is a dead cinch...if you can breath, you can vape with it and the price is right.
  • Bruce
    In my opinion, if you're on the fence whether to get convection oven based vape or a conduction vape, I would choose the better overall rating on the Vape Critics rankings. The ratings seem to be a bottom line and whether convection or conduction at the end of the day, all I care about is the bottom line. I hope that helps in what is a good problem to have these days, that there are so many good ones out there its hard to choose. I am sure 10 years ago there were many great choices but probably less to choose from. Happy Choosing!
  • Chaotix
    medical proof? well.... sort of.

    in 2007 there was a "pilot-study" conducted by scientists from Department of Medicine, University of California.

    full article is a bit more clicking but this is a great outtake:

    "Vaporization of cannabis is a safe and effective mode of delivery of THC"

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17429350 (full article is more clicks away...)

    since then (9 years ago...) there have been more studies. Most of them are talking about the Volcano, which is a licensed medical device in the US.

    common sense should tell us that inhaling from Volcanos balloon after convection MUST BE CLEANER than from a portable Vaporizer because of conduction - not even mentioning materials and if it comes from China.. well there is no guarantee about what I am possibly inhaling.
    Can't find study on that. Come on, doctors! :D
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