• Halada
    I discovered DHgate during the holiday and decided to order three pieces:
    D020D from Sunshine, FC-1000 from Steven and a took a chance on a 2 layer arm perc bubbler from an unknown.

    The D020D arrived today.

    Ordered 01/04
    Shipped 01/05
    Delivered 01/13 in Canada

    My daily driver for the past 2.5 years has been the Sublimator with a DG fritted disk bubbler, so I was excited to try a new piece.

    Here are few comparison photos:




    Function comparison:



    Considering the price difference this is a wonderful piece of glass. Stellar service from sunshine store too. No defect that I could find, carefully packaged and shipped very quickly. A bit smaller than I thought, I think the FC-1000 will be the perfect fit.

    I can see myself using the D020D with my Mighty around the house or outside during Summer.

    Great little find.
  • Gman
    which one is which? And which one do you like best?
  • Cl4ud3
    DG fritted disc is the one with the orange https://roosterapparatus.com/
  • Halada
    The one on the left (orange and blue disk) is the legit David Goldstein piece.
    The one on the right is the D020-D.

    Afaik nothing beats the DG piece if what you want is smoothness over anything else with a single chamber. You do lose flavor, and it clogs rather quickly with an effective vape like the sublimator or cloud evo.

    That said you could buy ten D020D for the price of a single rooster piece. Is it worth it? If money is not an issue and you want the ultimate smoothest setup I think it is worth it, otherwise not so much.

    I look forward to try the FC-1000 and see how pillars compare.
  • Gman
    great, thanks for the info!
  • VapeCritic
    Awesome pics thanks for posting!! I've been using my Sub a bit more lately, its so F'n strong
  • Halada
    I now own 8 vapes thanks to this website and another forum and the Sublimator is, by far, my favorite.

    For reference, I own:

    Desktop: Sublimator, Cloud EVO, Underdog Log, Extreme-Q
    Portable: Mighty, Firefly2, Milaana, Solo

    It has a huge list of pros:
    1. Full metal/glass path everywhere makes cleaning a breeze. For daily users who dirty up their vapes and glass every day, it's a gigantic time saver.

    2. Consumables (the atomizer screens) are cheap ($4CAD for 5 screens), can be cleaned and reused

    3. Unloading and reloading a bowl takes SECONDS. Quickest of any vape I own or ever tried.

    4. Best quality vapor of all my vapes. Setting 8 or 9 for flower is my sweetspot.

    5. Though the 1 hour timer is annoying, I reset it once in a while by double tapping the controller knob so the vape stays on all day long, just like a log vape.

    6. It's a consistent device. After 2.5 years it functions like new. Mostly because it's so easy to clean and maintain.

    The two major cons are
    1. Long heat-up time
    2. Expensive

    Otherwise I don't see myself living without it.

    I can milk .3 through my fritted disc bubbler with it and not even feel the tingling of a cough. It's kind of hard to believe until you experience it.

    Sunshinestore also makes a fritted disc knock off and I ordered one to compare the performance to my legit piece. Can't wait to see the difference. There probably won't be any.
  • VapeCritic
    Amazing and I agree with your points!

    One thing I would REALLY like to see is a more refined or precision manufacturing, the parts that loosen up and get stuck really bug me, but i absolutely love how strong it is and how fast/thoroughly it vapes/sublimates the bud
  • VapeCritic
    These parts i wish didnt loosen up and/or get stuck:

  • Baron23
    I've been using my Sub a bit more lately, its so F'n strongVapeCritic

    Really? Wasn't this the "kind of want my money back" vape???
  • Halada
    Bud, definitely agree with you about the poor QC. I think that is probably what prompted your "I want my money back" comment. Feels awful to pay this much for problems. I actually went through this with my Cloud EVO when I first got it.

    My units had no QC issues, and I did not get their glass -- I already had my rooster piece, so only got the Apollo, so it seemed like a smaller purchase.

    The mix of conduction and convection, paired with all metal/glass path, makes it King of Hill. I noticed a couple copy cats have come out, notably the flower pot from newvape. Which, at 550$, is about the same price as the sublimator.

    YMMV, but any experienced vaporist should at least try it.
  • Baron23
    Thanks. Didn't mean to poo-poo on our vape. I have never even seen one much less use one. I'm glad that Bud now seems to enjoy his Sublimator.

  • Halada
    Don't mind (or care) if you poo poo on any vape I own ;) All the power to users and opinions, it makes it easier for people to be informed.

    One thing that makes me uncomfortable on FC is how the staff is so much in bed with manufacturers sometimes. I've often seen opinions being suppressed in the name of keeping the peace. Unacceptable.
  • Halada
    Christmas keeps arriving in this household. Mailman brought another gift today.

    The FC-1000 from Steven.

    Ordered 01/04
    Shipped 01/07
    Delivered 01/17 in Canada

    First reaction when I opened the package: this is a big piece. See comparison photos with my rooster piece and the D020-D below. Had a small dent on the top, won't affect function. Pillars are straight. Nice wielding. Carefully packaged (double boxed) and shipped in a timely manner.

    A function video: I experimented with water levels and less water works better for me. With the amount of water in this video there was too much drag for my taste. A bit above the bottom perc seems to work best for me.

    Hi-res gifv: https://gfycat.com/TimelyScarceJellyfish

    A couple photos.

    DG rooster piece on left, FC-1000 on right.


    D020-D on left, FC-1000 on right. I wonder what their baby would look like.


    Only defect I could find on the piece




    I got one final piece (fritted disk) coming from sunshine. Then I think my GAS will be satiated for some time. None of my new pieces will replace my daily driver, but thanks to China, not an expensive lesson, and I will still get use out of them.
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