• niceone
    I found this site:

    They list the different effects of vaping cannabis at different temps. According to them, vaping from 186c-219 doesn't release anything that isn't already being released at 185c. At 220c it could cause combustion but does release another ingredient with effects I care about.

    The page also lists other herbs and their best vape temps.

    I've been vaping lavender which is very relaxing, and makes the room smell nice. I've also tried Mullein, and found it did help my lungs feel better.
  • Baron23
    Please be a bit cautious of temp tables. In the link you provided, it does not attribute the original study. However, in every case I have seen of scientific tables establishing the boiling point of cannabinoids, terpenes, and even the possible toxic substances, These boiling points were determined with pure samples (distillates) heated in a vacumn.

    We don't vape pure samples (well, the Pure is a distallate but for the most part, absolutely not), we don't vape in a vacumn, and the substances we are looking for are in fact in a plant material matrix.

    The best opinions on how this works in real life, as a practical application if you will, is that these temps will get smeared into a range (and nobody has determined that yet) and probably the best you can do is low temp is more up and euphoric while higher temps will provide a more sedative effect. All of which is also very dependent on the strain you are vaping.

    So take these cannabinoid tables with a grain of salt and just use as VERY generalized guidance.
  • VapeCritic
    My experience with bud:

    ~325-335°F = Extremely light daytime effects (early morning)

    ~350-355°F = Almost full effects but with less sedation (good for daytime and being alert)

    ~365-385°F = The sweet spot - best range to vape in for most well-rounded effects (with most vapes)

    ~390-410°F = Most vapor production but usually feels a bit hotter

    ~420-430°F = Absolute max I ever go, and only with a few vapes
  • VapeCritic
    I've also vaped a bunch of different herbs in the past but the only one I vaped more than once was Chamomile because it was actually pretty pleasant (when mixed with bud)
  • Bruce
    Thank You for the chart that's very helpful. I am a lightweight and I can't really do high temps on bud, until like 15 minutes into a session. I took your advice a while ago, and I am enjoying the 325- 335 for the first ten minutes, then ramp it up 15 degrees every 10 minutes. It is slower but just as potent. I don't cough at all with these settings. I am using the Davinci IQ, Flowermate and Arizer portables. All 3 are stronger than most but the beauty is the adjustability. So I ramp down my IQ, Flowermate and Arizer vapes.

    It's an interesting thing. I like to find out if a vape is powerful, because if its a really kick ass vape, good to have the power really cool to have the adjustability. My impression.
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