• legbuh
    I would like to get some information from Firefly 2 users.

    Charge it up fully then put it in the fridge for an hour or 2.

    Take it out and try to use it. Does it blink green couple times when heating then flash red fast?

    If so, how many times before it will actually stay green (as if it's heated up properly). And on your next draws after that, does it seem like it's not heating up enough?

    If no, cool! Maybe it is just mine and a couple other devices stating the same thing.

    I told FF2 customer service to try the same thing, but getting a response every 3 days that will take forever.. :)
    1. Did your FF2 blink green then flash red while heating after being in the fridge? (4 votes)
  • legbuh
    Nobody wants to do this? Or is it a known issue and not worth the time? I know at least vapecritic should have one available to test.

    I also think the colder temps really make the vapor production decline. But that's just another theory. :)
  • Hitz
    Sorry man but putting a $330 device in a refrigerator to simulate cold weather is just a bad idea, what happens when condensation forms inside the device when it's moved into a much warmer environment? I think you just need to find a more stable environment to use your device in :s

    The older batteries I have do flash red sometimes when initially heating the device and usually if you try a few times it will function as expected, other times like @Biz posted on your other thread I've had to just remove/swap the battery. But any device that needs to heat up and is kept in a colder environment will have to work harder and use more energy, most batteries do perform differently in hot/cold environments.
  • Beamer
    Maybe I'm to baked but why put this thing in the fridge?
  • Flipz
    im with @Hitz - don't see a reason to put such a expensive device in the fridge. 8-)
  • DregerUS
    This is a dangerous thread, I might wake up and find all my vapes in the fridge X-)
    Makes sense if you have the munchies a lot. oh no, someone delete that bad idea out of my head
  • legbuh
    Ok, I understand. It's a known issue. Thanks.

    And a $300+ vape that can only be used or stored inside at room temperature with stable conditions and never taken outside or to a different environment because it may form condensation is not worth $300 in my eyes then..

    If we are scared about condensation on a vaporizer, that's a little weird, but I do understand the concern.

    Even their add shows the couple outside enjoying a vape looking at the stars..

    Maybe it should have the unit not working and showing them frustrated. haha..
  • Bruce
    How would you feel if your Firefly 2 put you in the refrigerator?

  • legbuh
    I see we all got jokes now and are ignoring the original issue.

    I totally get it, but getting information out there that this thing is a POS unless it's in a warm climate controlled environment is important. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that. Maybe Lighter USA will still take it as a return.

    FF must assume it's just for stoners that sit on the couch all day giggling at ren and stimpy. Now, if it was for watching Trailer Park Boys I wouldn't be so dissapointed with the unit.. haha..
  • mrluther
    +1 for Ren and Stimpy reference
  • Hitz
    I wasn't trying to poke fun at you, I was trying to point out the conditions you were using your device in. It would be like me for example getting frustrated my display on my phone registering false touch under running water, it's not a typical/ideal environment for normal use.

    According to the FF manual the device should work properly in the following range:
    Ambient Temperature: 50 - 105°F (10 ~ 40°C) (this would be the temperature of the environment the device is being used in not the tenperature of the device if I'm reading that correctly)

    I'd give them a call and skip the email support if you feel the device is not working properly
  • legbuh
    I know, but my original post shows I was using this in my shop at 55 degrees (at the coolest) and having the issues.

    When it did work a little the remaining dried, brown ABV had more medicine in it than received from 10 draws. How do I know? I tried it in a one hitter (and it actually wasn't too bad! And had just as much medicine if it wasn't toasted already) That tells me it's not very efficient either.

    This thing also does NOT cool down right away. It stays warm for a long time, continuing to slow cook your herb. Don't believe me? Get it up to temp, take a pull, empty out your herb and touch the bowl.. ouch! (don't do that actually, maybe use an IR temp gauge instead.. haha)

    i was interested in this because of the good reviews (which now I see most are "paid" the more I dig into it). I don't want my kids smelling it. I'm a 46 year old successful guy who likes to chill at night with a puff and a scotch and the antics of my favorite Canadian trailer park trio. I don't get blasted. I just like to shut down my brain at night. This thing makes me darn near blue just trying to get a good pull on it.

    I purchased it from Lighter USA so I'm going to contact them for a return after one more attempt using it indoors in the house at 72f. If it's still sheet and they won't take it I'll just give it to someone and post a review there. It's not the money, it's that I wanted a good, private single session unit without smell. So far I've found a one hitter, a lighter and some tic tacs work much MUCH better. I even had a Puk unit that was great (until I dropped it..oops... smash! haha) I think I'll get another one of those.
  • Bruce
    Daahling, Have pondered about other kitchen appliances, why stop at putting your vape in a refrigerator, would be silly to leave the toaster out of testing, Washer /Dryer would certainly be a test, blender, dish washer?

    Next Week Moving on from storing your vaporizer, this week's special, storing vapes in body cavities.
  • VapeCritic
    I understand your frustrations man and thanks for posting, it's honestly a good vape (compared to most others) but it's understandable how it might not have met your expectaitons.

    But listen, based on how you explained your usage habits this is still one of the best models for doing what you want to do, but maybe the long draw requirement and the draw resistance is throwing you off.

    It's gonna be very different from smoking, which is a short 1-2 second puff with virtually no resistance, and the vape is a 10-20 second draw and you have to sip it the whole time because you can't get much air through.

    I'm not sure about the fridge thing but I appreciate you letting us know you had issues at lower temps. I haven't experienced that issue myself but haven't used it below ~65F.

    In the grand scheme of things very few portable vaporizers perform at their best in cold temperatures, most won't really work like they normally do, but you def shouldn't be having problems at 55F.
  • legbuh
    Well, against my better judgement I kept it in the house last night. It worked much better at 72f. I'm guessing 65 would be ok too, but 55, that seems to draw the line where heating isn't as good and the vapor cools too quickly and condenses before it hits the mouthpiece.

    One thing I did notice was after 2-3 draws, even after 10 minutes it was still "hot enough" where the green light stayed solid and didn't blink at all. Most likely still toasting what was in the bowl. I know they say "instant cooling" but I don't believe that either. But at least it's worth not giving away now.

    So, all said, it's good when used where it was developed. Inside in warm temps (not sure how a hot humid day would go yet, but I'll find out in a few months). Sort of like a car that is designed to be good on the Nurburgring... it is, but it stinks on real world streets.
  • Baron23
    I'm no apologist for FF, but it may be helpful to think of your vaporizer in terms of a thermal model.

    Your vape...any vape....including the FF2...converts electrical energy into thermal energy (via resistive heating of an element for the most part...herbalizer and a few other outstanding exceptions) and attempts to hit equilibrium at a given temperature. Equilibrium meaning, in this case, balance between thermal input (the heater) and thermal dissipation via radiated and conductive heat emissions (and, when hitting it, the cooling from your drawing in cool ambient air although this really is just another form of conductive heat exchange).

    So, looking at this thermal model, its pretty apparent that any vape that is cold soaked (allowed to remain in cool temps until it is at equilibrium with ambient) must first overcome that thermal deficit before it can even begin to get up to vape temps. That is....and this is very broadly drawn and not intended to be terribly precise....the vape needs to get warm before its going to warm your herb. Couple that with ambient being pretty cool (to cold), then I would also expect the thermal dissipation to be greater.

    So, when trying to heat your load with a cold vape in cold ambient, you have to overcome the heat deficit of the cold soaked vape as well as the increased heat dissipation into the ambient environment while simultaneously pumping heat in to try to get up to vaping temp. This is a hard load on your battery and heater and it may well be that on some vapes the protection circuitry will kick in.

    I'm hard pressed to see any portable electrical vape working well right out of the chute when cold soaked. We just aren't there yet with energy storage (batteries) nor heater efficiency (IMO).

    Hope this was helpful.
  • Hitz
    Great explanation sir (Y)
  • Hitz
    Glad to hear you're starting to get better results! The 2 things that seem to have the biggest impact on results are how the material is broken up/loaded and the draw pull and duration. After you figure out what works best for you the Firefly is a really cool device. Since I've received my replacement when I'm by myself I tend to use it more than my CFX at the moment due to its flavor and more on demand heating.
  • MisterWeed
    I use mine skiing up in the mountain all the time, no problem. Great to take a hit on the chair lift.
    But please remember that lithium-ion batteries do not like cold and they lose charge very quickly. That is the reason your smart phones die very quickly in the cold...
  • Baron23
    Well, and there is the voice of actual experience! haha

    Thanks for the input.
  • Robbie

    So my firefly 2 (here in Colorado) had been doing this exact thing whenever it got cold. I don't have exact temps, but it would've usually been in my car during an evening shift at work. Anyway, when I went to hit the thing it would give me a red light just as though it were out of battery, even though 2 seconds later it would start heating back up and display the green "pulsing" light. It would usually do this a dozen or so times before it was actually warm enough to act normal. I actually just sent my ff2 back for a totally different reason (my right side button becam unresponsive) and firefly was very helpful. They even let me choose the new flat black color instead of the white I had originally chosen on pre order. ✌
  • Cl4ud3
    Glad you managed to get a satisfactory unit from them. Wish I had sent mine back as it doesn't suit me but being in an illegal country is annoying. It does seem that finally Firefly are sorting out the CS issues and that's great. Still I wish I never ever bought into the hype.
  • Bruce
    In the Vape Critics latest video looking cool vaping.. he says you only need a 3-second draw. Regardless, if you smoke weed or cigs, its an instant hit. A cig is meant for much smaller drags. It's worth the adjustment. From my own experience, I have had a joint here and there. It doesn't do anything for me because and entire vape session 10-30 minute is the equivalent to me of 5 joints. Vaping is everything they say pure, stronger, more medicine because it doesn't combust. I can understand your going back, I think you should give vaping another shot.

    When I am in the company of friends passing a joint around I see the effects on them, but I am not getting anywhere. Vaping is the bong. It's so cool, Ice Cubes get jealous.

    I am out of here faster than Rick Astley's Music Career.
  • VapeCritic
    Whatchu talkin bout Willis?
  • Talon
    Interesting as I discovered this thread when googling about the FF2 working in cold weather specifically because mine ONLY works when it's cold. So I've started putting it in the fridge to get it to work (since it's started warming up outside I leaving it outside keeps it too warm to function correctly).

    Specifically, I had the same problems it seemed a lot of people did when I first got it. And contacting customer service they just told me things like taking a longer slow pull (I was already taking 30 second pulls as slow as I could). Now that I've continued to try to get it to work from time to time I've found it occasionally worked and began leaving it in the garage to give it a shot from time to time - most of the time, good results and clearly better vapor production since it otherwise produces none. Now it's warm and I've found that I get perhaps 1/4 of a hit when using it the same as before. Then the second draw produces nothing. It correlates very closely with the devices decision to pre-heat or not. If I activate the firefly and it goes straight to solid green then I won't be getting any vapor. If it has to blink 3+ times, then vapor production is about to be very good (typically best on my second draw).

    This thread makes me sad to see most people having the opposite problem. For what it's worth, when I tried the freezer to get back to those cold temps that was too cold and I had to wait for it to warm up a little before it would do anything but hold solid red. Other times when I left it outside it would blink green and then red until it was a little warmer (but drawing on it and holding it in my hand for a few minutes always resolved that).

    As I'm in Colorado, does altitude/air density also play a factor in these issues? I haven't recently looked back at the threads of the people having issues with this vape. Maybe there is a better solution? I see people hinting that Customer Service actually started acknowledging these issues and correcting them somehow? That wasn't the case back when I first got the vape and reported my issues to Customer Service.

    Any correlations or advice would be appreciated at this point. I was pretty sure I had just wasted $350 on a vape when I got it and I haven't been able to justify spending more to try another one. :(
  • Robbie

    This is very interesting to read, because while I do love my ff2 for getting fat dab rips, I have personally had, and read of so many weird buggy issues. This one you're having does seem unique though. One thing I've discovered recently is that taking the battery out for an extended period ( several minutes at least ) seems to have some effect on resetting things inside. I have no tech knowledge whatsoever, but I've had 2 ff2's in the past year ish. This was my discovery. ✌
  • Bruce
    When I take a drag of finely ground herb via a joint, I don't feel the effects even close to the effects of a vape session. I would need a few joints. That's 3 times as much bud's than vaping and of course no combustion.

    Bud, don't forget to click on your links on the bottom of your reviews.

    Anyone have the same experience? Weed and paper just don't do the trick for me.

    Legbuh, Putting your Firefly 2 in a refrigerator, Very Interesting,,,, Very Interesting... Indeed. Why stop at a refrigerator? There are other fine, kitchen appliances that should also be considered. There should be equality even with portable vapes we shouldn't discriminate and just put a FF2 in the refrigerator. How about.... A Microwave, a blender, a toaster oven, coffee maker, pressure cooker, George Foreman Grill, dish washer, etc...

    See Y'all at the big bar b q, in hell.
  • Cl4ud3
    I did consider testing mine by putting it in the garbage but the bin men don't take excrement.

    I am joking, well partly.
  • Herb
    Wanted to throw this in, when I got my FF2 from the fed ex dude it was FREEZING outside when I opened her up the unit was ICECOLD literally, I broke down some PAPRIKA loaded her and got probably the biggest cloud I have got from her, I hit her perfect the first time by mistake, so now I do find myself literally chasing that first cloud again. I do not think the cold has any effect on its performance, FF2 is a sipping vape for me deep and steady pull with sips of air throughout the draw (just simply open mouth a little when dragging and take in a little extra air) it really is a tricky one to figure out how to get the draw just right but once you do it is amazing.
  • RizVapeman
    Yes, FF2 doesn't work very well in cold conditions. If you are using FF2 in cold weather and it's blinking red three times, try this trick:
    1) Take the battery out, wait 5 sec then put the battery back
    2) Press the button(s), engage the heater for 3 sec then let buttons go
    3) Wait 1 sec then repeat 2

    It can take a few iterations before vape is warmed enough to get back within the normal operating range. I personally think it's a battery issue. Battery isn't well insulated enough.
  • Cl4ud3
    Removing the battery for 30 seconds is a fix for a lot of the issues. I wish my issues would of been fixed so easily but I have found a vape that I love
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