• BoomDraws
    PEG is used in clinical medicine as a laxative.....
  • Gman
    Concentrates are actually healthier than flower because you have isolated all the medicinal parts and removed all the others, including waxes and lipids. You can even go so far as to remove all the alpha pinene to make it easier on people with breathing problems.

    It's no different than beer vs whiskey. Flower is the beer and the concentrates are the different kinds of liqueur and sprites. It's a completely different taste and effect. Even different types of concentrate (bubble sizes) will cause a different medicinal effect based on entourage.

    Adding PEG/PG and VG is only when they make Carts, and sometimes they use real plant derived terps that taste like chemical soap. Sometimes they use real cannabis derived terps and you still can only use a few drops before it becomes over powering.

    Once I switched to wax I don't really touch flower anymore, it just brings me down too much. I'm not a beer man, I'm a fine malt man.
  • Newbthcvapor

    Hey new to this forum actually very first forum post ever!

    I have been trying to figure out how to get consistency out of my vape.

    I have the target mini which uses ceramic coils. When i mixed first batch using HT 2-1 with rosin it was way to thick So i mixed HT 3:1 rosin and it vaped fine for a day using the higher ohm coils. But after a day the hits stopped and it made my vape taste like a crawfish boil, and the remaining liquid turned black. Looked like used motor oil. About 1.5 ml waste

    I cleaned the tank and switched to the lower ohm coil and added more drops of HT .
    So at this point im about HT 4:1 rosin and using the lower ohm coil and it vapes ok the hits are not consistent some taste burnt, and the crawfish smell and taste is back. The liquid has not darkened but the potency is gone. I can take several hits with no head change.

    Should I switch to vapour extract but they look like they are the same company as holy terp. Now i see VE selling a clear version thats needs to be filtered WTF.

    Or should i go with wax liquidizer because i want taste, consistency, and potency.

    Please go easy on my typing, grammer and punctuation im a retired us army grunt!
    I myself have a deviated septum (broke nose playing tackle football with no pads) and I find alpha pinene allows me to breath much easier!

    Also, some crude extracts like rosin or especially dry sift still have all their waxes/lipids/cellulose. But yes in full agreement otherwise about the advantages of concentrates/extracts.
  • Bruce
    I do the same. I have my dabs set aside like champagne, for special occasions. Peace, Love and Vape
  • Baron23
    Or should i go with wax liquidizer because i want taste, consistency, and potencyNewbthcvapor

    How about a good enail like the D-nail SiC Halo and forget them cartridges. Enail and good concentrate tastes great and hits hard.

    I have pens, a box mod and Source atomizers, etc, etc but I don't really use them that much in favor of my Liger banger and D-nail Halo.

    Bit off topic, but cheers! X-)
  • Gman
    ah yes, for some it's medicine, for others it's irritation lol
  • Gman
    Have you considered using the rosin in a standard wax pen? Because rosin is not dewaxed it will destroy any coil you use it with pretty quickly. There's so much fat and plant matter in there to gunk up the ceramic. You are better off using BHO shatter or distillate. And in those cases, you can use them in some better carts like the vape710.ca of maxxvapor. Then you can stop using those bad e-juice mixes.
  • Newbthcvapor
    sorry i didnt mention im trying to be descreet as possible. But yeah i think all roads are leading to rosin pen.
  • Gman
    when you have too many concentrate choices, sometimes you make bad decisions;

  • Richard Powell
    Hey everyone I’ve been reading an I want to say thanks for all the info.

    I used wax liquidzer an it’s been clogging my tanks like crazy! I don’t like the cheap pg mix they got going on.

    They have a company I used first it’s called connoisseur concentrates and it rocks!

    Also can anyone reccomend a good tank? I’m using the mig vapor ccell tank right now. It got clogged but is still producing light vapor if I suck super hard.
  • Boar64er
    Yo what's up..im new to this forum and im not sure how this works. I came across this forum by asking google a question. Im glad i found because i got alot of answers that i wanted for certain products. I just might have to give them a try as far as liqudizers... But the real reason why i am here is because i was trying my own little experiment and wanted to find a way to make alot juice for 20 ccell cartridges i had but i didnt want to buy a little bottle of wax liquidizer..infact wanted to make my own liquidizer and if it went well wanted to make alot more and would be cheaper then to keep buying bottles of wax liquidizer..so i did some research i know people were having problems with there juice seperating and i surely didnt want that problem.. (I have bought carts from shops that do this) in my research I found a video on YouTube that said to mix 1 ml-3ml of peg 400 with 5g of shatter (depending on how potent you want it, less peg stronger juice) so i did try this method and worked good and would not seperate and tasted just like shatter added a couple drops of terps and tasted great...the only problem was that the more i vaped a cartridge that nice gold juice color will turn darker and darker till it looked dark brown. (I was thinking maybe the heat from the cart was changing the color) i kept a couple cartridges and put them away in a dark cool place but it seemed the more time went by they started getting darker also slowly till they got dark brown.. (So im guessing it wasnt the heat) the e juice never seperated either still one solid oil.. Does anyone know why its turning dark and how could i stop it? And or does any one know if wax luiquizer mix has the same problem wich i know there mix is more then just peg 400 but 200 and pg Etc....i do here they dont seperate but any color changing? I want to perfect this cause i want to make a shit load of carts but want them to look and taste great!
  • juxt

    I can't give you advice on bulk production of vape liquid, but I can say for sure if you're using PG or PEG additives you're adding toxins to your liquids. Maybe you're a smoker, or an e-cig guy already using them and it doesn't matter to you personally, but it's a bad deal.

    If you search on here for 'mixing your own concentrates' or for a guy called @artv4nd3l4y you will find a lot of good information.
  • Boar64er
    i will do so brother. Thanks for the information and your time.
  • Aldo93
    Hello everyone,

    I'm New can i use Butter or oil with Wax liquidizer?
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @VapeCritic all i have to say is dont microwave it use hot water instead. Say shat you will about pg and peg it is a functional product i also didnt use their ratio just eyeballed it till it looked thin enough to get it in good that helps and he's go unflavoured i got strawberry cough and the taste is mixing bad with the oil i used got myself a buckleys cartridge
  • artv4nd3l4y
    What's worse benzene, arsenic or formaldehyde? Does it really matter they are all bad for you? Same as Wax Liquidizer vs Holy Terps debate.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Also i would like to add that it is peg 3350 that is a laxative. I know because my son takes it every night. Peg 400 is not a laxative.
  • CK13
    I used Wax liquidizer on very transparent room hard shatter. It came out perfect and I also filtered down to .22. It was so clear from the start it was almost no different from the start, but did taste less, almost unaware of anything but cool smoke, very lo profile, I dont think it could be any more neutral aroma.
    I then bought some Shatter Batter without aroma. It was very very cloudy, night and day. So, I then filtered as I did with the Liquidizer and it got a little clearer but it was not clear by any means in comparison.
    I almost cannot tell any taste or aroma with the Liquidizer. I have not vaped the Shatter Batter.
    I like the 2:1 of the Liquidizer instead of 3:1 and of course it is stronger.
    The dilution of Shatter Batter made me think that it would have to be clearer but thats not the circumstance. The concentrate I used was purged quite well and it was hard and stable. I don't know why it clouded up. l1nk0599fgu6rdug.jpg
  • bum karacho
    i just use PEG 400 from pharmacy. cheap easy to get
  • welshman

    Yeah there was a study on peg 400 in 2016 which suggests “peg400 is actually the safest cutting agent for use in vaporiser cartridges because it breaks down less relative to all other alternatives at realistic operating temps”
  • Neuropenguin
    just read your comment, Do you know if pinene negatively affects asthma/copd? I've just noticed some issues with specific strains
  • bum karacho
    pinene is a terpene i just asking because of my asthma...
  • bum karacho
    you also know some asthma pro terpenes?
  • bum karacho
    i have to resarch in which strains it is most
  • bum karacho
    do you know which the piss smeeling terpene is? :grin: i always feel relief from piss smeeling strains
  • Gman
    I'm not sure myself which terms do what, sorry
  • juxt
    Here's a chart
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