• DregerUS
    Feeling that my daughter was a little disappointed in me. I decided to do my PT. Yes I got blasted first. played my list and got work.


    I hit the shower and cleaned up and now time to hit my meds.

    Chapter 40. The Forgiver
  • DregerUS
    Extremely difficult to stand now with the amount of pain (limping) I'm Breathing heavily I need to rest bad I know I need more of my meds.
    [I'm expecting a delivery , so trying to stay awake but I feel like passing out.]
    I'm kind of nauseous the pain is throbbing crazy.

    (I want to take those pills and feel the warmth.)

    ok no more mixed dirt, I need to vape the backup
  • DregerUS
    its here, we will try it after the wife arrives ...
    ( I know but she's telling me to have some hope )

    [ I try to stay positive but the glass or bottle is f****** half full most of the time. lol]

    < those pills even got into the picture >
    1492703908380-1870522641 (110K)
  • DregerUS
    Starting my first day on the legal medically prescribed natural low THC cannabis oil.
    I believe I'm going to keep a daily log. I don't believe I'll keep the full log here but significant updates only.
  • DregerUS
    first dose
    20mg/1ml of natural low THC cannabis oil (Haleigh's Hope)
    On an empty stomach I want to confirm if there's any type of noticeable benefits and how effective. As well as to see if this makes me feel sick and or how long it takes to make me feel better.

    Pain level high
    Muscle spasms and tremors are present
    Nausea stomach upset
    Depression anxiety present (...)
  • DregerUS
    Sadly to say, I didn't feel anything one and a half two hours later. Nothing still at 3 hours later.
    I can't take it anymore, I needed to fall back on my meds.
    I keep you posted on the second dose later today.
  • DregerUS
    After the second dose I can confirm that I don't see anything. I'm not sure if I can say, "I'm disappointed." I knew what it was and I read others on what they had already gone through.

    A review on the item itself:
    doesn't taste good, oily and I burped it up a while after taking it ... I want to say it upset my stomach a little, but then you already know that could be other things

    I'm going to continue the directed dosage for the next week. At the end of that period I should have enough for a few double dosages. Taking 40 milligrams at that point would proof if the next prescription will have a different reaction.
    ( not that I would be able to afford it from the way things look )

    My understanding is that I have to go through this process at this time because the state has not made the legislative law that allows me to consume my full medical cannabis THC oil. I do see that it's available from my dispensary. My understanding is that I have to wait until legislative law passes inorder for the doctor to have the authorization to prescribed the necessary medication. (there's so many little stories from what I can read from above)

    [ I questioned the nature of this system. ]
  • DregerUS
    Update: the low THC/CBD cannabis oil has been giving me some upset stomachs and I keep burping up that awful flavor. Haven't noticed any benefits.
    With the help from my wife I was able to install a TV in my room. I'm shaking uncontrollably from the pain. My injuries are definitely going to give me a hard day today. I'm going to need much downtime. I will try to rest. (That's right I did do the PT as well.)
    [watch it, you only have so much of my meds]
  • DregerUS
    Now I remember what I wanted to say it's like if you accidentally broke open one of those fish oil capsules. I Remember burping those up too.

    × I can't put any pressure on my right leg now, even laying down on the backside is difficult x
  • DregerUS
    (Now I know what this oil is) a liquid version of O'Dweeds
  • DregerUS
    I feel so much better when I take my medication.(These people think they're really going to get away with this.)
    [can i see] "ok then" we really do have to be merciful and feel sorry for them and forgive ... they don't see the hell they create for themselves

    <thier not a true companion to themselves>
    these people are not conscious nor in control

    As blind as the pharaoh. I know their place now.
    hmm dangerous (I'm frightened)
    %frightened really?%
    " no but I would be if I didn't know "
  • DregerUS
    I have a bad headache and feel hungover, took pain meds last night again.... for some reason it's like alcohol to me
    extremely nauseous now...
    Feel sick all over ... I already feel the craving to take another pill
    My breathing is shallow feel tightness all around.

    update: Haleigh's hope doesn't seem to be of any used to me. I have an appointment this Friday.

    I'm tired but not sleepy
  • DregerUS
    I would love to wake and bake right now. I barely have enough to make it by Friday with my meds if I use them sparingly. I have enough for the pain meds to last me till Saturday but I'll get a new script on the doctor visit Friday.

    the medical industry
    <i see you doctors>

    How much can a man tolerate from desperately needing medication to tolerate nauseating pain and the inability to receive proper medication consistently. I got a handle on the mental addiction but the physical stuff is difficult.
    I cannot forgive the system that is in place now as it shows that it needs to change.

    In reality I shouldn't even have to worry about this stuff now. I would like to move on, see how much I can recover from what the doctors took away.
  • Baron23
    Hi Friend - I want to word this very carefully as I certainly don't want to give the wrong impression and this can be a bit delicate.

    I would like to state that as far as I can tell, your posting of your day to day symptoms and frustrations doesn't bother anybody and if it gives you a needed outlet, that's great!

    Now, I have no idea what your malady or condition is and its really none of my business. However, I believe at one time you posted that you were dying and I thought perhaps you had a terminal condition. Then I think I saw where you mentioned an accident perhaps and/or a procedure (surgical??).

    Again, absolutely none of my business but I wonder if there is not a support group out there for your specific condition that may be way more useful to you than Vape Life. I'm just saying, ask us about vaporizers and we can (as a group) pretty much provide a decent answer. But on medical issues, well...that's not really the heart of our expertise and I have to think that there are groups out there with your condition who could provide much better understanding and useful information than we can.

    Hope you get better soonest and your suffering ceases.
  • DregerUS
    The truth of it
    I put too much faith into doctors and see that they're just average people. I was giving false representation on what they are and who they work for.
    I was butchered by a young and naive doctor that got quickly over his head. In the care of his PT staff I was given improper instructions on my first day(their computer systems were down and they did not have a paper file) Well I was under my pain medication I followed instructions to perform generic PT exercises. Ones that I should have avoided because of the special case scenario.
    (I'm not sure that the doctor even made the necessary preparations as discussed)
    An injury developed during my second day of PT.
    (the PT staffs computer systems were down again and I was being attended by someone who had many patients waiting on him)
    I wasn't supposed to use a recumbent bike. After my surgery I was in a cloud of pain medication and I wasn't able to make clear decisions for myself. My second day of PT the guy quickly put me on a recumbent bike and told me I had to do this in order to start my physical therapy day. *Something snapped.* the pain and swelling, I've never seen anything like that.

    I now have a permanent disabling disfiguring injury. Far more severe. Life-altering. I used to be a free diver in a spear fisherman. I can't do those things anymore.

    The doctor got scared.
    He told me that there was no visible issue.
    That it could also be a mental issue.
    (unable to walk now and it's visibly disfigured)
    Then he wrote me a letter stating that I'm no longer able to see him or his practice.
    My condition has deteriorated so much because of my inability to either stand or lay down properly ... I can't sit. Having problems digesting.
    ( can you tolerate only laying on your stomach 24 hours a day for more than a year ) * books help
  • DregerUS
    I do agree with you, this stuff is kind of personal
    First signs that anybody disagrees with me posting, you can delete it.
    However, I would like a copy, so heads up will be appreciated.
    [Dying? I'm trying to live. Things don't work out the right way, I'll be making you happy, it's just a matter of time. and how much I can tolerate.]
    (It's always entertaining to see the vapes in the recreational side but don't hinder the medical side please.)
    You want me to leave?
  • DregerUS
    I also posted this link on other web sites to see if it could deliver some traffic to us.
    hmm I wonder if this was okay

    Another reason why I was posting this was to help out the next guy. Am I the only one that feels like this? hmm
    I'm not here to take anything. I think I proved that with the last two private post that I was sent.

    Did you know that after one doctor obscenely screw something up no other doctor will take responsibility and help you. Proven fact with me.
    Well one doctor did say that everything is "chewed up" and at this point anything is experimental.
    A road bike I play tennis with my daughter I can't do these things anymore. Played basketball.
    [ yes this gives me a way to vent ]
  • DregerUS
    This forum is a wealth of knowledge and I'm just happy to participate.
  • Baron23
    First signs that anybody disagrees with me posting, you can delete it.DregerUS

    Like I said, that's not happening 8-)

    Things don't work out the right way, I'll be making you happyDregerUS

    I have no idea where you got the idea that this would make me happy. In the strongest terms, not at all. :o

    You want me to leave?DregerUS

    This was not said nor implied either. And the answer is no. 8-)

    Thank you.
  • DregerUS
    sorry, some of that wasn't directed all towards you.
    And those are not all my words.

    thank you /bow/
  • DregerUS
    I can confirm one thing
    Taking the medical grade 20 milligrams of CBD oil was counteracting the beneficial properties of my a illegal medication.

    How I confirmed this:
    My stomach wasn't feeling well and I didn't want to spend the morning burping up the CBD oil.

    So I decided to skip it. I noticed that my medication feels more potent and seems to be lasting longer.

    So I guess CBD does counteract the THC effects.
  • DregerUS
    now, who wants to know the scary stuff, now

    I've never been under such tremendous amount of pain for such a long duration of time. I remember crying in my showers due to the pain from the efforts of just taking a shower.

    I was abandoned by my doctor and I didn't even have pain meds during that time. I was rejected by other doctors they did not want to get involved.

    We remember getting to the point of begging God for mercy, to take my life quickly. I couldn't tolerate the suffering anymore. So much gnashing of teeth. "Please, please take me."
    (When he was contemplating all exit strategies.) ....

    That's when "we" start(ed) to see and hear things.
  • Kakarot
    CBD is more anxiety and seizure oriented and it is good for inflammation. THC is the best for non-inflammation pain, and yes it does counter act THC, if you would happen to consume to much THC you could take or vape/smoke a CBD strain and completly kill the high. Cannabis really is fascinating, There is also THCV which suppresses appetite,CBL effects not really known and CBN which is a mild form of THC with most of the same properties.
  • okla68m
    Need to grow more with High THCV levels so I'd stop eating Jalapeno Bean Dip and Cheese sandwich's at night, geeeezzzz!
  • DregerUS
    Something's different. I know it's dangerous when you come very close, but today I feel relaxed when I leave the door open... it's like the darkness is waiting in the shadows for me?, but I don't feel like I'm its prey...

    55. The Lord of Mercy
  • DregerUS
    So my wife goes to CVS trying to fill the pain pills prescription.
    She's told that they don't have the quantity to fill it. She's told that she can try other locations but due to policy she cannot be told if they have the necessary quantity in stock at any location . Even though this information is available to them on the computer system, it's against policy to provide this info.
    [Nor will they release this info over the phone.]
    I believe they stated because it was a controlled substance. So the people who need it I have to go through the agony of retrieving it.

    Her response was, should I drive all over town in desperation, frantically looking for my husband's medication.

    Not for me, what about the next person that has to go through this s***.

    Good thing she knows that I don't like or depend on them. We'll have to go looking elsewhere.
    (Thank you for trying. I love you honey.)
  • Kakarot
    I am lucky with mine, before I got sick I was a Pharmacy Technician and when I started working there in 2010 I had already been on Oxy 20 for about 3 years and Xanax. I started working there and became friends with the pharmacist and everyone I worked with so when I became ill and could not work I kept getting them filled there. I still go there to this day and never have to put up with any crap, it is sad tho because if they would happen to run out or not have them in stock I have to go to another Pharmacy where they treat me like a crackhead, and yes it is bullshit.
  • DregerUS
    My wife ended up going out yesterday to two other CVS pharmacies. I told her to get ready before she left. And at the last one, she felt like they were treating her inappropriately.

    Unfortunately I'm left depending upon my illegal medication, which is fine because that's what I prefer. However it seems I need a prescription that can be filled without issue. We have to check with the local pharmacy and see what they normally carry and what they have supply for.

    I know she was mad, she even asked me to let her vent. But I already knew what the outcome was.
    ( I love you so much and all your efforts, they do not go unnoticed )
  • Kakarot
    It is protocol if you if a patient asks over the phone if you have something in stock, especially if it is a C-2 Opiate, to say there is none in stock, HOWEVER... If you take a valid prescription to ANY pharmacy regardless of whether you have been there before or not, as long as your not trying to fill early or do any funny business, THEY HAVE TO FILL THE SCRIPT if they have it in stock. If they give you shit tell them to call your doctor to verify, if they won't do that have your wife call the board of pharmacy on the spot and report there ass, it is very unprofessional and degrading to the customer/patient, I called on a Walgreen's that refused to fill my medication when my regular pharmacy did not have them in stock and MY PHARMACIST EVEN CALLED THEM AND THEY STILL WOULD NOT DO IT. While I was giving all there names they had a change of heart and magically got it in stock, do not take bullshit from scum like that.
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