• DregerUS
    Feeling that my daughter was a little disappointed in me. I decided to do my PT. Yes I got blasted first. played my list and got work.


    I hit the shower and cleaned up and now time to hit my meds.

    Chapter 40. The Forgiver
  • DregerUS
    Extremely difficult to stand now with the amount of pain (limping) I'm Breathing heavily I need to rest bad I know I need more of my meds.
    [I'm expecting a delivery , so trying to stay awake but I feel like passing out.]
    I'm kind of nauseous the pain is throbbing crazy.

    (I want to take those pills and feel the warmth.)

    ok no more mixed dirt, I need to vape the backup
  • DregerUS
    its here, we will try it after the wife arrives ...
    ( I know but she's telling me to have some hope )

    [ I try to stay positive but the glass or bottle is f****** half full most of the time. lol]

    < those pills even got into the picture >
    1492703908380-1870522641 (110K)
  • DregerUS
    Starting my first day on the legal medically prescribed natural low THC cannabis oil.
    I believe I'm going to keep a daily log. I don't believe I'll keep the full log here but significant updates only.
  • DregerUS
    first dose
    20mg/1ml of natural low THC cannabis oil (Haleigh's Hope)
    On an empty stomach I want to confirm if there's any type of noticeable benefits and how effective. As well as to see if this makes me feel sick and or how long it takes to make me feel better.

    Pain level high
    Muscle spasms and tremors are present
    Nausea stomach upset
    Depression anxiety present (...)
  • DregerUS
    Sadly to say, I didn't feel anything one and a half two hours later. Nothing still at 3 hours later.
    I can't take it anymore, I needed to fall back on my meds.
    I keep you posted on the second dose later today.
  • DregerUS
    After the second dose I can confirm that I don't see anything. I'm not sure if I can say, "I'm disappointed." I knew what it was and I read others on what they had already gone through.

    A review on the item itself:
    doesn't taste good, oily and I burped it up a while after taking it ... I want to say it upset my stomach a little, but then you already know that could be other things

    I'm going to continue the directed dosage for the next week. At the end of that period I should have enough for a few double dosages. Taking 40 milligrams at that point would proof if the next prescription will have a different reaction.
    ( not that I would be able to afford it from the way things look )

    My understanding is that I have to go through this process at this time because the state has not made the legislative law that allows me to consume my full medical cannabis THC oil. I do see that it's available from my dispensary. My understanding is that I have to wait until legislative law passes inorder for the doctor to have the authorization to prescribed the necessary medication. (there's so many little stories from what I can read from above)

    [ I questioned the nature of this system. ]
  • DregerUS
    Update: the low THC/CBD cannabis oil has been giving me some upset stomachs and I keep burping up that awful flavor. Haven't noticed any benefits.
    With the help from my wife I was able to install a TV in my room. I'm shaking uncontrollably from the pain. My injuries are definitely going to give me a hard day today. I'm going to need much downtime. I will try to rest. (That's right I did do the PT as well.)
    [watch it, you only have so much of my meds]
  • DregerUS
    Now I remember what I wanted to say it's like if you accidentally broke open one of those fish oil capsules. I Remember burping those up too.

    × I can't put any pressure on my right leg now, even laying down on the backside is difficult x
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