• DregerUS
    this friday is my next dr's appointment... I shall update everyone
  • Sue
    Best of luck!
  • DregerUS
    thank you Sue
  • DregerUS
    Dreger, help him please :

    I need this medication to sustain my life I'm no longer playing your stupid games.

    I'm disappointed agian, at Florida/gov

    The doctor explained to me that I'm a good candidate to be issued the THC medication. He is already placed this in his file as a recommendation for me to obtain THC medication. And the compassionate use registry currently has me under for CBD Only. The doctor states that he requires a new code to place into the system provided by the Department of Health. He stated that his office has made several attempts as well as received other calls from other doctors with the same inquiry. Patients are suffering at an alarming rate and this information is being suppressed.  Doctors are claiming that their hands are tied while I can't receive my medical marijuana my medication that was approved by  and it has been written in law

    I have contacted the Department of Health and have been transferred to multiple people that are unaware of any changes of Regulation or any policies related to medical marijuana. Their website is polluted with old outdated or insufficient information.

    I used to work for the county and I can already tell that their information technology systems as well as our website is outdated and insufficient to support the necessary flow that is required to help us as patients. I already have my ID but requiring a patient to send in a check where it cannot be paid digital through an online payment is a disgrace.

    It is now after hours and I'm without any type of medication except for the pain pills that were prescribed. I'm so tired of the cycle of addiction and the withdrawal symptoms and the Suicidal Thoughts.

    The system has been put in place to hinder not help. And I will not let them kill me like that. 

    " nobody cares anymore, nobody cares "

     [ they are all sleeping ]

    (They are not fully self-conscious they are not aware of the harm they do) < or the hell they create >
  • DregerUS
    I have my meds, the legal ones finally today I'm officially a THC patient I received my oral in vaporizer cartridge. Cost was 180 $90 for 600 mg oral $90 for 600 mg Vape cartridge.

    I know this is not sustainable economically for me considering I'm disabled. Nothing has changed. I live in a daily struggle with my disability dealing with the pain and emotional/mental aspect of my condition. The people that I worked for, yes the government, still has not given me a court hearing so I may plead Mercy and receive disability. I can't comprehend that I'm legitimately disabled and crippled ... struggling with just personal maintenance like showers and eating are so challenging and they put up so many obstacles.

    (Done crying?) "yes"

    I know the strength and amount is going to be insufficient probably for the month. I hesitate to even take my medication because I know the limited Supply and the fact that I'm going to have to chase it again. I'm done buying crap from the streets, not knowing what the f*** I'm going to get or how I'm going to react to it. I'm f****** trying to medicate myself and I'm done trying to convince people that this is my medication. I'm done trying to convince people that I'm suffering from a terrible crippling disability that was a direct cause from a doctor's gross negligence and abuse. I'm abandoned by my blood family government doctor and soon religion.

    *they will not believe Who We Are *

    "I'm unsure if my body can keep up with the toil that modern man has placed me in."

    (It is a breath of fresh air and I am not reaching over to my Mighty.)

    Praise God for for being merciful.
  • Magicman
    Time to move to the promised land. Go to Denver. Florida willl be tje 48th state to legalize weed. Right before georgia and lastly alabama
  • DregerUS
    I will say, this it is good medication I was able to pull together a project that fell apart that it was so disasterous that the weight of it was too much to bear and I cracked I exploded I couldn't hold back, I failed and I was ashamed that I gave up

    I said f*** it and I took more double dose this time

    I was finally able to see past the pain and all the problems I was able to see clearly comprehend and recall and to discern logic I know what I must do now, I remember everything
    ( but we have been here before )
    how quickly it will go, so hard to hold on to

    Off to chase the white rabbit down the rabbit hole I go.
  • DregerUS
    20170725_102158 (238K)
  • Sue
    I'm glad you finally got your meds and i hope you get your court hearing soon.
  • FallenGrrl
    I've been reading your entries, but haven't replied before because I feel like anything I could say would be inadequate in the face of everything you're dealing with. But I really do want to send my support and empathy. My situation is nowhere near yours, but I was misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated for 33 years, so I know that doctors can certainly mess things up badly. >:o

    Just wanted to say that I'm glad you finally got your THC medication, and I hope it is working well for you. I hope you're able to get the dosage you need, and that Florida will stop making the process so convoluted and expensive for people in need. I hope you'll be able to get your hearing soon and get some help in that regard. I'd teleport you to California, if I could!

    Best to you and you're in my thoughts. (L)
  • DregerUS
    My hopes and dreams and then I'm hit with reality. It seems I've already consumed half of the Vape cartridge. I do have to agree that I feel that I can breathe easier and the vape cartridge only requires three to five hits in order to last 45 minutes to an hour but this cartridge doesn't look like it's going to last long. The oral solution shows more promise but taking the recommended .25 or .5 ml which equals 5 mg or 10 mg of THC seems to be half the battle. As it does take approximately an hour or more to start feeling relief, but it could come as quickly as a half hour if you haven't eaten. I try to use the vape cartridge to cover the before medicated while the oral medicine to set in. The oral solution at .5 seems to last for about an hour or two which I feel myself urged to use the vape cartridge again but I'm able to resist until I can see that I'm completely over all the effects.
    ( I noticed them reaching for the pain pills less, with the onset of withdrawal symptoms I take my THC and the next thing you know I'm oblivious to the withdrawal symptoms, I can cope a little better, this can aid when it comes down to really weaning myself and stopping the use of opiates.)

    I took .5ml twice in one sitting and the relief was noticeable for many more hours I would say maybe 3 to 4. So that would equate to 20 mg I think. 30 ml / 600 mg = ? [ shouldn't you remember he looked it up 3 times ] " no he looked it up 5 times "

    The way they claim the vape cartridge works is roughly 2-3mg each inhalation . It takes three hits to start feeling it it takes five hits for it to last about 45 minutes to an hour. Now if I go past the 5 I noticed I start reading and took a shower was catering as best as I could to the needs of my family able to suppress the feelings of pain.

    Would love to be there for my family I'm so sorry that I'm unable to all the time. Please forgive me I ask for your mercy. I'm so sorry little one that I let you down but Daddy's is going to keep trying!

    +Stop it "why are you crying you're not done yet "..... look at yourself .....you're making a mess of yourself..... pick yourself back up.....+

    So they say 2 or 3 mg per inhalation. That means 5 * 3 or five times two

    so about 10 to 15 mg

    I need the 20 mg last me for about 4 hours that sounds about right. But it's an up-and-down curve a roller coaster ride feeling not medicated then of feeling medicated and then back to desperation again.

    < the song makes complete sense the jelly frogs you're eating were labeled as 80 mg and you are cutting them in quarters and it lasted for about 4 hours years ago>

    Since the vape cartridges is showing depletion at an alarming rate as it's now at 50% I'm going to try to rely on the oral solution which is at 80-90%

    I would like to try 20-30mg to see if I could function for longer but I see that the supply and demand is going to be an issue.

    The oral $90 bottle of 30ml / 600 mg will work out to be 30 doses of 20mg / 3-4hours pl

    The vape cartridge, if used on it's on three to five hits is not going to work you would be more like 5 to 8. ( if I didn't want to starve myself and make it easy for longer duration of relief, I wouldn't want every 45 minutes to an hour, I'm not chasing chasing after a high ) once you continuing use this you've built up a tolerance that it doesn't support feeling high but you're still getting medicated and it takes care of my other ailments) (another reason why I really don't need the tea breaks it's because I'm not chasing after the high) × really, you can't deny that 1 - 3 days is enough to hit the reset button on the medication enabling you to use lesser amount sometimes x microdose to get by with smaller amounts and then back to normal is another technique x

    So if I use the Vape cartridge on its own I would be taking 5-8 hits. *I remember getting an illegal vape cartridge before just like this one and I averaged what a 100-200 puffs if I was lucky* I will not go through the ordeal of counting that s*** I even notice the Vape critic did that for us with the f****** ghost the torturous effort of that b******* was not needed by him. That s*** is so subjective to how much you inhale at what rate you breathe how big your lungs are how much you fill them. Let's not mention that in the vape pens it takes one or two starter hits for the oil and the atomizer to heat up for it to vape properly. The f****** s*** was covered in gold like it was made for people with disposable income the cost of this is stupidity. The containers that everything came in was so expensive and made extremely durable to the point where I could not comprehend the expenditures. None of this stuff makes sense and I cannot be a burden to my wife, I will not be able to afford this luxury.

  • okla68m

    Don't forget Oklahoma 49th
  • FallenGrrl
    I'm not totally sure what your situation is in terms of pharmaceuticals, but I have observed that, personally, as I reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals I'm using, the more strongly herb/MJ derivatives effect me. When I was taking a higher dosage of a particular medication, it took me twice as much herb to get an effect than it does now, with a lower dosage of the medication. And when I use pharmaceuticals and herb together, neither seem to work quite as well as they do separately. The body just doesn't seem to be able to process too much at one time. So, if and when you're able to reduce pharmaceuticals, even if you have to do it in tiny, tiny increments (as I've been having to do), your THC medication could possibly work a bit better. This is just my personal experience. My situation is one in which discontinuing pharmaceuticals is the correct course, as they were prescribed based on a misdiagnosis. So, none of this may apply to your situation, but just something I've found to be the case for me. Hope the information may be of some use.

    Glad the new medication is helpful, but I'm sorry to hear the potency and duration isn't quite sufficient for you. I know managing that constant rollercoaster of symptoms is discouraging. Sending my support, encouragement, and hopes that you'll be able to get it balanced out for better relief. *hugs*
  • Kakarot
    Do it your self is what I say. Hope you are doing ok Dregs
  • Sfumato
    I disagree...OKLAHOMA will be the last state to legalize it. Have you seen the penalties for weed there? Avoid it like the plague. ;)
  • Sfumato
    I dont know how you live there, the laws there are scary.
  • okla68m
    Lived here most all my life.....yes they are !
  • DregerUS
    The Vape cartridge is finished and after looking at half the bottle of the oral medication I decided to pour it down the sink.

    I can't afford this s*** anyways so why use it now.

    My wife yelled at me and said, " are you giving up you made your decision to die now? "

    I'm just so tired of fighting, I don't see the purpose of it anymore. Everything so f***** up and nobody gives a s***.
  • DregerUS
    To the Florida Department Heath

    I cant' afford your mafia cartel prices.... you win.... i rather die than be a burden to my wife.


    still denied and no hearing yet from Social Security Disability Benefits

    this will be my last update for awhile....."I want to go home."

  • DregerUS
    My wife completed and submitted this complaint form a few weeks ago: no update
    Florida Health Care Complaint Portal
  • DregerUS
    Bad idea out of frustration of throwing the medicine away. a bad idea
    tremendous nausea, dry heaving pain my muscle spasms are going crazy my nerves are like twitching all over [you would think I'm used to it by now but it's a shock every time I face it alone]

    I was lucky to get a shower in today, could not eat feeling very weak

    Everytime I close my eyes I can't stop the feelings I have for that doctor and staff. I could forgive them if it wasn't malicious or serious gross negligence. But I know different. "I keep seeing him every time I close my eyes. But worse, I see everything he's going to do to that man."

    I'm having issues, I can't stop crying. I think my wife is avoiding me because she knows that I'm having a difficult time handling my emotions now.
  • DregerUS
    The pain pills make me want to give up on life stay in bed and sleep try to disappear from everything. I know this is going to lead to the suicidal thoughts I can already feel them growing. " come on stay strong , the other times were training for this s*** "
    Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again again so tired I'm so tired I'm so tired I'm so tired so tired okay okay okay
  • DregerUS
    My friend said that I must have hallucinated while I was under so much pain interest.

    (my body can't sleep anymore I feel like I'm suffocating as I'm laying on this bed, my back doesn't like it either.)

    " we know that it's not hallucinations "

    Back to the toiling.
  • okla68m
    Immodium AD..
    ..8 to 10 tablets.....it'll take some of the WD Feelings away. Tricks the brain into thinking it's an Opiate. Only do it a couple days as it will Stop u Up!
    DregerUS, ever think about trying SUBOXONE, instead of that Opiate Dope ?
  • DregerUS
    I took three hard hits of the remainder of that vape pen cartridge that I found in the drawer

    "F*** that guy was losing it" ( you mean me right )
    + yes you +

    Alright time to go back to the doctor and see if we can up the potency or do something different, we got to try.

    × remember the guy said that the potency and strain was where everyone started at ×

    "That's right, middle or mild strength, I remember"

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