• Damo
    Using heat setting 5 to start then 6, I'm finding I can only gat a half pull on it,then I'm coughing
    Always been a big toker, am I doing something wrong here,tried fine ground and crumbled in fingers does not seem to matter.. getting lots of flavour out of it but I'm sure I should be able to take a bigger pull... not much of a plume of vapour either ..
    Would very strong erb give me this issue ??.
    Cheers guys
  • Flipz
    The plenty is a strong vape... or I feel at least. Is the vape your getting tasting good or strong/harsh but with a bad taste?
  • Bruce
    When fully loaded it's truer to the numbers.
  • Damo
    hi ,
    Taste is exceptional,I've found less heat helps but smaller vaping ..I can't fault the quality of taste almost amazing I would say, do you use this vape and does it make you cough at all??
    I have a chamber reducer coming also as I don't want to fill the huge one it has all the time ..
    It's still packed well with the pad so it's tight..
    Cheers for info
  • Flipz
    Yes I do use it often and the plenty does make me cough... my lungs are rather sensitive so I usually end up coughing no matter what I vape lol. I would def label the plenty as a "heavy hitter".
  • Rhys
    When I first got my Plenty, I also had some coughing issues. I found that over a relatively short period of time, it went away though. I can now have it at its maximum temperature and not cough. That coil cools the vapour so much compared to the crafty btw. I had WAY more coughing issues with the Crafty initially.
    In terms of how I pack it, it's normally a half load with the pad on top. Sometimes it works out to be tight, and sometimes it's just holding it all in place. I find making sure that it's always at the desired temperature helps. Press the handle after every hit just in case. I always get better clouds after the second time the unit heats up. I've always used a space case grinder, so it's not overly fine.
    Try upping the temperature a little bit too, maybe? My clouds are definitely denser and more visible at the 6-7 mark.
    Hope that helps! It's seriously an amazing vape!
  • Bud
    The Plenty is a cough-inducer more than other vapes but one of the things that could be a cause of it for you is too much moisture in your herb, try drying it out a little bit after you grind it up and see if it makes any difference
  • Saeed
    After some years of vaping exclusively I find a lower temperature between 336 and 343 most effective whilst not inducing throat irritation.Additionally I'm able to take longer harder draws to compensate for the lower temperature.
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