• Tnt106

    This was a run I did yesterday and let it sit overnight,. 5ml was material that was separated at the bottom and here is the end result after filtering with the vapeur extract filter. I have to start with 1. 5g of budder to get a 1g filtered cart.
  • EconMan
    you can look up the ingredients wax liquidizer uses a pg blend which i would not vape myself. Wax Liquidizer Ingredients - FDA Approved Ingredients. Wax Liquidizer is a proprietary blend of FDA approved ingredients including propylene glycol (PG).Feb 14, 2017Tdog420

    So sorry. I can see how you misinterpreted what I meant to say. By "I don't think so" I meant with respect to "harshness", not the contents of wax liquidizer. lol

    Yes, absolutely. Wax Liquidizer is propylene glycol based. PG, PEG200, and PEG400. It is in so many things I like from my ice cream to my sodas to to my soups and sauces and dressings, and even contributes to raising the freezing point of antifreeze so my car works in the winter.
  • Tdog420
    sorry my bad mis understood what you meant. Also yes pg is used in lots of things but its more so of what the effects on the lungs are when vaporized. Either way mct oil,pg,peg,and vg all need much more research and nobody can say what the long term effects are from vaporizing any of them. The only carts i feel are 100% safe are pure distillate ones. The at home method is more do your own research and determine what you feel is safe.
    Ps. I love having other educated people to add info and help everyone be safe and spread as much useful knowledge as possible as the mj community continues to grow and change. ✌
  • EconMan

    Very good point.
    We are pretty sure PG is safe as an edible.... heating to 450+ degrees and inhaling, we epistemologically do NOT know. Anyone who claims they know is either a fraud or a fool. The scientific literature is too sparse and incomplete. Hence, user beware and where we live and die by theory. My best suspicion is like anything it is a matter of amount and frequency. Carts are my least used device. I'm not too worried at this time over the little bit of PG I utilize so infrequently... Now if one dabbed 1g PG drops from a 700 degree banger over and over again.... that person may wish to reconsider.

    I did meet my future ex-wife and :love: dream girl :love: while researching this a year or so ago.

  • Tdog420
    ahahahahaha you are awesome and couldnt agree more w you
  • davidbarker
    I have never tried mixing wax into an e-liquid, but will give it a try soon and keep you posted. I'm just in the process of making BHO wax by this method https://www.ncsm.nl/english/diy/make-bho-wax-and-shatter . So excited...
  • EconMan

    Interesting. Personally, not into blasting butane into glass tubes.... certainly not when I'm near the glass tubes. Pack it too tight, and you got a small grenade complete with shrapnel. The Green Machine works but his merchant banker made him stop selling to the USA. I advocate either becoming an expert (takes time) and purchasing the proper "closed-loop" equipment (expensive), or outsourcing your purchases or alternative products like rosin.

    And thanks for reviving this thread and reminding me of my future ex-wife :starstruck:
  • 303soldier
    @Tdog420 sounds like your method of mixing and making carts is pretty much spot on to what I'm about to start doing myself. Been working on getting all of the equipment together over the past few months, and now just need to go and get concentrate. I went with a liquidizer from eastcoastterpines that they claim is a flavorless terpine based liquidizer. Got really good reviews. Also went with terps from them, as well as a couple of other companies. I'm using a hot/stir plate, and lab glass, stir bars, etc. I'd like to bounce some things off of you if you've got some time. Glad to have found this group!
  • EBSNW1
    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty new to this topic, but I've got my hands on crystalline THC-A diamonds at 99% purity.

    Can I use one of the mentioned wax liquidizers and dissolve them in order to infuse a standard bottle of store bough vape juice?

    Don't really want to make carts as I have a 200 watt e-cig mod and it packs way more punch.
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