• LabPong
    Thought this would be a good time to resurface info on presses.

    Which one do you use now...and what have you used before? I started with a Ju1ceBox and then got a Dulytek m800. For just over $200.....I think is by far the best bang for your buck if you just need to press smaller amounts below 3g's. I usually just do close to 1g presses, but do not use too much per week. So I normally press no more than twice per week when I use the most. I still love good flower, but also not paying money and pressing my own grown flower is super rewarding.

    Feel free to chip in with questions or your info with what you have experienced so far.
  • Law7764
    I have the Nugsmasher Mini. With a filter bag I have been able to press up to 7 grams. I usually smash between 2-6 grams.
    I’ve used a hair strainer, the Mypress, and the Rosinbomb Rocket. All were good but the Nugsmasher out performed them in terms of yield and the warranty is the best by far! The Rosinbomb was my second and the Mypress was a close 3rd place.

    I use my Nugsmasher anywhere from 1-3 times a week and my friends utilize it often as well. I love and swear by my Nugsmaher Mini. Work’s flawlessly. Have had it for 1 year and a half. Only thing I had to replace was a small rubber gasket for the knob, and Nugsmasher took care of me real fast. They sent out the parts and walked me through everything if I was comfortable with that. If I wasn’t comfortable I could mail it back to them and they could do it and mail it back. It was so easy I didn’t even need the walk through. I told myself I was going to upgrade to a larger Nugsmasher but the Mini suits all of my needs and more.
  • fatbiker
    I have the NewVape Tegridy 3x5 and absolutely love it. Your budget will ultimately drive you decision making process.
  • Baron23
    I am over pressed! haha Seriously, its like using a D4 bulldozer to do garden work.

    I have a NV Micro20 and its a flawlessly build AIO press with BVA hydros which are top notch.

    Only problem I have is keep pressure down as I don't squish that much at a time, hence the square inches of the load tend to be small.

    But, prices in my med legal state are indeed coming down, they are talking full rec, and at some point it will be more reasonable for me to squish 1/4's and 1/2's rather than 1/8's and a couple of grams.

    The newer NV presses use Dabpress PID controllers and I think this is an improvement over the Vapecode ones that I have. 1) better PID implementation and; 2) it supports cartridge type heating elements (vs my four flat coil config) with separate thermocouples driving the PID so what you see on the LED display is indeed plate temp and not just the temp of a TC at the end of a flat coil. The second reason is by far the more important one as the Vapecode PIDs do settle down to the correct temp with a bit of time.

  • 52

    Is that a shot shell reloading press next to your rosin press, lol?
  • Baron23
    hahaha...yep, a Spolar. Good eye. I'm mostly a skeet shooter, some sporting clays and in the winter I like to waterfowl hunt. I do get some upland bird in from time to time but out of state...I don't think there is hardly an upland game bird left in Maryland.

    I reload 20, 28, and 410. 12 ga ain't really econ to reload anymore given component prices.

    The Spolar is a beast...just like the Micro20

  • Hapo
    ...LoL...I just described my new dab press as a reloading press for stoners...

    ...budget did indeed largely dictate my choice...
  • Baron23
    I'm sure it will do fine for you.

    TBH, I wish I had a slightly smaller press like you and 52. These plates are 4 x 7 and with a 10K psi pump, a 4 point something square inch cylinder, and the resolution on the gauge, its kind of tough to press anything less than four square inches (and I'm figuring my bottle tech loads at 3 sq in).

    But dang...when it gets cheap enough, this sucker could def press a 1/2 oz in a go, I believe.
  • 52

    Nice, I have a full progressive Pistol setup with auto shell and bullet feeders in my basement. Now that ammo is back on the shelves and online it’s not really worth the 2¢ I might save per round. I probably loose ¢ on 9mm. Use to bullseye shoot .22, 38 super and .45 in 2700(one 900 match per caliber) matches but haven’t in years. Probably 10k worth of specialty crap that is now outdated in my utility room, lol.
    Edit: 270 rounds worth a potential 10points each.
  • Baron23
    Oh, if it still works, I don't know why it would be outdated. People are still reloading shotshells with the same old MEC reloaders that have been available for many decades.

    I know nothing about metallic cartridge reloading. I stick to shotshells...simple and rather benign if you do fuck up....unlike metallic.

    Wow, 2,700 rounds shot in a match!! What...over a weekend? And we bitch in skeet because we are swinging on 400-500 targets total....but we are swinging 9lb+ guns and the recoil will take it out of you a bit.

    Take care, good chatting about this a bit and derailing the thread! hahaha
  • Hapo
    …still trying to post a picture...this one is the model I ended up with...haven't used it yet...

    ...it is set up...model dp-hr10t35v...3x5 plates...

    ...still watching you tubes and got some 'paper tonite...

  • Hippie
    I have an LTQ Vapor KP-1
    The websites a joke but the device is actually OK and probably the best bang for buck for a 4T unit out there in my opinion as with a discount code from one of the Chinese warehouse sites you can get one delivered for under $250 (think I paid about $230 from fasttech)
    The plate temps are nice and even and hold steady while I press my 3 - 5 g at a time generally so I'm happy with what I've got for the money so far.
  • EconMan

    I love my Dulytech M800. (I think I am the one who "announced" this product here?)
    I've had mine over a year and have great praise for it. It works great for pressing a nug or even small micron bags. I still use it regularly and it is so small and light it is essentially a portable. Their CS in my experience was fantastic (I broke mine by being an idiot) and they fixed it no charge.

    The only real negative for this press (given price) is it is not made for big squishes and many squishers later wish they would have got a more substantial press once volume is desired as hobbies evolve in scope-creep.

    My second press was a Dulytech too. DW6000. Had it about six months. I bought another Dulytech because I am so content with the company. The DW6000 is ALL ELECTRIC including the squishing!!! I really like it. :100:

    The pressing is semi-automatic and I can easily squish a quarter-oz bag if desired.

    Here is a YouTube vid.
  • LabPong
    man....that DW6000 sure looks awesome......glad i do not have a spare $800 laying around that is not needed..... :monkey: lol
  • John Cocktostone
    is it 800 or 1200 bucks? The electric one.
  • Baron23
    hahahaha.... great minds alike and all of that! haha
  • Pud
    lol!.,. I started thinking I should change my name to Claude Rains
  • John Cocktostone

    Cbd press.

    I want that Dulytek then. I swore it was 1200. Thanks guys
  • EconMan
    that DW6000 sure looks awesome.....LabPong

    You kow, when I first got it, I didn't like it because I was sooooo used to the analog "lever action" of the M800. I can apply the appropriate pressure by "feel" after some experience. It is a VERY physical press. The electric is 100% non-physical. There is nothing to "feel" feedback wise as in a lever-driven press.

    However, once I let go of my control-freakery, I developed a real love for the DW6000. I can press an eighth using a micron bag and get fantastic replicable results with very little noise.

    Yet, I STILL enjoy breaking out the little M800. It is very popular at parties. :party:
  • Azn2101
    So would it be a safe statement to say that the DW6000 an optimal All Electrical (Pneumatic?) starting Rosin Press?

    I was pretty mentally set with the either the 10ton 3x5 & Gauge Pump or an all in one kit of some kind. More than likely the 6 Ton but I'd prefer to take out the aspect of a pump because at times when I need a dab are some of the times when I can't keep a steady/sustained grip without shaking but this is all somewhat speculative cause the only real knowledge I have for Presses is from here and I'm not gonna lie and say I read that entire Rosin thread but I think I got a lot of the main points in what to look for in a press, not so much into the technique other than treat it like sex (foreplay before you go all in) but I always figured for a good pneumatic system i would have to surpass my preferred budget of around 1k until I saw this thread. Plus it plays into my OCD fairly well with knowing that the pressure applied will be repeatable by just inserting the same numbers on the next squish.

    What perks does a Hydraulic system have over a Pneumatic one?

    Thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys.
  • EconMan
    So would it be a safe statement to say that the DW6000 an optimal All Electrical (Pneumatic?) starting Rosin Press?Azn2101

    First and foremost -- my favorite soapbox -- the yield and quality of rosin is not primarily a function of the press used but of flower quality metrics and user experience. Every squish is a little bit different and squishing is so much like cooking. Yeah, there is a recipe but the good cook "feels" it.
    Give me great flower and I'll outperform a $10k press with a hair-straightener if they are using oklahoma dirt weed.

    The DW6000 is NOT pneumatic. It is a geared "corkscrew" design electric. It's very quiet. In fact, my only complaint against it is the flip side of its success -- a lack of physical "feel." As I stated above as the DW6000 automates so much of the process. OCD "replicators" as you put it -- Carl Popper would be so proud -- should love the thing.
    In this "feel" sense only, I will always just love my little $230 Dulytek M800. The weird little thing just "works" on such an "advanced primitive" level, even now I sometimes still choose to use it (always for a quickie to-be-dabbed-now squish). No hydraulics or gears, just some human fueled leverage. So I truly "feel" it in an almost spiritual sense. (I'm really deep -- just ask me! :nerd: ) Seriously, anyone that personally squishes knows what I'm talking about. It is a small thing, but I felt like talking about it. :nerd:

    So yes!, I think it would be an OUTSTANDING personal press, and certainly introductory press (that said, there are lots of good presses to choose from). But I just love mine and am happy I bought it. It automates more than the others -- a pro and con -- especially useful for those who want to push a button rather than a mechanical lever -- even hydraulics can require some elbow work. I imagine anyone with arthritis or arm-mobility issues might appreciate this press especially? Also, it is self contained. Don't want to use it at the moment, put it in your closet (where mine lives). Nothing to "setup". It is just awesome like that. I keep it in a little bag when not in use, so cat hair doesn't get on it.

    In generally with the M800 I squish "nugs" and in the DW6000 I use bags (that said, they each do each but the bag size for the M800 is small -- a plus to many!).

    Now onto the mathematics of "tonnage" -- my second favorite soapbox -- Why the fuck people think they need twenty tons of pressure is a mystery to me? I'm a libertarian... don't want a law against it, but it is just a fucking mystery to a brain like mine. Like someone wanting a car that goes 200mph as a primary value? At some point all you've done is bought excess capacity.

    The only valid reason for bigass tonage is a bigass plate size, which is no longer a "personal" press anymore. The plate size of the DW6000 is 5.0 x 2.5 inches. Let's assume a person rationally chooses to use a 2x4 micron bag. Wala: 4*2=8 square inches (si2).
    Now how much pressure to use? The eternal debate for which the only real answer is socratic -- it depends. I'm a low pressure theory sort of guy. Too much pressure and your rosin tastes like shit since it basically bursts all the molecular structures and you you get chlorophyll "soup". But different strains and flower natures do require optimally different pressures. Generally speaking, I like to go in at about 500psi -- note that I am probably a left-side outlier as I suspect *most* would argue for a little more?
    Regardless, of low, average, or high..... I don't know anyone who advocates going in at more than 1000psi? :scream: So let's use the high number, 1000.
    Wala: 8in2*1000psi=8000lbs or 4 tons max of pressure required. At 500psi of course you would only require half that or 4000lbs. 750psi, 6000lbs.

    The max rated pressure on the DW6000 is 3 tons -- a limit I have NEVER once hit. If all you want to do is squish a small nug, then you don't need much total pressure at all. (and why I love the M800). As a reference, consider an average-weight woman in stiletto-style heels can easily push about 2000psi at the heel. :gasp: (hot non-asian women will seriously fuck up your authentic wood floors!) :fire:
  • Gman
    even for personal, I get real tired pressing 7 grams at a time. I would go for what will allow you to press 10-14 minimum. But I go through a gram of rosin every 2 days.
  • EconMan
    even for personal, I get real tired pressing 7 grams at a time. I would go for what will allow you to press 10-14 minimum. But I go through a gram of rosin every 2 days.Gman

    Agreed. :nerd:
    I would get the most press one can reasonably afford at the moment. I grew out of my M800 precisely because I got "tired" as you put it. It is also how I broke it (which their CS totally fixed astonishingly on their dime) stepping on the lever trying to get to force on a full-plate squish.
    Now in the DW6000 I like to do a half-oz in a bag and that lasts me for several days to a week depending on yield/strain and my daily demand.
  • Pud
    I just used a Dabpress dp-hr10t35v-110 with 3x5 plates. This was super simple to use... my first time ever using any kind of press and I insisted on no kibitzing from the peanut gallery while I tried it out. I had watched and read all I could on pressing in general so wanted to see if I could do it.
    Used the timer on my phone and just took it slow at 200 for 3-4min max pressure was about 1700-1800. First try was a sativa... nothing... not a freaking drop.. then I tried a different type flower an indica and bang! lots of rosin. So choice of flower truly is key from what I experienced.

    The dabpress is only like $499+$139 for the hand pump. Loved it and happy with how easy it was but obvious to me to try a little to see if it’s going to produce the results you’re after before committing to pressing a bunch. I was only doing like 4-5gr at a time and it was light honey colored... perfect for me. And I didn’t use any bags as I didn’t want to waste any getting caught in the material. I made my own press out of pvc pipe to get that cylinder shape for $6.42...
  • Azn2101
    Ok then ya if 3 tons is what, 6k pounds of pressure? And by 's post that I have written in my notes from another post "anything over 800LB per square inch will give you max results" than 10T does seem like something that would only be needed in like a frat house of dabbers or have uses for industrial pressing on a very large scale or a large consumption rate :grin:

    I'm gonna take the dive on it. Are there any sale opportunities besides like Black Friday coming up that would make the purchase worth waiting that extra time or is now as good a time as any?

    Thanks for the early insight to not freak if I press enough that I should be seeing a drizzle come out and nothing happening. I could easily see myself being like what just happened.

    How many different size micron bags are there, or more importantly which are the best sizes for a balance between yield & excess plant material (if such a thing exists) in the Rosin.
  • Dr green thumb

    Look at sasquatch rosin presses.
  • LabPong
    Look at sasquatch rosin presses.Dr green thumb

    What do these $1800 to $5000 presses do that a $400-$800 one will not do?
  • Dr green thumb

    Let's start with accurate even heat, automation in a couple cases. And in one case one that presses 2.2lbs under 200 tons of pressure
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