• 52

    Trade you for a DaVinci IQ
  • Hapo

    ...thanks, but methinks that would just be another fail...
  • EconMan

    I will laugh at this, because it applies to me. Bought one a while back and hated it. Literally hated it. Didn't like anything about it. Gave it away yesterday after perhaps ten uses, and having not been used at all for six months or so.

    The real mystery is I also bought a PAX1 back in the day, and got so made at it I threw it away. So what brainfart made me thing if I hated the PAX1, that I might like the PAX3? I didn't.
  • badbee
    Did you know you can create a carb on an xl8r stem if you drop it just right? Never mind that sharp glass where your lips should be.

  • John Cocktostone

    Somehow the internal perc broke on my Sneaky Pete MV1 bubbler
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Why you shouldn't scrat your head with a the @VapeCritic pick tool. :rofl:
    It was stuck in there good
  • Dr green thumb

    I thought for a moment that you had turned the pick tool into an earring.
  • Baron23
    Sigh....I have to tell the truth.

    So, there I was on Thurs evening with my EVO and Turbine HT. I had just done a load (and I'm generally about .15 g per ELB) and for whatever reason it was really hitting hard. Reloaded, vaped, pulled the top of the ELB to stir is (did this in place on the EVO and did not pull the ELB out entirely), gave it a stir, then sat there staring at the wall for a few cause...well, I was high.

    Put the HT back on the EVO and yes.....the one step missing from above was replacing the cap on the ELB. I immediately filled the HT with herb and AVB!

    I did this once before....on the very first night I had my EVO...oh, maybe 3-4 years ago. If you haven't done this, its a MAJOR PIA to get wet, expanded, herb out of an HT's bottom chamber.

    This time it was a bit worse as I gotten most of it out but there was some that clumped together and was just bigger than any of the interior slits that it needed to pass through in order to come out. Shaking with very hot water did nada.

    So, went with hot PBW, let it soak for a few minutes, shook it then and the clump fell apart into very small pieces that were easy to get out.

    Love PBW to clean flower glass. 'trates and dab rigs, not so much. Flower vapes, hell yeah.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    my buddy drove me outt of town to get mine, we got nack to his place i set it up, first we did a bunch of tiny dabs, then i brought out that afghani, did the same thing except with alot of hash, havent done it since!
  • Stants
    Not having either of my ghost batteries charged after coming home from work, nearly reached for the rolling papers, that's twice in a week it's happened, 2nd time mainly down to me forgetting to pull the battery after the last session :rage:
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    My entire life? :wink:

    There are so many! I will have to think about it for a while.
  • SquanchKava
    When I was 14 my buddy said come hang out after school on the other side of town. Well we get stoned and was my first time that I really felt it. So I am walking up Main Street back towards home and my Mother us driving by and swoops over and says get in. I am sailing high. And my Mom says oh you drop did you forget you have a dentist appointment. I have been driving the streets trying to find you. So I am trying to play it cool while realizing how amazing being high us at such a young age. So then the munchies kick in and my Mom says I got donuts. So I am pigging out on donuts and cracking jokes about the unique individuals walking along the Main Street of sunny Plymouth Pennsylvania on the way to the dentist. And she is laughing and doesn't notice I am blasted because I am jokester anyway. So my teeth are loaded up with donut shrapnel for this poor dental assistant to deal with. And I had to get a filling. So quick thinking I say I have bad nerves at the dentist is there any way I can have some laughing gas. He fell for it but it was the 80's. Oh man what a blast to top off the first ever high with laughing gas. So a fail that turned out very to be a great memory and one of those moments you look back at where you bonded with a parent through jokes and were both laughing your asses off. Especially after she was ready to strangle me for forgetting the appointment and having to drive around looking for my dumb ass.
  • Baron23
    Does being 16 and having your idiot stoner buddies over.... when your parents are out of town....and setting the couch on fire count?

    True story.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    I had a sinilar experience witha job interview lol, got the job.

    Lol! My mom was an auxilary police officer when i was growing up, one time i was showing off the new bill stick she got, she wasnt home of course, i had such a paniced fuck of a time trying to collapse that thing.... I just remember thinking how badly i was going yo get beaten with it if i couldnt get it back in order lol! My freinds couldnt stop laughing, i damn near beat them with it!
  • Boombastik
    This is a hard one been thinking about it for awhile now, couple stories I remember;

    1) First time in college smoking (cant even count how many guys rolled blunts, had me pull my SUV over because I had crazy sound system to play rap, while everyone stood in a circle. Anywho, puff puff pass had no break in-between, while some of the guys would go into the circle and freestyle rap. Not too much longer my hand and body was on a hood of a car, friend took me to my dorm room, felt like I was seeing shit, ran out of my dorm with my boxers on saying "brotha what the hell did I smoke". Next day in cafeteria guys were saying I said what you all lace that shit with, HA.

    2) remember I made my first quarter purchase and wanted to see if I could smoke all of it in one sitting in my dorm room. Think I was smoking it in a small bong cant remember and was trying to rip it really fast and reload, but I passed out really fast, never came close to finishing it.

    Im adding this picture because I smoked on a G-pen a ton of times in one sitting because I wasnt feeling the high, but when I did I got overly messed up and cant remember what happened to the pen. Ended up throwing it away after one use, lol

    Lastly, Im going to add my dads first smoke experience. He says he was at a party and went into the kitchen. He saw a girl and asked what she was smoking/ doing. She's says; Im smoking weed and it makes you have sex waay better do you want to try. Obviously, he partakes, they have sex and he says he lost his mind and finished faster then ever before, lol.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    You reminded me of the time that i ordered syringes for a whole bunch of oil i had on aliexpress.
    A mistake was made and i now have a full bag of junkie syringes sitting in a drawer (next to the capsules i bought for the oil as well i swear) waiting to be seen by the next person that helps me move.... :worry: lol
  • Dankpup
    Ugh dropped a nice amount of abv on the floor when I went to open my container, went to sweep it up.....and ended up with abv and doghair mix
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    at least it wasn't fresh ground buds
  • Dankpup
    true, i still though maybe I can pick out the hair but realized it was a loss
  • 52
    Forgot my concentrate pads were being safety stored in my beer glass :rofl: 9cfj5fa7a363s28e.jpeg
  • deep_meditation
    I wound up freaking out after consuming too many droppers of infused MCT oil. Horrible anxiety. I had work the next morning. Never again... it seemed to wear off all at once which was a good thing.
  • birdplane
    outside holding ground weed to be rolled, didn’t know to cup hands to prevent wind from discarding said weed, thus preventing consumption luckily there was some backup-weed. Another time confusing really high grade weed as hairy with mold, partially due to baggie being held in non-dried water bottle without transfer
  • kebcatmorgan
    My biggest stoner fail is most probably the most recurring one. Usually happens with G43 to be honest.

    When I vape the G43, I vape 2 bowls, but sometimes it happens that after that first one, I load the second one, but the G43 hits are so strong that I forget about it until the battery dies :D.
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