• EconMan
    I figure Ethanol Extraction fits in with Extraction Science, right ?okla68m

    Absolutely. Other than water, alcohol may be the top solvent of all time? At least with weed. I've never used alcohol but I have used ether.

    You don't need to "purge" (vacuum) the alcohol as it evaporates at room temp anyway, and faster at higher temps (technically, what you do is a form of "purging). The butane would eventually evaporate out of a BHO pour, but it would take a really long time; hence, vacuum ovens in the real world are required for proper BHO post processing.

    Decarboxilation preserves your terps and boids AND lets it be absorbed via water-soluble means (i.e. eating edibles).
    However, if you want to consume weed AND get high, you need to turn the THCa into THC. You can dab any non-carboxylated oil/wax since the dabbing itself decarboxylates the hit itself (ditto with combustion) "on-the-fly".

    Lastly, 250f for an hour sounds high and long to me, but I am far from an expert. 230f for 40 minutes may be better. OVER heating is ALWAYS bad. THCa begins to get converted at around 220f I believe. But again, I don't like edibles, don't do them, and have very little experience with them and there may be other considerations I'm unaware of.
  • okla68m
    After its Decarbed, can it Still be Dabbed along with consumed ?
  • EconMan

    Yes. For instance, been tinkering with distillations. By definition, a distillation *involves* a decarboxylation and my last batch came out really nice -- thick beautiful high-THC honey oil (not THCa) -- and I've grown fond of dabbing distillates. Dabs GREAT if you like uber clean oil, albeit at some loss of terps/taste. I often will throw a little crumble of rosin bathed in it. That said, you can also eat it and you will get rather high as the THC absorbs into your system. Or you can throw it into a cart :vomit:
  • EconMan
    Beauty :starstruck:

  • Baron23
    ah, got to watch that tomorrow

    LOVE Oleum when in WA.

    Great stuff from what I have sampled.


    PS - ok, saw it was very short. Yes, beautiful.

    Where did you find this, may I ask? They seem to keep a fairly low profile. I don’t run across much about them.

  • 52

    Trichomes or carpet fibers? Lol. Nice, looks like a sculptor.
  • Baron23
    cat hair for sure ;-)
  • EconMan
    Where did you find this, may I ask? They seem to keep a fairly low profile. I don’t run across much about them.Baron23

    I just subscribe to their YT channel with notifications. I've never tried their stuff but they put out good vids and it seems they make true Top Shelf extracts. Indeed, their vids inspired me to give growing THCa crystals a go. An aging boy needs hobbies :nerd:

    I found this short vid just mesmerizing. THCa TimeLapse :starstruck:

    Trichomes or carpet fibers? Lol. Nice, looks like a sculptor.52

    It is hard to even notice them for my eyes are on the beautiful amber infinity.
    But regardless, lol, they are NOT trichomes :gasp: -- they've done been processed!
    Honestly, they are probably airborne house fibers/dusts -- research it... the air you breathe has lots of stuff in it. Central air systems blow it all over fuckvile. It's near impossible outside of a hospital or a semiconductor factory not to get some "stuff" in your oil.

    As a culture, I have forced a habit of IMMEDIATELY closing my container once portioning out the dab BEFORE I take the dab. I want to minimize the time of the open jar. Friends call me OCD on it and other call me annoying. But some times, they really ARE out to get you; the other day a fucking gnat flew into my honey. :gasp: I was fucking pissed. :grimace: Was tempted to vape the little bastard. :fire:

    Lately, I've been beginning with a Cold Start of rosin on a round bottom banger, followed with a literal injection (I use a syringe) of high-THC distillate once the rosin is near gone and the banger has got hot. Throw in a squirt, say a .2, and right on the heels of a terp-rich sinus clearing RosinFest, you slam down clean and near tasteless ultra-high-potency oil as a chaser -- all in one beautifully choreographed dab :starstruck:
  • okla68m
    A friend gave me his Strawberry-Banana sugar leaf trim to do QWET on. If I didnt know he grew it I'd swear someone put Incense on it, the resulting Concentrate is just that..Concentrated Strawberry-Banana !
    I overused a but if Alcohol for the size of my pan and it bleed up the side a bit...but, what bled up, was Oily Terpene Rich HONEY, OMG ! Had never seen that happen before. Touched with my finger to see if it was Moisture at first...spent the next hour with my fingers under my nose...Sniffing that Beautiful Bouquet, lol !
  • EconMan
    spent the next hour with my fingers under my nose...Sniffing that Beautiful Bouquet, lol !okla68m

    Man after my own heart! :100:

    I love this little porn vid. Frenchy is The Man!
  • bulllee

    Gotta love the porn ! :rofl: :joke: :starstruck: :love:
  • okla68m
    OUCH !!!
    How do you get the evapped concentrate out of those round bottom tubular neck flasks ?
    Evapping the way I do, using a glass cake pan sitting on a slow cooker bottom, I have to Scrape the warm product off the bottom of the pan. If the Alcohol is Gone from that flask, How do you get it out.....pour out Before totally evapped???
    Sure would be nice not to have to Waste a half pint of solvent every 1/4 oz of material processed.
    I've seen evap recovery rigs for as cheap as $200 for Small ones....375 mil(pint). But, I'm aware you normally get what you pay for.
  • EconMan

    About a 80f water bath and it flows like warm honey. Any residual I ethyl wash, put in a small mason jar, and add it back when I make another batch. The way I have my still set up is it is a semi closed loop (using a vacuum) so I get much of my ethyl back to use again.

    BTW, wished I was at this level. I just ordered some terps and want to play with adding terps back in next time. I love dabbing distillates -- so clean! -- but taste suffers. Will take a few percentage points off the potency for increased taste and aroma anytime. Learning.

    That said, few things are more efficient than a closed-loop BHO system. Almost ALL of the butane/propane comes back to use again. :cool: Now here, "when to pour" is mission critical.
  • okla68m
    Wish I could afford such....its Neanderthal Ethanol Evap Extraction here. Since my friend brought me bags of trim from his grows, I've found that like Vaping, Strain seems to be more important as far as return goes compared to technique(getting better with each extraction). All things being nearly the same(trim or fluff buds), the Strawberry Banana gives up consistantly higher return, 12-14%, where the OG, White Widow(surprise), GSC only manages 10% consistantly. Again, this is washing Sugarleaf Trim, Not Buds/Cola's which seem to run in the 15-19% producers.
    On average getting 3.0 gms Shatter per Ounce of Trim. 0.75 gms per 1/2 pint of Everclear (used on 7.0 grams trim) or 12 grams per 1 Gallon($30) ! That figures $2.50 per gram to produce in Ethanol cost.
  • okla68m
    Medicated Math....! Approx. $60@gal, not $30(1/2 gal price)...making it $5.00@gram in Ethanol cost!
    Average price for a gram of Wax/Shatter is about $60(Oklahoma dispensary price)...Live Rosin, Diamonds & Sauce being closer to $100@gm !
  • EconMan
    my friend brought me bags of trimokla68m

    One BIG advantage of BHO extraction is it takes ANY sort of weed. Great weed, shitty weed, buds, trim, stalks, etc. The prime variable with BHO is the yield -- shitty weed has much less yield as great weed but its strength comes out rather close. So you can make some fantastic oil/wax from shitty weed. Can't do that at all with Rosin, and can't do it very well with ethyl.
    A typical leaf and trim run for me gets my price per ml down to about $30-35 for oils in the high 80's low 90 percent range.

    Re diamonds and sauce, easiest thing in the world to make. Pour your BHO prematurely so that it is "soupy" and put in a half-filled jar in a warm dark place. Burp jars twice a day. In several weeks, diamonds will appear in the "sauce". I'm NOT good at growing them. Lack of patience. I end up dabbing them before they really mature and get nice sized. :nerd:
  • okla68m
    "PATIENCE"..Wasnt a Virtue I was born with or have acquired in my life, either !
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Anyone ever tried Dimethyl Ether extraction?

  • okla68m
    Same as MZ12X....Solvent in a can
  • EconMan
    Anyone ever tried Dimethyl Ether extraction?The Rogue Wax Works

    Ether has been around a long time. I first learned of it in the 80's when I would turn cocaine into crack -- excuse me, I'm now an educated white-collar guy -- Free Base! It's big advantage is its boiling point is lower than alcohol. But at the end of the day, it's just another solvent doing what solvents do -- separating substances so they can be recaptured after evaporation.

    The site seems to mix half-truths with half bullshit. I would not use ether for weed for the same reasons I don't like to use alcohol -- it's too good of a solvent. It will be even less forgiving than alcohol with chlorophyll dabs in the forecast. :vomit: . Ask @okla68m how unforgiving alcohol is. Now double that. It is why no lab I'm aware of uses it for weed.

    If I was going to use ether, I would not use their overpriced bullshit. You can buy ether at any chemical supply store -- in gallon bottles. Would not need aerosol cans.

    For shatter, budder, crumble enthusiasts, BHO is still king and I don't see the science and economics which drives it changing very soon.
  • okla68m
    Yes, my 1st Downfall in life came about when presented an Oz of Top Shelf Pressed Flake, looked like Mother of Pearl, Irridescent! After almost destroying my Nasal Septum I unfortunately also learned about Free Base (I worked at the time doing Air Quality Monitoring and had Lab access daily) Cocaine, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, DiEthyl Ether, shake, let separate(stratify)eye dropper off the Top Layer, Evap, Scrape, Glass Dick, 151 Rum & Cotton Ball, Mental and Physical ORGASAM, SPEND THE NEXT WHO KNOWS HOW LONG CHASING THAT 1st Orgasam AGAIN, TO NEVER CATCHING IT, WHILE DESTROYING YOUR LIFE IN THE PURSUIT OF IT !!!!
    FreeBase=Devils Feces !!!!
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