• sebastian zoro
    Hi guys Just looking for an advice, I got in to a motorcycle crash and luckily for me everything went alright.
    I Just broke 2 ribs.. now its painful and usually I smoke from my vape low thc cannabis oil and now i'm coughing like a bitch (this shit hurts like hell..)

    I saw this today cbd oil and they are talking marvelous things about it.
    but honestly the amount of thc in this cbd thing is very small.. do anyone have tried this before?
    is it alright to put on my vape pen ?
    I'm trying not to spend my money on bullshit.
  • meeemeee
    Just eat yo ganja if it hurts to vape... and yeah.. cbd is cool. But it's all mixed up. Best stick to flower.
  • LabPong
    CBD + THC is good
  • EconMan
    If you JUST broke ribs, I would do nothing to increase the likelihood of a cough.

    Lifelong biker myself, and I empathize.
  • bulllee
    I trust the flower. Make some butter using a 1:1 cbd, thc flower .Try using some soy lecithin to increase the bioavailability. Try not to cook above 375 degrees if using butter (tends to scorch more than normal butter). It takes me a least an ounce to make a small batch which gives me around 2 dz cookies. Heavy pain then play with your ratio. Use different strains, a high cbd indica might be just what the doctor ordered. :cool:
  • sebastian zoro
    Let me try that and get back to you
  • BestBuds
    I am now disabled from a motorcycle accident. If it was me I would take some edibles until those ribs heal. That shiznit hurts when you cough or even take a deep breath with cracked ribs! THC and CBD definitely help with pain when used together. I tried CBD alone and I got nothing. THC makes me high. But if you get me some bud that's 2 to 1 THC to CBD the pain reduces a lot.
    Also look in your pharmacy or health store and see if they have a cream or gel with Arnica. It's a homeopathic remedy but it does wonders on sore muscles, bruises, muscle knots, burns and so on. It's toxic in huge doses but the over the counter arnica gel has so little it would be obvious you were putting too much on.
    PS. To be clear: don't vape the arnica! It's for putting on your skin, not vaping. :rofl:
  • 52
    Glad it was just your ribs! That being said, broken ribs hurt! Try some cbd/Thc flower. I like the thc yo be at least as high as the cbd if not higher. My regular Sour Tsunami is usually about 14% thc 9% cbd. v1bmkps3bjt3sik3.jpeg
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