• It's in the details
    I've been searching everywhere to get some info on what the ideal, least toxic substance is to use in a cartridge and can't find anything! Anybody?
  • Grogglin
    If there aren’t any clean distillate carts or sauce carts available in your area, my suggestion is to buy a puffco plus or maybe research some other wax pen options. Liquidizers contain VG, PG, or PEG. No sense in vaping those chemicals let alone something more dangerous. Stick to an actual wax pen.
  • It's in the details

    Thanks a lot! But one question: what is a "clean distillate cart"? Doesn't every distillate cart have to have some. liquidizer? Thanks again for your response.
  • John Cocktostone
    use True Brand terpenes but avoid carts if possible and get a concentrate pen
  • bulllee
    Get a Sai with a top flow Ti bucket,I'm lovin it for on the go. IDK price wise, but I got mine for cheap last black friday. :cool:
  • EconMan
    Thanks a lot! But one question: what is a "clean distillate cart"? Doesn't every distillate cart have to have some. liquidizer? Thanks again for your response.It's in the details

    No. Distillate can be vaped directly. I do it ALL the time with mine (don't buy shitty carts, get ones designed for thicker oils (bigger ports) (I use Vape Parts Mart). Loads into carts without dillutants. Hydrocarbon extractions MUST be diluted for carts. There is NO getting around it For cart enthusiasts, properly done distillate is the ultimate.

    I'm not a big cart fan - only for disposable stealth -- but I'm a big fan of THC distillate. Notice I said THC and not THCa. It is already decarboxylated and can be cooked with directly without pre-processing. A favorite is to take a dab-size ball of my rosin and "thick dip" it into the distillate. The result is a tasty (distillate *can* have near no taste) rosin hit, with some extra "oooomph!" in the tank so to speak.
  • okla68m
    Ill 2nd Bulllee's comment ! SAI TAF Ti bucket or the Quartz Coil....I use both for my homemade Concentrate...the Ti bucket is Smooth and Tasty, super easy to clean with a Q-tip. The Quartz Coil will Blow your Head off ! To clean, just toss in a jar of EverClear and soak for a bit. If you keep them clean, theyll come out looking and performing like new.
  • It's in the details
    Hi.... sorry for such a delayed response.... thanks so much for writing. I can't really quite understand what you're saying I guess because I don't know exactly how the distillate you make is made -- what is your process called? (The closest I can get to understanding how a particular concentrate is made is you guys here pressing a bud into some kind of shatter or honey like substance that you can then vape!) I've seen some carts at places in CO that say they're 95 percent THC, so I'm guessing those have almost no liquidizer in them, which is essentially what I'm after...Trying to understand this is like putting pieces of a puzzle together...a bit of info inferred here, a bit learned there! Since I'm not going to make my own, it seems to me that I either have to go to effing Colorado! or get a pen and some live rosin...to get the healthiest concentrate .... I realize that I really prefer concentrates -- although I've never had any type of concentrate except distillate carts from three different medical places in MA and RI....!! (LMAO) I do love the taste of flower, but I prefer the head of the distillate I have.... and being able to take just a draw or two... I want that head and the least caustic on the that experience!
  • It's in the details
    P.S. I do understand the diff between THCa and THC.... also I can't make use of the carts or cart parts at the Vape Parts Mart BECAUSE I CAN'T GET MY HANDS ON any brilliant distillate like you make! thanks again, joan
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