• ssaucyc515
    Mother of berries, best fruity smelling strain I've had. Wow!

    Animal 91

    Ice cream cake

    Sherbacio, this is some good stuff

  • okla68m
    21 days since flipping to 12/12
    Jack Herer Clone 59 days since potting
  • Bruce
    Mother of all Cherry's 90/10 20 THC - Very diverse Tincture combo.
    Strawberry OG 40/60 20 MG THC - Excellent Tincture profile.

  • bulllee
    Frost Boss 50/50 very lemony, and euphoric stone. Very enjoyable
  • Steam Craftsman
    Hi everyone!
    Thats my first post and I'll show you my best bud.
    That's a pure sativa, my all time best. I've been growing this strain since the last 8/9 years and is really sweet, silky and FUNNY... :rofl:
    It's really horny, as you can see...
    Delicatessen... :starstruck:
    I call it "Reina", it's Queen in Català.
    Cheers from Barcelona!
  • Bad Dog
    She is quite the looker, excellent job! Welcome to the forum
  • BestBuds
    I'll show you my best bud.Steam Craftsman

    This is exactly what my namesake is about! Those are some beautiful best buds indeed. :rofl: :ok:
  • Lucic and Chong
    Did some stocking up for the Coronapocalypse.

    Lemon Sour Diesel

    L.A. Confidential

    Death Bubba "smalls"- got a good deal on this one, $110 oz. Death Bubba is probably my favorite indica, and the "smalls" are just little popcorn buds that aren't as marketable. But it still looks the same after going through my grinder. And I can't say that I noticed any difference, in flavor or effects, between the "smalls" and the standard Death Bubba (I still have some of the same batch of the full buds on hand)

    And on hand I still have some-
    Pink Kush
    Pink Death
    Bubba Kush
    Durban Poison
  • Magicman
    @John Cocktostone
    You can't post picture without a name. I guess blueberry muffin.
  • Vapster707

    A 8th of sour power hour 25.6% sativa ... Tha name is perfect has a nice sour type taste with tha first few hits on low temp...
  • Bad Dog
    Having a end of the world, emergency rationing, micro dose, dab day with some very nice Durban poison shatter. I’ve always wanted to try the bud but never came across it. So when I found the shatter I was very excited. Today isn’t my first time using it so I’ve gotten familiar with it and I’m pretty impressed with it. The taste is nothing special, a little sweet and floral nice but doesn’t attack you with uniqueness but it’s in no way bad at least. But to me flavour is a secondary consideration at best to effects and there it does not disappoint. The high is deeply relaxing and soothing (like chamomile grown with nuclear fertilizer) which I more associate with indica strains and am preferable to generally but at the same time a distinct sativa heady Euphoric High while still feeling particularly clear and sharp. I also don’t get the accelerated heat rate I can sometimes get with other concentrate and even vaping bud in the first few minutes of the high, if anything I feel like I have a lower heart rate from the get go.

  • okla68m
    Getting close, Saturday was 7 weeks since flip.
    Jack Herer clone
  • LabPong
    Jack Herer cloneokla68m

    I like Jack......you like jack......even bud likes jack.....we all like jack....jack it up! (sorry...im dabbing)

    nice...looking good!

  • Magicman
    Damn, I only have blueberry muffin.
  • okla68m
    No "Muffin", but, I do have Blueberry Kush, lol !
    One week behind the Jack Herer as far as flipping, look even as far as maturity.
  • BestBuds
    One of my favorites
  • chaos191
    By the way I've been following the progress of this beauty Since the beginning! I am so jealous you have the space to grow I wish I did. Also you have a green thumb or something. Man that's one of my very favorite strains. Can't wait to hear how she turned out :)
  • okla68m
    Not that Much room required actually. Ive got a 2x4x5 tent and a 2+×6×8 closet(only use 1/2 of it).
    Its FUN/HEART BREAKING/FRUSTRATING...the Visuals and Aroma's are Unsurpassed!(my wifes comment is "Damn, that Stinks", lol...I LOVE IT !
    2nd to Open Carry, ranks at the Top of what Oklahoma has done (Never thought Id see it) !!
  • chaos191
    HaHa your wife is right I'm sure I can legally grow 4 plants because I'm I'm medical in Illinois but can't do it in ml appartment...

    Like you said damn that stuff stinks lol.
  • okla68m
    4 plants is most likely More than you can use. My last grow of 4 plants yeilded 19 oz of Bud. Not counting trim(I dont count Shade leaves as trim). Ive also found Variety IS the Spice of Cannabis anyway, lol ! I get burntout doing the Same all the time.
  • chaos191
    Wow that's a lot of a for plants man! I live in a federally subsidized building cuz Im disabled so no growing for me right Now, My dad's buddy growing up in New Mexico used to grow outdoor and they had massive plants so much pot and so good that's going back to when I was a kid like 6. We went out there every summer and I grew up out there so starting around 12 it was acceptable for me to smoke with the grown UPS lol If I could get out of the city it would be high on my priority list as something to gets going. I need to be nearer hospitals I have lots of doctors... bravo on the Naked lady picks:-)
  • spider
    Frozen Tangerine '20.77%' thc.
    Plenty hour...
  • Steam Craftsman

    Growing my own plants for me is as much pleasant as vaping it.
    I really enjoy the process, taking care of it, feeding it for the best results... I use to grow once a year, 3/4 plants and have enought for me, my partner and to gift to some friends of mine...
    On the other hand, I prefer outdoor sativas and those are not easy neither cheep to find here in BCN... This year I'm keeping his reina strain alive since past autumn to grow it again this year.
    I love it!
  • Steam Craftsman

    If you want to try to harvest your own weed you can try to grow one plant indoors, not to much space is needed if you can make your own cuttings and growing ang harvesting as a loop...
    Think about it, it's not so dificult.
  • okla68m
    The Problem with that is having the Same Strain all the time. I also grow my own, but, Variety as they is the Spice of Life. Find a growing buddy you can Exchange/Trade Cloned strains with. That way you Dont have to Vape/Smoke the Same all the time. No matter how good it is, the Same every day will lose its effectiveness.
  • Steam Craftsman
    then you need new seeds instead cuts
    I'm on the other hand, love my reina...
  • okla68m
    I love 90% of the strains Ive grown, but, wouldnt want to Vape/Smoke that same Everyday for months. I get to where it seems to have No Effect.
    Growing Clones is very different than growing seeds. Structural very different, "Asymmetrical" as opposed to symmetrical. Much harder to LST, MANIFOLD, MONSTERCROP or however you go about Horizontal growth instead of Vertical growth.
  • Tdog420
    Grand daddy purp
  • okla68m
    5150 Bar ? So, if you consume this you have Yourself commited for 72 hour observation ?
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