• Ash5
    I’m new to the vape world. I’ve tried a couple low end ones that combusted the herb and made it taste terrible. I’m trying to find a good convection vaporizer that gives a clean tasting strong hit. I’ve seen that the mighty is very popular but I don’t really like the price. I’ve been looking at the Arizer ArGo and Solo 2, also the Linx Gaia. I’m just not sure which one is the best bang for your buck. Any suggestions for a good vaporizer around the $200 range would be great. Thank you
  • zibit
    If the mighty is too steep, how about the crafty? It's around 200 if you can find a coupon code. Or maybe the POTV One/Fury 2/Fury Edge, people seem to really enjoy those. And the price is well under $200.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    While you are figuring out best convection vape maybe get a Dynavap to hold you over. I've never owned an Arizer portable, But it does use glass stems which is good on flavor. There are newer vapes that use more glass and silicone as an MP. But I find silicone mutes the flavor.

    The Firefly vapes are known for flavor, but there is a learning curve to it.

    Not sure if the S&B portables are full convection, if that matters to you or not.

    Also check Vape Critic's picks as well.
  • badbee
    Wait for Black Friday and you should be able to get a top tier vape, or at least close to top, for $200. I saw the Mighty around $250 and Crafty around $200 last year. If you want something no nonsense, easy to use and clean the Arizer family and the Fury family are good value for the money. They tend to be sipping vapes rather than blast to the face vapes.

    You can get a decent log vape in this range. Not portable but great taste and efficiency for in the house.

    If you don't mind a little fiddling and learning you can could get a Stempod or MistVape (or RBT Splinter is still worth considering used) 510 based vape, plus a mod and a bubbler for less than this price.
  • DaveinSM
    Honestly, I can’t imagine how you can do better than getting a Plenty if you can accept the form factor. It kicks ass. The only limitation is that you can’t microdose as easily or effectively as you probably could with a Mighty, Crafty, or MV1. It’s also definitely not portable.
  • BestBuds
    I would like to find out more about what YOU are looking for in this new investment.
    Are you interested in portable only? If yes on the portable, battery only or are you ok with using a lighter? Do you smoke now? How much cannabis do you normally use, and how do you normally use it? What is your favorite thing about the way you use cannabis (besides the effects) and what is one thing about your process of smoking or whatever do you dislike now?
    With those answers we will know all we need to know to recommend something you will really be happy with.

    The warrior that slayed the my VAS dragon was the TinyMight. But that's me.
  • Magicman
    There can be only one.
  • Ash5

    I checked out the crafty, but it has no display and I can’t use their app because Apple doesn’t support it :(. I will check out those other ones thanks
  • Ash5
    Thanks for the advice guys. I’ve been looking at convection vapes because I would like to keep the flavor clean as much as possible and I’ve read those are the best for that. I find the taste very pleasurable and don’t want my vape tasting like burnt popcorn. I’ve been smoking for a long time now, I usually use a bong or glass pipe. I have bad anxiety so I smoke throughout the day. My allergies have been killing me so I’m trying to find a way to smoke that doesn’t make them worse and is just healthier. I would like something that I can use at home, but can also take with me. Something that can be used without too much fiddling would be better because when I get anxiety attacks it would be easier to use.
  • Ash5
    I hope the info above helps.
  • Magicman
    Crafty is not convection, and neither are.any of the other vapes you originally listed. Portable convection vapes are few and far between. None are available at the $200.00 price point.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    You could look at the boundless tera. It works great on a bong. Im not as big of a fan of the standard mouthpiece though. The silicone mutes the flavor, and its a short vapor path too, so it can be a bit hot. But if you're coming from combustion you may not even notice the muted flavor. Even muted vapor flavor tastes better than smoke.
  • Bruce
    In my opinion the Hopper IO is the best vaporizer especially with a lifetime warranty.. In my opinion a few dollars on the G43- is incredible with a water tool.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • BestBuds
    if you're looking for a $200 mighty take a look at the Fury Edge. You could buy that and a Vleaf GO for about $200

    The burnt popcorn taste comes from overcooking your herb, pushing the session too far. When I get the popcorn taste I dump the avb and reload.

    For anxiety and quick medication you might want a on demand vape as opposed to a session vape.
    For the price you would love a Splinter. Hard to find now...
    Vapwood has the lil bud. It's $200, $50 for the pre order and $150 due at delivery.

    Vapcap is one that I didn't like at first but it's still in heavy rotation years later. Worth a look to see if it's an option.
  • bulllee
    Agree with you on the Edge. Small, easy to use,quick heat up, and decent vapor. Best thing is the price.
  • LabPong
    OP......the truth is.......if you want convection for great taste....you get what you pay for!

    But.....there are some that do not cost much...but come at the cost of using a torch lighter. Elev8r, Sticky Brick, to name a few of the best.

    Also it sounds like for you, you need a vape that is not hard to to detailed to load, use, unload. These are things that most do not think about until after they get a new vape. So look for comparisons with usage info as well....not just what bells and whistles a vape has over another. GL
  • EasyToSlip
    I would recommend the Firefly 2 +.
    It is the definition of pure convection and on demand.
    My brother, who is new to vaping, got one recently and loves it. He did not have any learning issues.
    He did not have any draw resistance issues.
    Earlier versions of the Firefly were difficult to use for some, but it seems that the new one is working well for folks. I have a modified firefly 2 and it has been very consistent for me once I got the hang of it.
    @EconMan is the firefly cheerleader on this forum I think...
  • Gonzo
    For portable vapes that I've personally used:

    Firefly 2+ - great flavor and it's portable. They did have a sale going on but not sure if it's still valid. If not, wait until Black Friday.

    Airvape X - more of a hybrid but it's a heavy hitter and also portable (not a lot of reviews for this one but I was surprised by how much I use it). There are coupons available for a discount

    Dynavap - Portable but you have to wait for it to cool off before putting in pocket!! Also need a heat source (it rocks if you can find an induction heater) but most flame sources work great. Great to have on hand because it just works. EDIT: forgot to mention that this one bothers my lungs if I don't use with a rig so you'll want to get a stem that fits the rig if you want to use it that way.

    Pax 3 - Not Convection but is very portable and easy to use. Also watch for black friday specials.

    Crafty/Crafty+ - Also more hybrid but it just works and the Plus is a very heavy hitter. I use dosing capsules with this and carry extra's in a caddy so it's easy to load/unload. You really don't need the app to use this and it also has the boost mode. (They have an online app, which I haven't used, so you can set your default temp) Definitely want to watch for specials for black friday.

    Ghost MV1 - Yes, I still use this also. Learning curve with this but when it works it rocks, but since they are out of business you are left without a warranty (for the most part unless you can get one from a reseller).

    These are the ones that I use on a regular basis, not necessarily in the order given, but I rotate based on my mood/needs.

    I haven't used the Solo 2 or Terra, but I see good reviews about them. You can't really go wrong with most of the ones out there that people have mentioned (and once VAS sets in you'll probably own all of them anyways!!).
  • EasyToSlip
    I agree with @Gonzo.
    The Airvape X is also a good portable. Very solid. Very stealthy for using out and about. However... It is a complete conduction vape. You get good hits, but they are hot and can be harsh. Better used through a water pipe.... But then you are giving up the portability and stealthy aspects.
  • Ash5
    Thanks for all the great advice guys. I’ve looked into the firefly and pax 3, but they also use apps which Apple doesn’t support anymore just like the crafty ( lame because the firefly sounds great). Someone on here said you don’t really need the app for the crafty, and I did find that they have an online one now. Does anyone know if this is the case? I looked into the fury edge and it’s pretty cool that it uses loading capsules you can preload. I checked out the hopper as well, looks really cool and is very small but it only does about 8 hits from what I read online. I think I’m going to wait until Black Friday and see what I can get a good deal on. I’m definitely going to have my eye out for the Mighty (or crafty if I can use it without the app). I’m pretty interested in the fury edge now as well. So let’s see if I can get a discount on the mighty or crafty, if not I may just go with the fury edge. Any other high end ones I should keep an eye on during Black Friday?
  • weedaholic
    splinter z is a top vape but you need a mod
  • Ash5

    Are there any reputable online stores that you guys recommend to look at?
  • BestBuds
    my first stop is always Vgoodiez, if they don't have it I go to Puff It Up or Sneaky Pete.

    Don't forget about the coupon codes found here and here for VGoodiez.
  • EasyToSlip
    You can use the Firefly without the app. Different button press sequences to change temps...
  • Ash5
    Thanks guys
  • spider
    The Mighty!!!....You might as well save up your money for a good vape..

    I definitely wouldn't recommend the Linx Gaia, the worst vape I've ever owned..
  • Gergin
    I own several of the vaps mentioned above. You DO NOT need the app for the Crafty. Waste of time.
    Keep in mind the life of the battery is about 300 hours. The battery won't hold as much charge as it used to.
    When I started out I couldn't justify more than $100 on a vape. Until I bought a cheap vape. Raised my budget, found a few vapes I liked. Airvape X is a great portable vape. The case is perfect for the pocket and no pot smell. I went thru 3 of them. Great little vapes.
    Boundless makes great vapes for the price. All of my boundless vapes are still working.
    And then I bought the Mighty. For me, it's the best. The Crafty is the same thing, only has 1 battery. I don't use the Crafty because I have to charge it more often.
    I bought another Mighty during quarantine "just in case" :)
    My next Vape will be the Plenty.
    Good luck!
  • Ash5
    So I decided not to wait until Black Friday and I ended up buying a Crafty+ from planet of the vapes with a 15% discount. It gets here on Monday, I’m very excited.
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