• The Rogue Wax Works
    I didn't see a thread for the Firewood 7 so figured I'd start one.

    I have had this vape for maybe a week and I'm really impressed. I don't know anything about their past offerings but so far this vape is a winner.

    It is a conduction heavy hybrid that runs on a single removable 18650 battery. I believe the heater and bowl are ceramic and the screen is part of the heating system and will be self cleaning. It has three preset temps that are user programmable.

    Its well made and simple to disassemble. It has an integrated glass mp with all ceramic or glass airpath. Mine is unfinished walnut. The vaporpath seems well insulated from the electronics.

    I would describe this as a session vape. I found the best results finishing a bowl in 3-5 hits with a stir just before the last hit.

    To take a hit, you press the button. You first get a number of buzzez indicating what temp setting you are on then when it is at temp it buzzez once. My understanding is that the heater continues to get hotter as you press the button. When the button is released it buzzez a few times to let you know when it is cooled off. Heat up time is very quick.

    The vapor quality is excellent. I settled on 350 and get nice clouds from first to last hits. It produces thick tasty vapor with the intense flavor that conduction vapes are known for in those first few hits. But with the FW7 the taste does not then drop off drastically. It stays very nice. I only stir, if at all, before the last hit just to finish it off. I'm heavy on the button but at that temp I'm never afraid to combust.

    There is a cooling stem mod and a WPA mod that are available. I have the WPA mod and it works very well. I have the stock small mp and I felt it adaquetly cooled the vapor.

    I also recently got the Tiny Might, and even though they are different in design, I think it is a great comparison to the FW7. The FW7 is a powerhouse capable of blasting through a bowl in 2-4 hits with great flavor.

  • SirSixPence
    Thanks for the Vid, Im really interested in this Vape. Haven't seen much on it anywhere. Read a few posts about previous versions, And others saying this is the best firewood.
    Hey also as a side note i was wondering if you are going to be ordering any more 18mm J-hooks?
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Its a great device and my video does not do the clouds justice. There is a good thread on FC. I DM'd you about the Js
  • BobCat
    Keep in mind the Firewood 4 did a total recall due to a fire hazard https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/firewood-recalls-vaporizers-recall-alert
  • Kinick23
    @The Rogue Wax Works yeah agreed bro. I picked this up over a month ago. out of the gate I had some issues with the vibration motor not working in all cases, it died after a couple weeks although the heater still worked so I could use the device. I mention that bc even despite having that experience which most would view as negative the damn thing worked so good I couldn’t wait to get it back from Marc working correctly. Got it back the other day and all is good in life again haha I really missed it the couple weeks I went without

    Who else has tried this vape? It really is a hidden gem in the community. The functionality and haptic feedback work very similar to the Ghost MV1 (ie initial press unit will vibrate, then again when up to temp to start your draw but works so much better and consistent (and quieter) ! As Rogue mentioned it is a hybrid convention/conduction so differs in that regard but can be used similarly. I often hit it and come back to it later and don’t taste any real degradation in flavor. Cooling stem makes the vapor very comfortable despite a short path and found out today Marc now includes it as the standard for $225. Cloud production easily rivals a TinyMight and tbh I’ve been enjoying this one ever more. They go on sale Saturday mornings and usually sell out before the day is over

    This is the finished version - extra $35

  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Kinick23 sorry to hear about your vibration motor issues. I'm surprised to see that there is not more discussion here. The FW7 has become my top 2 with the TM. Level 1, its a nice sipper, level 3, its a fog machine. There is just something super satisfying about the vapor. I have all the mp options and I prefer the OG skinny stem.
  • Khelek41girl

    I really need to try one of these. I have the 4, 5, and 6, but haven't managed to pick up a 7 yet. If you ever come across someone selling theirs, let me know!
  • birdplane
    I owned a Firewood 1 or OG back in 2013/2014ish and loved it. I had it along with a Mendo Mulcher which Bud reviewed, which I also loved to use. It's gone through quite a few iterations since then but hopefully the vapor quality's stayed consistent. It was quite a fun experience at the time, a lotta quirks but it was fun getting used to.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Khelek41girl I think you would like it. It's my go to just edging out the TM.

    @birdplane this is my first FW and I would say this vape is very low maintenance and low quirk. Just load and go for it
  • birdplane
    Yea I've been loosely following the Firewood over the years and they've (or he's) definitely been addressing them. And also trying to keep competitive with big vapes and whatnot such as the Crafty by adding features (like haptic feedback, slim design for example).

    And 'vaporist' -friendly things such as the WPA, etc.. And he's still offering the waxed and non-waxed version, just like he did 7 years ago. Which is pretty cool.
  • Pud
    Check their site....

    Walnut Firewood 7
    Unfinished: $ 225.00
    **Vaporizers will be restocked Sunday at 9pm EST
    Please Note - Battery, charger, and finish are not included but can be added as options below:
  • toyster
    I don't post here to often mostly just a lurker. I think I'm going to buy one of these.ive never owned a battery operated vaporizer before. Only vape I've owned was the dynavaoe but I traded it here because I got tired of using a blowtorch. I'm just worried that the vape ban is going to effect my order and delivery. Thanks for posting about the firewood 7 Rogue wax works. Your reveiw convinced me into making my final decision.
  • toyster
    Are there any coupon codes for this vaporizer
  • chaos191
    Got my FW7 ordered a couple weeks ago... Now I wait... Thanks RWW l was fairly sure I wanted one especially once I read your impressions. So now I wait about 2 months but I am very glad I got a new unit:-)
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @chaos191 I hope you like it. It's so convenient in that it basicly does not require any cleaning or technique. Flavorbis not as good as pure convection but blows other conduction vspes out of the water IMO
  • chaos191
    Sounds good Iml looking forward to it... a lot hahaha
  • toyster
    I've been trying to get my hands on one of these but every time I go to the site they're out of stock
  • toyster
    I finally have one of these bad boys and love it
  • BestBuds
    worst review ever dude. :lol:
    For real tho, pics and more on your thoughts. Why do you love it? I have been toying with selling a few things to get one of these.
  • chaos191
    I hate to say it but my firewood has been sitting on the table for over a month and I've vaped about 4 bowls... I haven't changed any of the 3 presets mainly because of the fact that I have assistance from people due to my injury and it's a bit tricky for someone who doesn't really care or at least aren't that into it... they also didn't wait for it for 2 months. But I do have to say the heptic feedback the heptic feedback is really quiet it's really quiet and and it's a bit tricky to you thank you to change the presets presets cause it's a series of To me a fairly simple nicely suck nicely set up way to change to change temps but but for for my assistance They really don't even want to mess with it. My first preset I believe is 220 but every time I try and vape it gets over cooked and almost black and I dump that out immediately but then I'm dumping out green weed... I think that I somtimes miss vibration because it isn't in my hand. I have tried putting my nose on >t as well lol didn't work. Any one find that
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