• Bruce
    The best is the glass spacers for the IQ 1 and 2.. It really pushes the performance to elite in my opinion.Like magic.

    The J Pipe for the G43.So smoothe.

    PODS!!!! With my S and B Vapes. Super Duper Clean, Cools Vape. No Mess. Clean every 5 times.
    The Off market Water adapter for the S and B Vapes. Amazing experience. S and B and Water toy.

    Bubblers for the Arizer Air waste of money,

    6 Bay external Battery charger, not just 18650,AAA Batteries, Hopper Batteries. A Great Accesory.

    The Pax Half Oven Lid, A game changer.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • BestBuds
    I'm not using the potter :sad:
  • Gloeck79
    I have to agree, the spacers for the IQ really make the IQ. I have the old IQ and IQ2, love the IQ2. The pods or capsules work really well too. You can use concentrates and dry at same time or just concentrates. It's my favorite portable for me, just milks clouds but it's a session vape so it handles well with more than just 1 person. Really love it, I want to sell my old IQ now so anyone intrested I have 1 glass spacer that comes with it. I have to post it soon, just been lazy...lol.

    IQ and IQ2 I feel is very underrated, it's all about how you load it, use the spacers and the IQ 2 they fixed the airflow and no more anal cavity...lol. Highly recommend for travel, on the go, its truly portable. I personally IMHO, I like it better than the Mighty, but that's again my opinion...lol. Also to note, you can use the IQ great for micro dosing too.
  • Triad
    Anyone have a glass Charlie bent tubo stem that they wanna sell or know how can to get a hold of glass Charlie to purchase his products.or any where else that has stems like that. had one for years that came with the tubo I believe loved it but of course the one u really u break.
  • howie105
    I thought of what accessories I use most, and it came down to something not intended for vape usage and something that is. First high temp 1/2" O-rings they fit on all the stems I use and provide a better grip and some breakage resistance. After those next the next things on the list are the silicone collars EpicVape sells for stems. They stretch enough to fit on all my stems and adapters too and the flats on their circumference reduce the rolling off the table problem.
  • v0id

    LOL who would? The magnets are so weak its almost like youre asking for it to spill in your bag :lol:

    On a separate note: I'm wondering if I should just sell my little rig and order a Jhook for a minivap... or use the minivap in the little rig. What do you guys think?
  • Hippie
    Silicone makeup brush holders for all my stems, bowls, adapters .....

    Cork pipe knockers - I've stuck them in all my old ashtrays to convert them to avb bins

    Buck/boost converters for precise control of the G, my DiY logs n Gs n things, the Herbo ..

    Storz n Bickel brushes - to keep things clean

    Salt scoops - to fill em up again
  • SkutFarkus
    Just cleaned the rig so saw it as a good chance to post with a bunch of accessories. Something I’d like to point out is the degummed hemp fiber in the bottom of the 18mm joint inside the rig. This is super handy if you use the rig dry, it acts as a filter to help keep rig clean for quicker cleaning and also if you are ever dankrupt you can vape it once its all nice and gooey with dry herb bits. I always for get to take a photo b4 I clean. But I can post another photo once it gets worn in. Other than that if you’re unsure of what anything else is just ask :).
  • justjustin
    Someone needs to create a better capsule for the storz and bickel vapes! Screw top perhaps ? Preferably made from stainless steel, titanium, glass or ceramic that is sturdier and more easily re-usable than the original aluminum capsules from S&B.
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