• Pud
    Big Tobacco wants their customers back.... and if you can't order the stuff thru the mail, most people will just go back to smoking cigs instead of ecigs....
  • Cannabliss420
    Are 18650 batteries included in ban?
  • iamdiosa
    Guess if you are going to shop, better do it now.
  • Gonzo
    Does the ban include parts also? ....so if we ordered parts and put together our own vape is that an option?
  • Cannabliss420
    I just ordered minivap and a bunch of parts for all my existing vapes. Our politicians suck! They are attacking my two loves guns and vaping weed. Maybe I need new hobbies. Lol
  • Cannabliss420
    @SirSixPence Yeah
    1776 wasn't too long ago.
  • Baron23
    Maybe I need new hobbies. LolCannabliss420

    Nope, just new politicians. LOL
  • SirSixPence
    @VapePartsMart Any comments on this? Are there items we should order before the ban?
    I just put in an order for some empty cartridges. Am I gonna be able to order them after the ban?
    I vape co2 extract primarily. Kind of worried I may have to refill disposables.
  • zibit
    Looks like it bit another company TerpTech.

  • iamdiosa
    That totally sucks. :( This is going to get ugly really quickly.
  • SirSixPence
    Stock up on them terp torch coils.
  • iamdiosa
    I. went on a shopping spree for coils and parts to make sure I'm covered.
  • Bruce
    Great topic.

    The dollars go to... retail stores. More companies will go out of business. Marlboro makes money....

    I would imagine my local dispensaries are going to carry dry herb and concentrate vaporizers, They already do. .

    First Shot - Was Youtube (Vape Ban). Now it's this.

    ONE reason and One Answer.

    If parents took responsibility for their children and knowing what and where they are this doesn't happen.

    Congrats to the MF'ing Marlboro Man ... Beat me again.

    Peace ✌ Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^

    Time for the first Vape Life Retail Store to open. Would love that.
  • deep_meditation

    Same here. I purchased a small rig, multiple parts and pieces for my Sai / Sequoia for myself and a friend. I bought extra atomizers, coils, and orings, etc & the WPA for the Sai too. I’ll see how a rig with a hose stands up to the Poseidon.

    I bought the PCKT-2. I already have a Volcano, Flowerpot, Lynx Blaze, Dynavaps, bangers and coils from 710 coils, a huge torch, and a few other goodies. I’m set for a while and just need to stop stocking up at this point.
  • iamdiosa
    That's exactly what I did. Bought a bunch of coils for my Sai, and my Terp Pen. I've bought and IQ2 and all accessories (just because if I don't now, not sure when I will be able to). I'm pretty set on the Edge, ArGo, Ditanium and Starry (My starry is purely for CBD/hot tub use - Don't care if it dies). Also my Carta seems to be okay, though I don't use it much. Broke out the ENano again too, just to check if it all works.

    I confess, didn't panic buy anything during. the pandemic. No toilet paper, no paper towels, masks, etc. I am totally panic buying vapes and supplies. :)
  • froglefrog
    Prediction: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :monkey:
  • Bud
    Unless I'm mistaken, no resellers have made any announcements yet, they're gonna catch a lot of people by surprise.

    Also half the people on the vaporents subreddit are in denial about what's happening, it's interesting to read through the comments.

    And IMO this is not a political issue, other forces are driving this. I was subjected to two different anti-vaping commercials on twitch yesterday.
  • Bruce
    OMG the fall out is starting. Just went to Arizer site.... 100$ for a Solo 2.

    I dont think its political to say.......
    Who profits: Cigarette companies.
    Who has the money to sway the law cigarette companies.
    Who has always lined politicians pockets cigarette companies.
    Who has lost the most because of the Vape Universe, cigarette companies.

    They gotta put a big hole in the roof for the Vape World when they started banning videos and reviews, Companies died, They win.

    Next they are controlling the mail order. There will be nothing left.

    All that's going to be left is a small band of rebels on a distant planet near Nabu.

    So now cigarettes are going to be going up in stock and the start up vape companies die giving back the market to Marlboro. How does an online vaping company exist? It cant.

    And the innocent dry herb vape user is crushed, I have been saying this for year's.

    Peace ✌ Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Spleeeno
    can anyone point to a really big e-juice company that isnt owned atleast partially by some "big tobacco company"? theoretically this is hurting them just as much, except for the fact it will just probably be easier for the biggest, established players to find private carriers for shipping, shift business to storefronts and handle all the paperwork required by the bill. but thats kinda the normal thing with american regulations, never really solving the problem, just getting rid of the smaller players in the market, because monopolies and oligopolies are such a great thing ;)
  • Pud
    Easier to control a couple companies than thousands.... and they bought into ejuice to keep making all they can from all tobacco products... but if you cant find your favorite ejuice at the store then they are banking on you will just go back to smoking cigarettes.... they used wjuice to help get them thru the 25 years of paying their fines.... and acquiesce the political climate to let the fury over cigarettes die down in the US... they haven't stopped anything worldwide that's for sure
  • zibit
    Never underestimate big tobacco, or big oil, or big pharma, or big tech. Axis of evil was misappropriated.
  • Bruce

    How does this effect vaporizer warranty or repair issues?
  • MrGreen
    I am in Canada and try to use Canadian vendors to avoid customs and duties charges.
    Any thoughts on how or if this will affect the Canadian market?
  • Will90
    I'm assuming we won't be able to ship vapes in from the U.S.? Dunno for sure.
  • Alexis
    yo Will. I’ve already pondered that Vapefiend’s range may reduce. But they and Vaposhop, Lacentrale, Everyonedoesit, and others should still be able to do good business.

    Just now it stuck me, I was thinking fortunate Sebastien but he’s really taken off in the US only the past 14 months at last, maybe there could be a problem there?

    So much unknown still. Screaming injustice any which way. I just try and hold hope that things won’t turn out as austere as it appears or that change is possible.
  • AnVom
    Anticipating the inevitable spike in lung cancer. Big tobacco crippled their competition once and for all, hands fully entrenched in the "pockets" of legislators at the federal level. Hoping for an appeal or referendum is a tall order. God speed fellow vapers
  • acstorfer
    I ordered a vape from puffitup. The usps has had it in their possession on the 6th. Today is the 22nd. It hasn't moved an inch. They have also ignored my inquiry. It just says they got possession since the 6th.

    Puffitup is awesome. They gave me a refund as soon as it was brought to their attention. It sucks that they had to take the hit.
  • Pud
    had a vape coming drom delaware get stuck for 7 weeks in NJ until it finally started moving again.... USPS sucks for sure...
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