• Cl4ud3
    Recently I ordered and received CBD flower from the USA. In the past I've stuck to UK stores for this but the expense of it and the often poor quality had put me off buying from them. I saw some people saying CBD flower is legal in the UK and the EU but this isn't the case at all.

    CBD flower, even if it's under the oft touted 0.2% THC, is illegal to own and consume. There is no difference between regular THC cannabis and industrial hemp in the eyes of the law.

    Some UK stores sell it online and I will quote one with a direct copy from their website

    Is CBD hemp flower <0.2% THC legal?

    The answer is no, unless it meets the criteria of an “exempted product by definition of regulation 2 of the MDR 2001”. To lawfully meet the criteria of an exempted product; all CBD hemp flowers must comply to 3 limbs: (a) the preparation or other product is not designed for administration of the controlled drug to a human being or animal; (b) the controlled drug in any component part is packaged in such a form, or in combination with other active or inert substances in such a manner, that it cannot be recovered by readily applicable means or in a yield which constitutes a risk to health; and (c) no one component part of the product or preparation contains more than one milligram of the controlled drug. We are absolutely confident that our CBD hemp flower and hash products fit this criteria.

    This store in particular have been raided in the past and their product seized but was returned after lab testing and maybe other factors I don't know about. CBD flower is even available in certain high street stores here.

    Don't believe what they tell you CBD flower is illegal in the UK and most of the EU. I know there has been some court action in the EU to change this but it very much depends on individual state laws and now EU law afaik.

    Now I hear some people saying this is in a grey area but don't be misled as there is no grey area in the law, a product is either legal or it isn't. The fact is your local law enforcement agency may turn a blind eye, which is why people are mistaken on legality of it, but that does not protect you from prosecution.

    I've read some user posts on Reddit where people have had police visits or letters when trying to import even from within the EU. Just know that this is a possibility if you decide to try your luck with online or store bought CBD flower.
  • Señor Negro
    Hmm that's interesting, but are you sure that "MDR 2001" (whatever that is) is applicable not only to UK but to EU also?

    I remember reading some kind of disclaimer on the spanish CBD shop flower packaging about how the product "was not intended for consume", or something like that. But I cannot tell if that is for the "just in case scenario" or maybe for exporting purposes, or on the other hand, has something directly related to that "grey area" you are talking about.

    Unfortunately there seems to be too many discrepancies in the info available to regular people which leaves us in that "grey area" of missleading claims where myths are bigger than reality.
  • Cl4ud3
    I haven't looked in to it fully but every EU state has a different law or interpretation of the law. What doesn't help here in the UK is certain police forces aren't enforcing these laws and turning a blind eye whilst others will prosecute you fully. This has enabled a lot of high street stores and online stores to flout the rules and then pass the problem on to their customers.

    In Europe certain strains have been exempt or allowed to be grown but the plant matter itself still isn't legal to possess. The laws are misleading and open to bad interpretation.

    CBD stores like to claim what they are doing and selling is legal and as you point out "not for consumption" or "souvenir only", these terms used are no defence against being prosecuted. Others are trying to say that under 0.2% is legal when it isn't, under 0.2% is what is required to grow CBD under license not a legal requirement for possession. You aren't even allowed to process the plant to get the CBD yourself. The plant itself is illegal no matter the THC content.

    If it's sold as a tea, not for consumption, or for souvenir only it's the customer who will get prosecuted for possession and not the stores it seems.

    I would advise anyone in Europe who plans on getting CBD flower to make themselves aware of their local laws before thinking about it. Don't be fooled by stores descriptions or caveats.
  • Pud
    ... and hence the reason the "black market" will continue to thrive... especially considering all seed companies now sell high cbd varietals for those wanting that option with less thc
  • Alexis
    @Cl4ud3 hi mate hope the week has begun well for you. Very good information digging and fact finding. Quite a bugbear too, when even the few truly good things in this world, which we think we are actually allowed, actually carry such a loaded and potentially dangerous, and certainly very deterring caveat, I’m sure we can all relate to that.

    So I was really excited after you shared your recent positive outcome and new source. I tried to order last week, except my stupid bank have managed to deactivate my new bank card, trying to set up a brand new account with my following recent fraud over an appalling line, I could barely make out two consecutive words the very non clearly speaking Birmingham sounding Asian man said, the type who do not pronounce T’s and fail to envisage how to speak more clearly.

    Myself, I speak with profound clarity even at the worst times.

    It was so frustrating for me, I hung in there for 45 minutes, like a puzzle guessing game, every single sentence, number etc, I had to very clearly repeat, as if sending off a postcard to the wilderness, what I was presuming he had meant or said at every given moment and try to get each little bit down in brail, one piece at a time, so to speak, when a simple working telephone line would have made the whole thing quick and easy child’s play.

    I had brushed him off earlier that day after 10 mimutes chat, after which he pressured me to set up a new account. I needed shower and stuff, so I arranged a call back time.

    I was very tired, needed rest, and the level of hard concentration it took to continually try and decipher what he was actually saying, over and over, eventually I said my phone was about to run dead and hung the heck up.

    It was my bad, I should have said no way Jose, we cannot do something like this on such an appauling line, and no customer, let alone with an extreme anxiety disorder, should be expected to be put through that.

    It’s up to me now to ring them back, run through security steps and donate more time for n a proper line, to complete the renewing of all my accounts. I’ve not gotten round to it.

    I can make bank transfers, but they did basically kill my bank card and haven’t phoned me, contacted me, informed me etc,

    Sorry, rant done! Another story.

    But as result of that, I wasn’t able to place my order with 8horse.

    My mum can do it and transfer her the dough, but now there seems to be need for extra unneeded anxiety in life to do so.

    As I mentioned to you Claude, circumstances may not enable us to grow this year. So my back up plan was to start making edibles from the CBD buds for digestive, non thc purposes to curtail my rapid consumption of the proper edibles mum cooks into the oil.

    I can’t see me ducking out, as you know, I’m a risk taker!

    I won’t ask you, Do you think I should order Claude?? You can’t make that call for me and it’s not your duty to either.

    But one question burns my lips, if I may please ask, which I feel you may be able to answer and I imagine may even already be tussling with:

    Will YOU be ordering again, on the back of your positive outcome first time around?

    I’m just a curious cat really, feel free to kill me lol. Silence can kill. :wink:
  • SirSixPence
    When the Bobbies ring round for thought crimes on FaceBook?
    I'd be scared.
  • Alexis
    worse yet, in UK right now, having a friend, even 20 feet away and in a sealed space suit, in my own back garden, is due grounds if grassed up as happens, for an on spot £200 fine for every present person, doubling each time to £6,500. And with insistence upon searching every single room of the house to check for more illegal aliens...ahem, I mean, friends, people, poor innocent humans etc... albeit huge huge dangers to their longtimeseen lonely, dispirited or dying relatives you get me!

    With the hemp, I’m not worried about getting a letter. But neither my mum nor I really want a dumbassfuck bobby trying to let his way in out of the blue.

    I’m not bothered about getting a letter, although of course that would suck cos it means they robbed us basically.
  • Alexis
    I meant- longtimenoseen relatives lol, too late to edit.
  • Cl4ud3
    It's going to be a gamble whatever you do, if or when it's checked at customs and what the person checking thinks. I can only go by customer reports from the various subreddits or other forums.
    Now some have been stopped and had letters from the police whilst others packages clearly marked as hemp have sailed right through without batting an eye. One was even opened and resealed with a customs check sticker and let past.

    Someone in Northern Ireland ordered a few lbs and got a police visit and others only ordering 3 or 4 Oz's are fine. Who knows what they will decide on any given day. I had read one ordered an Oz from Switzerland and got a visit. There seems to be no logic behind when someone is given a letter or visit and when someone is let off without a word. Another post I read about getting a police visit and the customer pointing out how UK stores are selling an officer told him to just buy from the UK. I guess if you do that the chances of it being opened and scanned are next to zero. Still the police should have a country wide mandate and either let it all past or none at all.

    I have an open order right now that hasn't landed here yet but I'm not sure myself if I want to take anymore risks. If you will get busted for it no matter if it's THC or CBD then the whole point of buying the CBD as a "legal" alternative is lost. It is cheaper getting from America and the loss won't be that great if it is stopped plus you can just ignore the customs letter and not fight it.

    Royal mail won't take CBD either so if they knew what they were transporting it would also be seized by them afaik. This is why Hemphash used DPD to ship but the majority still use Royal Mail and just don't declare what they are posting.

    non clearly speaking Birmingham sounding Asian manAlexis

    I had a similar incident recently but my fraud and account line is in Scotland, even with a thick Scottish accent they are easier to understand.
  • SirSixPence
    I have Family south of London. Lets just say they are Nigel supporters.
  • Alexis
    @Cl4ud3 thanks very much for answering me and sharing your thoughts. Being both a very wise, purely honest, yet humble man, you offer a better sounding board service than you maybe realise.

    I hope your current order sails through too. I have to try them. Fingers crossed for us all.

    I neglected to say- I’ve got nothing against Birmingham Asians btw lol (Birminghamlivesmatter?) :rofl:

    Can I say THAT Claude lol? Really sorry if not.

    Big thanks for the direction and your thoughts on all this have a good night mate.
  • SirSixPence
    And let me be clear. I had to remove my UK family from facebook as they were posting photos while wearing confederate cowboy hats. As I have been recently called out for my posts, id like to make it clear, I do not support any hate of anyone, especially people who combust. Out of many we are one!
  • Alexis

    Lol, I think that’s kinda what you mean, in a sense. :smile:
  • Baron23
    I had to remove my UK family from facebook as they were posting photos while wearing confederate cowboy hats.SirSixPence

    Your cousin, perhaps??? hahahah jk LOL

  • Cl4ud3
    I received an email from one of the UK CBD stores today and I will just post a quick excerpt

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances we have temporarily ceased the trading of CBD hemp flower due to mounting pressure from the police.
    We would like to emphasize to you that this is only a temporary measure and that we aim to offer hemp flower again in the very near future and that we will take every step necessary to ensure that this does happen as soon as possible.

    The UK have backward laws regarding cannabis and hemp and I was kind of expecting this to happen sooner or later.
  • Señor Negro
    I'm guessing your CBD order has not arrived yet, right?
    Even so I decided to go for it and try myself as I can't find any reliable source that could confirm or deny if it's going to pass through customs. But my guts tell me that spaniard customs is way more tolerant with what it comes in that what it goes outside (or maybe that's just related to the destination country :chin: ).

    I only have to decide whether to for 4strains 1oz each or (2x) 4strains 7gr. each to try as many as posible. I'm going to order for a friend and myself to go half quantity/price each.

    Could you please tell me which strain(s) did you already try? Just to be sure at least 1 or 2 would be good quality and give a try on the rest. After that ... time (and luck?) will decide the fate of the package. :sweat:
  • Cl4ud3
    It has arrived with no issues and I was going to update here but I've not had much time and I haven't tried any of the new strains yet. If this is the last one for me for a while, due to the police being ridiculous here and it being illegal, I want to keep it as long as I can and that means not opening them until I'm done with what I currently have. Pointless them being open and drying out if I'm not using them.

    The only one I've tried so far was Cherry Butter which I'm still enjoying.

    From what I've read and experienced with these guys because they don't mark the packages as hemp, nothing on the package that they are a CBD store, the chances it passing through are better than with some of the others that clearly mark what's in the package.

    Good luck if you do end up trying.
  • Señor Negro
    Oh that was one question I forgot to ask, about the package, thanks for the info. If it's discrete that's indeed a plus.

    Now that I have decided to order, I'm not sure I'm gonna wait for you to try the rest of 'em, but I will definitely add that Cherry Butter to the order. Thanks again.
  • Señor Negro
    I was about to order when someone else decided last minute to join us. So I went again to check the strains to think about what else should I add when I saw those C4 and C5 stains with relatively high content on THCa.
    Now I have doubts about what exactly means the THC legality limits, is it only related to THC itself or does that include any kind of it, THCa too? Does anyone know?
  • Cl4ud3
    The limits should be on THC only. THCa is non psychoactive but it does turn to THC if you leave it long enough for instance. I'm guessing this is part of the problem with CBD legality and the fact it can change to more THC when left. It also makes you sleepy etc.
  • Señor Negro
    Ok I see. I will try to get in contact with the shop staff to be sure there's not problems with 'em shipping to Spain tho, just in case.
    Thanks again for the explanation.
  • Alexis
    @Señor Negro and @Cl4ud3 yo guys, I was planning to order myselr couple weeks back, tried to, nut bank has messed up my card atm.

    Been really messy so actions are slow, but I can make bank transfers so I was going to use my mums cardcat checkout, transfer back to her.

    I put a cart together, then Yes Senor, I saw the 5.6% thca one had cropped up. I grabbed it too.

    Exceot, I left the cart. Now this place are smart. I entered my mum's email address at checkout, as it would be her card.

    They email you showing you your cart in the most encouraging manner to return and purchase kol.

    So siddenly I get an email from my mum, invoice for the 4 x 7 grams plus the 5.6% one, she had assumed I sent her a cart to pay when it was the crafty company haha!

    So the deed is done. I will update.

    @Señor Negro hope you're okay bro and

    @Cl4ud3 wishing you a good week.

    Just vaping a little weedcat dawn here. Cinderella Jack after Bluedream overnight.
  • Pud
    I use that tactic to see if the company will offer additional discounts by doing what you did... entering in my email address then closing the window and "abandoning" the cart. Most of the time, they will offer at least 10% discount but lots of times it will be 15-20%...
  • Alexis
    yo Pud hope you are good mate and having a decent week so far.

    So I’m well behaved on day 4 of abstinence from worst today. I feel little waves of clarity, calmness, and sharper witts coming and fading. It’s normal after a single venture, to have a couple days not quite so clever lol, then everything is refreshed and renewed and you appear to have your full mental faculties about you.

    Just massive digestive and bowel issues atm from Flu over winter then a series of Coxsackie viruses messing up guts, diverticulitis etc.

    So yeah, I’ve done that too, leaving a cart then getting an email offering 10 or 15% discount IME.

    This place 8horse- not so desperate lol!

    I shouldn’t gripe but at times it has felt like the company were a little desperate. Which could be offputting when it’s not something you are sure you want or is any good.

    Different when you do know that of course.
  • Alexis
    @Cl4ud3 @Pud @Señor Negro

    Excellent, but almost not, news, due to me getting acquainted with the iPad keypad numbers vs the Samsung system....

    8horse package arrived! Straight to door. No custom fees, hold ups, surprisingly quick delivery, like a week tops.

    Except....it went to the wrong house initially. I put 35 house no. instead of 36 when I registered the account.

    I would definitely have caught it before ordering but they emailed the cart to my mum and the rest is history.

    But we got it from a neighbour across road, who took it in for abandoned number 35.

    So I opened earlier. Going by Claude’s few but trusty words I was expecting pretty good quality.

    I opened first, the Abracadabra and wow I wasn’t expecting anywhere near such a lovely smell. If I didn’t know it was CBD I’d think it was some really high quality Bud. Really gorgeous aroma. Very dark buds, dark green almost purplish, I think the Abacus may be slightly more purple hued, smells lovely too.

    The C4, 5.6% thca one, not so inticingly odorous from the packet but buds sure smell very nice.

    Mums gonna make a batch of coconut oil with that one first.

    So success, basically. Zero problems except the incorrect house number. Thanks again for the recommendation @Cl4ud3 and the digging to find them first.
  • Alexis
    @Cl4ud3 easy bro. Just a real quick word to say, they emailed me earlier about CBD Oil back in stock. We grabbed some already, as it’s the cheapest I’ve seen CBD oil from a company I have confidence in for some years, if you get the 60 ml one for $70 total 3600 mg’s CBD.
  • Señor Negro
    My Eight Horses package tracking stopped updating since monday when it "departed a transfer airport in Madrid". Im guessing that's the point where it goes through customs and then our national shipping company "Correos" takes the tracking services to keep me updated.
    Maibe it's a matter of the Brexit that is keepking our customs busy, maybe it's a matter of us being in our "Semana Santa" festivities. I really hope so, because otherwise I would have to start worrying about my order, and it wasn't precisely tiny.
    Maybe I should not have ordered that C4 with +5% THCa :groan: .
  • Cl4ud3
    Are you using the local tracking or the USPS one ? I know the USPS one here is extremely slow once it hits the UK but the local tracking is quicker for updates. Hope it comes in and is just delayed by your holiday festival or brexit, or even covid delays which seem to still be ongoing.

    Things in the UK are getting worse and now any oral CBD needs to have a license which is making some stores stop selling a lot of products. My hope the UK would be going legal at some point is getting smaller all the time and I don't think I will see it in my lifetime if they are going after CBD this hard.
  • Señor Negro
    I can't use local tracking until they get the package, the usual order is to track via USPS as the only way, then local tracking sends me a new shipping code to keep it going through spanish territory. That's why I suspect it is still on customs and local shipping has not been able to get it yet.

    I do really hope too that this lately crazyness come to a happy ending and UK and EU end having some kind of legal situation update, forgetting not clear at all outdated laws.
  • Cl4ud3
    Ah that kind of sucks. The UK tracking uses the same numbers so I can even see it as soon as they book the package into USPS in America. It doesn't update until it arrives with Royal mail but I can at least see they are expecting it and it's moving. Sometimes I've been caught with slow customs checks due to workload, time of year, or just because the package ends up in the pile of extra checks, but it usually clears within a week.
  • Alexis
    my own C4 arrived without any description regarding cannabinoid content.

    The Abacus and Abracadabra both came with complete certificate breakdowns of all active compounds. No paperwork at all for the C4. These people aren’t stupid I’ll say that.

    Also included was a legal disclaimer letter crash course on CBD’s legal status, obviously as Claude has unconverted and highlighted, it’s not nearly so Black and white.

    But Senor I would not sweat the C4 as being a likely cause for hold up or issue. It won’t be noticeable or apparent visibly anywhere that it contains 5.6% THC, although it depends ofc on the brains in the office as a website search could provide that.

    Customs agents aren’t actually nearly as clever as we assume either. When they confiscated 100 Microdots from me from Holland January 2020, I was reshaped as a free gesture 50 Blotters of
    1cP-LSD. It was labelled clearly as such, at 100 mcg (or ug, or micrograms) of that specific Lysergamide, per blotter tab.

    I received a letter about the second order, the 50 blotters. No threat or warning. Just informing me my package had been intercepted, the 2016 psychoactive substance ban blah blah and did I wish to contend rightful receipt of the goods in court, or simply accept forfeiture.

    But they said, in plain script, that I had tried to import “50 grams of 1plsd.”

    It was 50 x 100 micrograms of 1cP-LSD.

    They failed to even recognise the actual compound, make the distinction, called it something it wasn’t out of partly convenience, but really incompetence sake, and regardless, the amount- 50 GRAMS,

    Well that is officially half a million trips. When it was only 50.

    They are on a good wage too I bet you. What do we reckon? 50K a year? 65?

    Just guessing. I imagine they received at least some qualifications and reheard themselves as being quite intellectually developed.

    Anyway @Señor Negro I just really hope your package reaches you mate, puts your mind at rest and allows you to enjoy the product.

    We have canna coconut oil from the C4. It does get us quite stoned too you know.

    The CBD oil we ordered arrived to door within about 4 days. It seems very high quality CBD oil too, the cheapest I’ve seen around for many years as well.

    Fingers crossed and keep us posted.
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