• Baron23
    Here you go, mate. Remember, idle hands are the devil's workshop or some such nonsense. But I do see a giant paint by numbers in your future :-)

  • Alexis
    So I just logged into my email and VLF on new tablet just now, since I det it up on Saturday.

    Been a hell of a foggy few days. I missed all the drama, didn't even catch the headlines.

    Then I noticed 2 days ago an email alert Hapo had mentioned me. I just logged in to get the goss, and did a skim readthrough, no record of that mention now obviously and I'm sure he won't be returning again by the looks of it.

    So I guess I'll never know. So I remain...on 666 mentions lol!

    Next person to mention me and move me past that particular number, after I thought Hapo had done it for me...."I'll be your best friend" as we used to say as children, a purely superficial bargaining chip.

    Hope everyone is doing okay anyway and that you can all find something to smile about today.

    Head is up a Flamingoe's backside, just gotta face my steam inhalation routine and then work on achieving mental relaxation tonight and focussing on a plan for the next week, sensible living, nothing preposterous, maybe this time next week my marbles will be realigned if I play my cards right.
  • SeeDRankA
    was you buying Retro?
  • BestBuds
    I always have a hard time explaining this attitude, in a nice way, to my wife to get her to, well, not do it... I feel like if I "just say it" it is a land mine. But tonight I had a perfect example and it made me laugh to myself.

    So here it is. My wife, for a lack of a better term, is inconsiderate. She is extremely sweet though and apologetic when she offends but the carelessness that she walks in to these situations is comical. She would be hurt and sad if I told her she was inconsiderate, so help me shine this turd.

    Here's what happened. Our dog is out cold sleeping. My wife walks into the room and turns on all the lights. My dog, squinty eyes, looks up like wtf? And my wife goes "Oh no! I'm sorry. " And parts her head and goes oh ah about it for 5 minutes. And won't shut up about how she feels bad. It drives me nutty! :rofl:
  • BestBuds
    Yo, I was high last night! Hahaha! :lol:
    That was barely legible and definitely not coherent. :sweat:

    This might help clarify:
    last night when going to bed, my wife turned on our main light switch in out room that is very bright. Our old bulldog had been up there sleeping and snoring for hours. My dog looked at my wife, squinting her eyes, and you could hear her thoughts out loud. It was like she said "What the F*ck MOM?!? TURN THE LIGHT OFF!" :rofl: we both laughed at the look. My wife then ran over to her and pet her, waking her up further, the look of annoyance was killing me. But my wife still pet her and she kept apologizing to the dog over and over.
    So after almost a minute, I suggested she let the dog go back to sleep and turn on the night lamps and turn off the bright light. (We have a secondary light system that is like candle light so it doesn't wake the other person up. I wake up a lot with pain in the night)

    Then this morning I heard her telling the story to someone on the phone and she said "I went to bed late and had to turn on the lights and apologize to our dog before I got into bed. Haha, she was so mad."

    So what I was "trying" to say last night... To my wife when she goes to bed she will turn on whatever light she wants, and if it wakes you she will feel bad and pine over you. But She won't think ahead of time 'Hey, maybe I should use the special lights my husband set up so as to not wake me up when I'm sleeping' :shade: :joke:

    It's one of those behaviors that drive me crazy about my wife that I can't ever seen to communicate in a way she understands. (Those married for a long time get what I'm saying) what made me laugh is that I had such a perfect story (about the dog) to harmlessly illustrate this to her later. I wouldn't have to come close to using the word ~inconsiderate~ because of this story now! Haha. It will save my hide in a future conversation. :sweat:

    When we were kids her nick name was a variation off of Charlie Brown because of how things would become a disaster even though she had the best intentions. :rofl:
  • Baron23
    Yes, this is an all out attack on woke fucking cancel culture abject stupidity. Don't know about you, but I feel much better now! haha








  • SirSixPence
    Starting my next grow 9kclth5smtadrh57.jpeg
  • BestBuds
    My wife knows I have grown fond of the occasional keef scoop to boost my bed time bowl. She got me this ryot herb case. It fits in well and for $20 I think this was a cool first 420 gift she got me. 26q91nc392aqckd8.jpg
  • Bruce
    Thinking of the good old days on Vape Life Forum.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • PuffItUp
    I found out PIU will be reopening soon :)
  • Baron23
    Fucking AAAAAAAA!!! :starstruck: :up: :100: :strong: :clap: :love:
  • Bruce
    Yeah ! Baron, got me hooked on, Puff it Up, when I was looking for a WPA.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The V a p e M a s t e r ^ ^ ^
  • Cl4ud3
    That's really good news Zakk. Glad things are moving along for you and the whole of the team.
  • zibit
    Good deal PUI. I need a new bong, ModG fell off the table and took the bong with it. Luckily the G wasn't injured!
  • SirSixPence
    Thinking one one year from an AARP card and a senior discount.
  • froglefrog

    Happy New Year!
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