• Bruce
    Wow... just what I would never believe. Puff Up, has been a stellar and funtional business that is run
    effiiciently. A Vape company owning this forum, just kind of makes us a tool. I will see y'all on FC and Vape asylum.


    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Cl4ud3
    Was there any need to make a new thread for this Bruce ? Bud explained what was happening and that he was giving up the forum, and that Puffitup were taking over. For those who've been watching his Twitch streams for the last six months or so this was talked about so it's not even a shock.
    He even posted a week ago and stickied the thread so everyone could see it which you replied in, twice. I think you're being your typical over melodramatic self here. The forum will be more or less exactly as it has been for the last few years just without as much of Bud's input. Would you have preferred if it was closed down completely ?
  • Alexis
    You’re dead right Claude IMO.

    This is simply a matter of perspective, and realism.

    To use the term- Dumped! Is just plain delusional and unfit.

    Nobody, has dumped anybody.

    Bud has a right to choose how he lives his life. He owes nobody anything, none of us, no obligations, no divorce settlements.

    He’s remained exactly the same with and towards me personally throughout time. Things just run their course.

    Bud’s time running this forum is over, I personally believe he has held out way longer than suited him because he recognises the value of this social platform, effectively, for so many of us. He didn’t just pull the rug on that, us all, as soon as the going got tough. THAT would be closer to dumping.

    He continues to invite us all into his streams and private life, and he’s made sure VLF is secure to continue, as a social platform still, regardless of subject.

    I don’t feel the need at all to bring corporate conspiracy into this.

    And this is ME lol. Mr Conspiracy.

    So I say... indeed, let’s wake up,to the fact that Bud has not wronged any of us, failed to keep his word, he has every right to move on with his life, as we each do, and we should all simply wish him the best and look forward to still catching up hopefully.

    Certainly not feeling hurt, neglected and aggrieved.

    That’s just how I see it, but I will admit I’m not at all in my right mind, just for record’s sake,
  • Alexis
    Plus, and besides, and okay, I’ve got mega down last year understandably. But there is still no m
    Need ever to bring negative vibes.

    I’m a strong proponent of speaking one’s pure mind always- I call it simply hurtful communication.

    But just purely honestly,,whether in rightful objection or not, but with good underlying intent. Like, no bitterness no need benefit or plover for that.

    Lol, just vaped another bowl of some stinky Bluedream in DiTi. So, pinch of salty with this and any post I make currently tbf, having become Mega mentally edgy lately-
    Long Covid, IN my actual nerves, hence the (long ting enit) lol.

    Resultant nerve and ending damage has temporarily unhinged me. Should get beck to ground, steadied again soon though but for now...not exactly your number one sounding board.

    Cooo, Bluedream Ti HAS kicked my little but lol.

    Cannabis vaporization is a sacred thing to me still now.
  • Alexis
    Whoops, typos above- “heartfull” communication.

    Like, ethical cursing, lol.
  • Bruce
    Great points for me to ponder. Hope you are well.
  • Cl4ud3
    Same here Bruce, hope you're ok too.

    As I said in another thread I do understand the concerns raised but what everyone needs to take on board is that Bud wasn't able to commit the time he wanted, or needed, to the forum over the last couple of years. There might be some changes to the forum like the store page now being Vapor.com and there is new admin here and owners, but the forum should function as it has done for the last 5 or 6 years.
    There will be more input, it should get busier, and Bud has said he will even pop in once he's finished moving house to help with any G43 related stuff.
    The alternative could have been the forum closing and losing this place which can be a valuable resource for vapists, it certainly was a great resource for me over the years and there is a good crowd of people contributing here. I hope it will now grow larger and help more people with Zakk in charge.
  • Bud
    @Alexis @Cl4ud3 Thank you guys for jumping in on this one :100:

    @Bruce This is a good change for the forum my man to keep it alive, I wasn't doing a great job with it, positive vibes :victory:
  • Bruce
    Yes Sir, u r missed.
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