• VLFZakk
    What's your newest vape? I just got the IQC and Inspire Wand in the mail :D

    Super stoked to mess around with the wand, and I'm really curious whether or not DaVinci fixed the cleaning issue on the IQC. The USB c on both is a nice touch, hopefully the industry trends in that direction
  • To the Cloud
    I am finding the Davinci IQC to be almost a downgrade from the original IQ. If you switch out the mouthpiece with the OG's Zirconia the vapor is cooler and more flavorful.
  • VLFZakk
    I'll have to try that out, I'm not a huge fan of silicone and I'm wondering why they did that
  • Baron23
    I'm wondering why they did thatVLFZakk

  • Cl4ud3
    Nice to see he's used the spare bodies for something.
  • acstorfer
    P-80 in the middle was my last vape purchase. The TetraX was my second to last purchase a few weeks ago. The third to last purchase was the P-80 on the right.
  • zibit
    I need a new portable and the P80 fits the bill, too bad it's so tough to acquire, they look stunning! :love:
  • Gloeck79
    I have the IQ2, it doesn't have USBc but the batteries work well with it charging that way. The IQC doesn't have the airflow like the IQ2. The IQ2 works better IMO because it has better airflow.

    That being said, the spacers that come with or you can buy on their website really make the difference. It takes the IQ to a new level. Best advice, fill it lightly so your material goes to that white ceramic line or where the ceramic ends. The take your pinky finger and pat that down a bit just so you can put the spacer ontop of your material.

    There are 2 different sizes so you can fill to what fits. The ceramic ball should lay on top of the spacer. Temps I prest them so it goes from 350-430, as the temps rise automatically so you get the full spectrum of taste and clouds.

    Spacers are really what brings it together. You can use without but you have to use more materials so the materials rest with the ball on top.

    The IQ2 has a airflow control on the bottom which helps the airflow instead of feeling like you hitting the Arizer Arizer Solo as you suck your own lungs in...lol. It's not that bad I'm exaggerating but with technique your good.

    Personally I use the IQ2 on the go as it's small enough with a great case you can buy online on their site with a material container.

    I think what they should do is make the mini IQ with the airflow and USBc then make the IQC with the airflow. I recommend the IQ2 over IQC. Really great device for traveling, in a hotel room, concert parking lot or tailgating device. It nake your material last a long way.

    Hope that helps, have any issues let me know, I have had the IQ and IQ2 for a while now.

    Oh the ceramic dosing system works, but stuff your material in them and it works pretty well. I use them for concentrates, you can put your dry in dosing bowl and a little round concentrates in it the put the stone on top. I think works best that way, just concentrates work too, but I prefer the mix of dry and concentrate works best with dosing bowls or capsules.
  • Gloeck79
    Try the IQ2, much better, also it works best with the material in 1st then a spacer ontop. The IQC needs the airflow, otherwise it's the same as the IQ. They basically just got rid of IQ and will replace it with IQC, and then probably eventually replace the IQ2 with IQC2. Personally I think they should have just came out with a IQC2 and then the Mini IQC2 so the mini would have better airflow.

    But, in a sense the IQ and IQC are the same. Maybe some small differences.
  • VLFZakk
    The P80 is so slick man. Nice pick ups!!

    @Gloeck79 I think they took out the airflow to give the good better best model for their vapes. MIQRO -> IQC -> IQ2
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