• rft360
    got my mighty plus today and wow its way different than i expected it doesn't feel the same, Lighter to hold and the middle has a better grip to it. its way faster at responding and cooking up than the other mighty. some complaints so far is the charging on this device is picky and needs to be 45w for normal charge mode and the Nintendo switch charger doesn't work with it. If you plug it into your pc make sure its in a 3.0 usb or else it goes into slow charging mode. the entire cooling unit is the same only the drawing stem has a slight wideness to it. the pick tool is different material but the same shape. the buttons feel more tougher than the other mighty. currently charging for my first use.

    so charging this with a power brick and is very slow i have waited 30 minutes and it charged 1 line i decided to change my charger to a usb c 45w charger from my google pixel charged way faster already at 10 minutes got another line of power. they only give you a usb type c to usb free

    another slight annoyance no grinder nor bowl loader. will update after use on taste and stuff maybe ill do a video
  • Gonzo
    Great update. Also glad to see that the Mighty+ does actually stand on it's own (...lol...thanks wall!!).
  • rft360
    funny enough it only stands if you take the pick tool out turn it around and put it back in. its an improvement when you do it that way from the other mighty but it still needs the pick took to stand. kinda mislead everyone there and on the mighty having a fast charge (only if you have a 45w type c wall charger.) to clarify there are 3 modes of charging
    Fast = only type c 45w wall chargers
    normal = usb wall charger
    slow = pc usb ports 1-2.0 , ps4, consoles.
    in the manual and it says you can use a 45w wall charger while in use so that's cool.
  • welshman
    :rofl: you could stand the original one up exactly the same with the pick tool. I don’t understand why being able to stand it upright needs to be an optional feature enabled by turning the tool around. Has anyone ever thought, oh I wish this didn’t stand upright on its own :lol:
  • VLFZakk
    Are the buttons more tactile with an actual click now instead of mushy?
  • rft360
    that is exactly what i thought of. why have a picture of this mighty standing what looks like is on its own, when you need to do all that to make it stand...O_O

    yes they feel more solid, except the power button i would say is rather squishy compared to the up and down.
    also this is the box

    I have been testing this device and so far the taste is a little better but not sure if because its new or because its a ceramic bowl. so i would say a little more smoother and easier to draw for sure. Again this feels like a remastered more than a redesigned vape. i got a discount on Storz and bickel with honey so it came out to 355 so id say it was well worth the price. i love how fast it heats up and charges with my 45w wall charger i have been using dosing capsules and love how seamless its becoming to do my sessions. again lame that they didn't include the wall charger but with it makes the vape actually worth it.
  • ntipping
    I previously had a Mighty+, I really enjoyed using it and will definitely look at getting on in the future. Hope you enjoy your new vape!
  • Dankonkee21
    I love my Mighty+. Do yourself a favor and buy the supercharger with passthrough. It charges SOOOO much faster. It’s well worth the cost for sure.
  • Cl4ud3
    Do none of you worry about battery life/lifetime from using a fast charger ?
  • welshman
    Mighty+ and supercharger = ~£359
    Or for £55 more you could get 2 original mighty’s and continue vaping wirelessly faster than you could with the mighty+ and supercharger :lol:
  • Tdog420
    Any word on if the cleaning of the bowl is actually easier. Does it not get stained like the last one. That drives me nuts lol.
  • birdplane
    funny enough it only stands if you take the pick tool out turn it around and put it back in. its an improvement when you do it that way from the other mighty but it still needs the pick took to stand. (rtf360)

    sucks cause that's the first thing I'd lose :lol:
  • robp
    The after market stand was a great purchase for me. I've had my Mighty for 3 years, and it is used everyday! I own a Pax as well, but it rarely gets taken out of the garage! When the Mighty dies I'll step up, but for now the upgrade doesn't seem that significant.
  • rft360
    so its way easier to clean out and maintain and no stains so far! i use the dosing capsules all the time.

    honestly its a little annoying and i wouldn't recommend it.

    its faster and more easier to charge it up on the go. beside that i agree man!
    Does it Vape concentrates on a pad ? Or does it have an interchangeable chamber for concentrates ?
  • Baron23
    its a liquid pad and IMO do 'trates in a Might just gunks the fuck up out of it.

    That's just me...I don't do 'trates in good flower vapes.
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