• EDub
    Hi, guys. I’m looking to buy an electric dab rig and not sure which one to get. Should I get a Puffco this or a Dr. Dabber that?

    I have no clue and since Bud doesn’t review anymore I don’t really have a source of truth outside of you guys.

    Sure I can read some article or review, but since Indont know whether they’re bought or not I figured I’ll ask real users for the 411.

    I’m looking for a rig that offers great flavor and is easy to maintain.

    Any advice you can offer up will be highly appreciated.
  • Cl4ud3
    Not something I use but there must be some on this forum with an opinion on what's decent and what isn't. I know plenty of you log in so maybe share some information if you can help. If nobody is going to contribute to the forum then it will end up closing.

    I know a few people are loving the Ispire Wand but it's not really a electric dab rig and more an induction tool for a regular bong, there is also the daab by Ispire that might be worth taking a look at.
  • Pud
    I had posted about the Ispire Daab in a thread a month ago ... I am super interested in this device it sounds awesome... here is s review of it and I believe VGoodiez has a review on it also. Here's from my post:

    "Hey! I am curious if anyone has tried out the Ispire Daab..
    Looks like a pretty sweet device with all glass vapor path, 250-800 degrees, etc etc.. read what I thought was a very thorough great review on this device:


    Is this what you think of the device as well?
  • Budjamin
    Damn it's been a really long time since i've used a dab rig, I wish I had more advice for you im sorry bro :groan:
  • Cl4ud3
    I've seen it on IG with Scott and read some good reviews of it on other forums. I had hoped someone here might have used one or could compare it to the many other rigs that seem to be out there.
  • zibit
    I know you said electronic but how about the Rio? It's inexpensive, $155 at puffitup or cream city, and it hits hard. Butane can be a hassle but it doesn't seem to require much maintenance otherwise.

    I haven't used it but troy and jerry both seem to enjoy it, even before Rio sponsored their show.
  • Baron23
    Personally I don’t find any of the as in one, pen type atomizer vapes to be awesome in anyway. I have not used them all but any that run an “atomizer” are on my personal no list.

    The only AIO type I did like is New Vape’s ( cannabis hardware now) Tsunami but that’s because it uses a PID controller, coil, and banger like a full e-nail setup.

    I ran the numbers out for someone here ( or maybe on VA) but I recommend an

    Auber RDK-300 - $120
    710 coils coil and banger - about $120
    Add the carb cap and DHGate bubbler if your choice and have a first class rig.
  • EDub

    WTF??! I can’t believe I got a reply from you, I thought you went ghost!?! How are you? I haven’t been on these forums in probably over a year.

    Many thanks to all your past reviews as they really made me into the high Vaper that I am today.


    I’m a pyromaniac so I’m not against some go old fire lighting. I just didn’t want something with a nail or coil where someone could get burnt by accident.

    hmmmm first class huh? I didn’t want anything with a coil to prevent careless people from getting burnt….but if I can get first class performance for the numbers you listed, someone is just gonna have to be at risk of getting burnt.
  • Baron23
    I didn’t want anything with a coil to prevent careless people from getting burntEDub

    Just my opinion, but careless people shouldn't be around a lot of things...e-nails yeah...and toasters, ovens, kitchen knives, etc....haha

    Best of luck.
  • Kinick23
    @EDub hey bro check out the Core 2.0 by Divine Tribe. They used Shenzen Crossing to manufacture the e-rigs and it performs great. Stupid simple and the cup heats on bottom and sides so gives you a really nice full bodied hit and works well with small amts of concentrate. I purchased from Discount Enails and paid like $170 free shipping with discount code (DAB710). I haven’t tried a puffco peak for comparison but based on a lot of user feedback I’ve gone through the Core 2.0 works as well if not better and is 1/2 the price. divine Tribe also makes an atomizer called the DTV5 that uses same cup as the Core 2.0 rig but goes on a box mod instead. I have both and would say the Core is simpler to use and can provide huge rips once you dial in your timings of when you hit it. I think the dtv5 is better for techies who like to tinker with mod settings to get their ultimate experience dialed in. I think I can pull bigger rips off the DTV5 as the Core feels more ‘tame’ but also easier to burn the oil in the DTV5. Hope that helps let me know if any other questions. There are also glass pieces in the works with the Core so you don’t necessarily need to use the standard glass piece that it comes with. I just purchased their ‘angled side car’ glass piece that feels a bit more comfortable when hitting
  • EDub
    hahaha I agree.

    thanks for info, I think I may go with the Core 2.0. I have a TinyMight so I can scratch my tinkering itch with that….these days I want simple and easy ( which is why I champion the Volcano/Mighty + ) so the core sounds like a perfect fit.
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