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    My revised review of the Ghost MV1 vaporizer, I hope you like this one better! 8-)

    Ghost Vapes store (my referral link):

    You can currently reserve your spot in line with just your email but it'll be a few more weeks before stock arrives in their US warehouse and they start taking orders, stay tuned to this thread for updates (Y)

    Using my referral link gets you: 1) a FREE fast charger (first 1000 people), and 2) my personal buy-back guarantee (for orders during Sept.). Final details on this to come.

  • akabernie
    I can't tell what looks smoother the MV1 or the video. Job well done.
  • Magicman
    I surely hope this is not made in China. Buy USA only. Unless you buy German because of their big brains.
  • Wildcat
    @VapeCriticexcellent video Bud!
  • mrluther
    Great info! Thanks!
  • Erikson
    Great job @VapeCritic, after seeing everything you've put out so far for this Vape, I can see why you revised it. This version is much more concise, clear and well thought out.

    This format works really well:
    footage of the vape with voice over.
    I would highly recommend using this format going forward.

    The thing that I'm so stoked about is the low draw resistance and vapor quality. As someone who is using a Haze v3 exclusively, I feel like I'm wasting a lot of herb since my ideal sessions are around 3 draws. Also the Haze (even when freshly cleaned) has a lot of draw resistance and the vapor is pretty hot and uncomfortable even at level 3. The MV1 seems perfect for micro dosing.
  • justjustin
    I can see into the future... This just proves what I already know; I am going to love the Ghost MV1, like I've never loved a vape before.
  • Cl4ud3
    "you'll be getting it in and out fast" >:)

    Nice video (Y)
  • justjustin
    I'm glad to finally see into the unit more, the heater, screen, silicone seals and how the door operates. Looks pretty solid and well designed. I don't for see any huge problems hopefully, with the action of the door and latch. Any time there's moving parts, its a greater potential for breakage or failure, so I am always curious to check out those areas and always see the heater if at all possible. I hope the Silicone will hold up and I know the stuff is pretty tough but if that wears, it could affect the sealing / vapor. maybe its not that critical and just acts more to tightly hold the Crucible than anything else but they're definitely there to seal too
  • StuddlyBud
    Thanks for the video Bud. I will continue to wait for this vape as I have been and can't wait until we can order. The amount of draws you can get from just .12 to me is just exciting and arousing. Very efficient extraction indeed.
  • gemgirl
    So I am super interested in this vape, But I have a questions, I have the airvape xs, its my first vape, I have had it about 3 months. I use like bud said, 2, 5 min. sessions back to back. So what I am wondering if with an on demand vape like this how do you know when you have used up the material. Since I am used to going by time. Does vape stop coming out?
  • Pablo
    Wow, great review Bud! I have the FF2 currently and only fire it up occasionally, but I can tell after watching this video that I'm gonna be blazin' a whole lot more. Damn, that's the shit!
  • Ricky
    I have seen all your videos and that's the first time you couldn't hold a draw , I want this thing
  • techvape
    What "soda" did you got? :D
  • Toni Montana
    ok.....now just take my money already (Y)
  • Jeff
    Very well done Bud!!
  • MrNiceGuy

    Great review
    Can't wait to break mine in
  • pedro matoso
    canĀ“t wait for the MV1 to start selling in Europe
  • Chronic Pain
    As a medical user who micro doses all day this vape is a slam dunk! (L)

    Visually showing how the air flow works was GREAT! Ghost should use it on their website!
  • Magicman
    When does micro-dosing all day long become a mega-dose?
  • scienceismagic

    I use an on demand vape all the time (Firefly 2). If I take a maximum length draw correctly (more difficult with this unit, it's picky) I can taste the herb, or a slightly burned flavor towards the end of a "session". I can see vapor in good lighting, generally even at the end. After the hits are very weak and haven't tasted great for a while, I figure it's done. Herb will probably be some type of brown. Darker would seem to be better, but then again, after a certain point, I'm not sure it's worth taking another hit or not, even if I technically could get a small amount of vapor.
  • scienceismagic
    I am very excited for this vaporizer. I have a Firefly 2 and it can taste so good with very potent draws, but to do that, you almost literally have to study star charts and learn quantum mechanics. It's not hard after you learn the technique, but it looks like the ghost mv1 will be easy to use. For a convection vape, I would definitely focus on getting a course, even grind as bud suggests. I believe a loose but full chamber is what he said too.
  • Baron23
    what I am wondering if with an on demand vape like this how do you know when you have used up the material. Since I am used to going by time. Does vape stop coming out?gemgirl

    I'm with @scienceismagic on this...as you get more used to vaping, you will indeed be able to taste when the load is basically cashed out. We all have our preferred technique, but I will vape a a load in a device like this until vapor gets whispy and will tend to temp step up for that last draw or so but many times I feel like those last draws were a waste...even though I could see something, I don't think that something had anything useful in it for me anymore.

    Sort of like that last hit off of a pipe bowl...yeah, you get some smoke, but yeah..you know there wasn't anything left in there.

    @VapeCritic - VERY nice review, Bud. Really liked it. It goes back to your OG style of reviews attracted me to this site in the first place. I agree that there are proper places for the more conversational vids, but this review presented all of the pertinent data in a very clear and concise manner.

    One question, I'm still a bit confused on turning this thing on. Like there is a shipping mode and you need to press the button for two seconds to get it to standby mode from which you can see, set temps, and trigger for vape.

    So, when you are done, do you need to turn it back off again (shipping mode??) or just when battery is pulled/dies. Do you just stop vaping and set it down with nothing to turn off?

    Just a bit confused on this one point.

    Looks like you got great vapor from both the dry flower and concentrate sessions. Concentrates looked really great.

    Well, I guess I have another question...I mostly grind fine (NV fine grinder is my boss tool, yeah!) and you have indicated that this vape is best with coarse grind. Surprising in a convection vape where I would assume you would want the most surface area to expose to the air stream but I guess not. Is the coarse grind recommendation for keeping particulants out of the heating chamber or for extraction performance....or both? LOL

    Real good vid, Bud. Thanks!
  • scienceismagic
    I know with the Firefly 2, which is also an on demand convection vape, if you pack to fine it is hard to suck air through, and it Vapes less evenly.
  • SkabootchWolf
    Withe the firefly 2, you just need enough draw resistance for it to work. Even a Mighty, if it is not filled up, won't have enough resistance to work.

    But its almost impossible to get the right combination of coarseness and packed enough, that allows you to vape it comfortably and get an even vape.

    As you vape more, and it becomes ABV, its going to get looser, and if it gets too loose there will not be enough draw resistance for it work. If its too fine and not packed enough, it frequently just doesn't work. And it can work great it begin with, and like I said, if it gets too loose, it won't work, and I think this is what gets people really angry and disillusioned. You just need to repack, or use the ABV in a desktop is my preferred option.

    My issues with MV1 are two mainly. I want to know more about how loud the hum is. I'm still not clear on that. And the 2 year warranty is disappointing. Since there are so many long warranties, I do want a vape that will last long. But since it has replaceable batteries one can hope this will last you long at least. With the S&B ones, no matter what they will die in a certain time frame. But as long as the hum isn't too bad, it ticks enough boxes to be good.

    Vapecritic, what is the hum comparable to?
  • Baron23
    I want to know more about how loud the hum is.SkabootchWolf

    Wow, I turned up my monitor speakers as loud as they would go and still didn't hear the noise in the video.

    My hearing isn't great at all...but I didn't hear anything. Were you able to hear it in the video?
  • SkabootchWolf

    I wasn't able to either, but it all depends on how close the microphone is to the vaporiser. It could be a significant whine or hum, and if the mic isn't close you wouldn't know.

    I still think it should have a higher warranty than 2 years. I think the comparison to Apple is flawed. Apple is an ecosystem that you have to join if you want to play in, and its a tool for certain professionals that can't be avoided.

    If the battery can be replaced and it dies due to the body, that is not good. I think if the body dies, they should have a longer warranty than 2 years. It seems like it might be good enough to lure us in anyway, because it looks good enough. But I imagine newer vapes with better warranties will make people look elsewhere in the future, because personally, not happy about the 2 year warranty. Not even happy with it when S&B do it.
  • ClayborneCR
    Hey Bud, I got a crafty a few years ago from your reviews, which I like only down side is the battery life, and I dont use it for concentrates. I was thinking about getting the mv1 is there a huge difference in draw, flavor even use of concentrates where i should pick up the mv1?
  • justjustin
    you can hear the humming buzz more in the very first 2 seconds of Buds latest video review, right after he snaps the door closed and takes a draw. I've noticed this hum before on many vapes, the most audible is the Grasshopper but it's more of a clicking, which is the power feeding the heater, on and off in milliseconds. Its not something that bothers me and is hardly noticeable and is also kind of helpful because you know the heater is engaged and warming up .
  • Texan1967
    Once again an excellent job, well done. (Y)
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