• Karnzee
    After a long break of a few years my tolerance has obviously reset back down to 0. I'm looking to get into vaporising for the obvious benefits, and looking at the plenty vaporiser but it just seems I would have to put way to much herb in at once which would leave me in a mess which I don't like to reach.

    Can anyone confirm how little you can get away with putting in the plenty vaporiser along with the reduction kit ?
  • Spliffy McDabs
    Well I have both the regular style chamber that came with the Plenty and I also bought the reducer.

    I would say that if you are only vaping tiny amounts, using the regular chamber with the liquid pad is still your best option, which would allow you to vape however small a quantity of herb that you wanted.

    The reducer still needs to be filled up to a certain level to perform efficiently in my opinion, even though that amount is much smaller than if you were to use the regular chamber without the liquid pad, if that makes sense.
  • Karnzee
    Thanks for the reply, from what your saying if I was to put 0.2g In at once, not all of the herb will vaporise at once? Im unsure to it works.
  • Kakarot
    Use the Reduced chamber with a Dosing Cap.. They are for the Plentys Reduced chamber and Mighty/Crafty..
  • Dazza78
    Yes the plenty packs a punch
  • Karnzee
    even the dosing kit looks like it holds a lot, does everything inside the pot get vaporised at once or does a fraction of the bud get vaped at a time ?
  • frandemarco
    it degrades with each hit...but depends on the temp and how hard you pull
  • Spliffy McDabs
    Using the regular chamber with the liquid pad, you can put in 0.2g or any small quantity and it will vape evenly and productively in my experience.

    Load your herb into the chamber. Put liquid pad on top. Screw on mouthpiece and attach to Plenty. Select your temp and turn it on, wait for it to reach temp, then vape away.

    It's that simple. When you are done, unscrew the chamber and what you are going to see is a nice, even toasted colour to the herb, the shade of which will depend on your temp setting and how many pulls you have taken from the vape.
  • Karnzee
    thanks again for the info, here's hoping I can get away with way less than 0.2 cause if I vaped that much I'll be in for a nasty surprise till my tolerance goes back up :-!
  • Spliffy McDabs
    Bud's Youtube videos on the Plenty are definitely worth a watch also, if you haven't seen them already. They convinced me to pony up the $ for one, and I'm very pleased I did. I like to combust also so it's not as though I use the Plenty 24/7 but I know that if I want to get as blasted on it as I do smoking a fatty or taking a massive bong rip then it is more up to the task. Really easy to use too. And the flavour...mmmm....
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