• Buzzuro
    I agree 100%, with sadness.
  • Rockytdogg

    So, after your less than 2 weeks here and 1 post, you “agree 100%, with sadness”...?

    Thanks for the info....
  • Dazza78
    @Rockytdogg your nose sniffing something out there boy
  • kpx420
    IMO I like this forum much better than FC.. i was banned for too many post within their time frame? Also here I feel like you can voice your opinion on good or bad on any product etc.. ON FC feels like only positive post are allowed and any negative opinions on any vape is frowned upon and you get banned..
  • Baron23
    i was banned for too many post within their time frame?kpx420

    Wow, I have never heard of anyone being banned for too many posts....they do have a rule about making sequential posts with no other posters in between. This was a rule I didn't understand until I personally had seen some of our members doing some sort of stream of consciousness dump in 4-6 sequential posts. LOL

    FC feels like only positive post are allowed and any negative opinions on any vape is frowned upon and you get banned..kpx420

    I have not had that experience at all. They also have a rule about bashing. This does not mean that you can't have a negative opinion about a vape or company, but rather if you have posted a negative view, then don't post it again unless there is some additional or new info. This makes sense to me and distinguishes between valid complaints/opinions and just continual posting in order to bash. At least that's my experience and understanding.

    As for negative views being confronted in a vape thread by all of its rabid fans (note, I did not call anybody a fan boy)....yes, that happens there and...well, sadly I have seen it happen here wrt to the MV-1.

    I like VLF and have been an active member since pretty much its inception. We do offer, particularly new people, the opportunity to engage Bud on vapes/companies/etc. Now, for a long time it was mostly new people with a "what vape should I get" question and we still get that. But with time, we have built up our membership and, in particular, knowledgeable membership so we have more in-depth discussion than perhaps in the past and that's terrific.

    Its not my place (nor really my concern) to defend FC to anyone, but there is a HUGE amount of knowledge available there (way more than here), and yes...you need to learn to sift the wheat from the chaff....but mature knowledge and experience are indeed there to be had, if desired. Well, at least that's my view.

    There is room for all vape boards as the community is wide and large. I personally don't feel any motivation to bash a particular board (well, maybe Reddit haha) just because I also like this one.

    I'm an older MMJ patient (was mildly rec on and off for 40 years...med for past 10) and particularly enjoy a new forum called Vapor Asylum started by Momofthegoons who was formerly a Mod at FC. Its a more mature group in general and while there is a lot of equipment discussion, it also has a focus on community interests like cannabis research, material safety, edibles, legalization, extraction processes, etc that are of particular interest to some med patients. Of course, we also just honk on them oil rigs until our eyes are crossed...but its purely medical! LOL

    Have a great weekend and thanks for bringing this topic up.
  • BudsofWar
    i've only been a member for a short while but i have visited many times before. its a good place to find things you may not have otherwise found. its pays to find out as much as you can especially when parting with the other half's money lol. i like it
  • Magicman
    Duff I miss your butane using, click loving, crazy glass rig displays, and I hate mainstream vapes approach. With that said...
    "buy a Ghost"
  • DregerUS
    You need to add a Wiki to this page

    If you don't think that valuable information is going to get buried in a thread then you're ignorant





    a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

    "it will be a forum for consumers to exchange their views on medical research"
  • KLo
    passionate voices in a still free world sounds alright with me
  • Bruce
    Straighten out is the wrong word. Improve is a better word. Its a great forum if not you wouldn't have such a large following.
  • BudsofWar
    another thing i like about this forum is its simplicity, fuckcombustion is too much for me, very facebookfied if u get me, im a stoner, i dont need clicky sites, just keep it simple
  • Moe
    @VapeCritic Your doing a good job here bro. I learn a long time ago you can't make everybody happy and you shouldn't even try because it won't happen. Just keep doing what your doing Bud and stay up!
  • Bruce
    Awesome forum, its very informative and great feedback and guide to buy. I like that its light and fun.
  • shani
    As an occasional visitor, I don't have that many problems with the forum.
    But I do agree with the first two points from the OP.

    It would be great if every vape model (or at least every manufacturer) had its own searchable subsection, similar to other forums (for example smartphones, at xdadevelopers).
    And other forums also have a separate section for off-topic discussions, I guess this would make sense here as well.
  • Magicman
    Exruse me. Me engrisk ist no so goot. Almost all these past haters were chosen to be beta testers of g43.
  • Dr green thumb
    Very interesting,

    Thank you bud for this forum.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Without this forum i would be stuck in a perpetual cycle of buying battery operated vaporizers that are just not meant for me.

    Im not a stranger to marijuana but the vape scene for sure! All i can say about fc is that it seems like a sensory overload to me i cant make sense of any of it nor do i care to take the time too.

    I had a bunch of questions about a vape I bought. I had read buds review and used his code to save on it. He gets something for his work i get a discount pretty awesome to me :starstruck: bud personally answered all my questions and even sent me some pods :100: . i find a real sense of community here and while i do not have the time to partake in the live streams this is also something that i think is truly amazing.

    One point of many for this forum is to help make people experienced or brand new make informed decsions on purchasing vaporizers. Another is to help people trouble shoot or optimize their vaping experience.

    This is the first forum i have ever been apart of and i have seen that i am not the only one. at the end of the day we get the information we need. The tolorance displayed here for new commers is a strong point of the forum and i find that it only adds to the information available. If i had come here before i bought my first vape i would have saved myself quite a bit of grief. Some people come here because vaping is there passion. Not everyone is here to hit the books and study vaping and get an a+ the only person that has right to make a post like this it would be bud this is his forum.

    This place is a tasty cup of tea. If its not your prefered flavour there is plenty of variety.
  • BestBuds
    I didn't want a part of this thread but your words mirror my thoughts. You continue to be one of the forum members I hold in high regard. :up:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @BestBuds i wasnt gonna touch it either, I know its a year old post but man. I owe a truly great vaping experience to this forum. Its been nothing but a pleaseant experience.
  • Magicman
    That is why I bumped it back.
  • Dr green thumb
    This forum is unique. Some great minds lurk watching and ready to help. You never know what you will hear. I would call this more of a community than a forum
  • MothChewMoth
    I've also been a huge fan of the folks here and the content in the 8 or so months I've been around. @Cl4ud3 and @Baron23 do a solid job keeping all us ingrates in line. I mostly lurk FC for the super useful info, but come here to be a part of the community. Thanks all for the good vibes and conversations.
  • Magicman
    I am honorary mod in chief, but I forgot my password.
  • TheZman
    I dont know. Honestly since I've joined this forum it's been helpful and informative. Haven't really run into any a holes. Everyone seems to answer questions , give advice and hold a conversation. Try go to a car forum. Lol.. Theres some real a holes there. Lol. As far as the ghost MV1 it's just the latest newest Vape so theres going to be excitement and interest surrounding it. When the next big Vape comes out it will be the same thing..
  • welshman
    It’s been a year since I joined around the original prerelease of the ghost mv1, lurked a while before too.

    This forum has seen its ups and downs trying to find its moderation style and somehow managed to stay reasonably open to everyone without having to be too strict or ban hammery.

    I feel like I learned a lot from here and also attempted to help a fair amount. I also wouldn’t have looked in to the flowerpot if it wasn’t for @technoHippie
  • Ginny Vapes
    tell ya what to do. Create your own website with those rules.

    why thank you
  • Paxhead
    Thank you Bud and Hazel for all that you do and spreading your good will. I enjoy this forum. :smile:
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