• Law7764
    @VapeCritic Ed is already taking orders and shipping some peoples out on Wednesday from the post on the FC threads. Supreme 4 desktop units Section
  • DregerUS
    Question because I'm slow is NewVape the actual manufacturer of the flower pot?
  • VapeCritic
    Yes they are (Y)
  • DregerUS
    because of your use with this product, you have grabbed my attention...

    I spoke with Edwin at NewVape ... I think he's a good man, I trust him I don't have the means to be a customer at the moment, nor the product to use with it... but...

    I hope they take care of budd accordingly

    I would want to see others be given something free that I desire maybe they can all come up with some freebies for the stream it's a thought that I have why should I not share it but even though I want one for me I wouldn't take it because I desired it... but I would want someone else to reap the rewards... I'm not sure if I take enjoyment on their pleasure or my pain anymore

    But I do know it would be cool if I went to send them some kits... I would hope they would have doubled the return for his business because it would be deserved I'm looking for a win-win like always. I want to say thank you Edwin for taking the time to speak with me. you are very kind

    It would be cool if they had a co-branded vape kit with all the bells and whistles that he needed such as that drop down for easy removal... the no sticking and quick refill and dump ... I dig it

    What a silly idea as I cook dinner: who do I talk to to get these planes routed differently
  • katdaddy
    This came from Boundless today, regarding the Tera:

    "Hey guys,

    I have been updated that the Tera pre-orders and distributor units have left our factory. They are currently in transit and appears to still be overseas at the moment. Updates will be provided along the way!

    Once the units arrive at our office in Ontario, California the pre-orders will then be shipped and tracking numbers will be provided for those customers. Unfortunately, we will only have stock for the pre-order customers this shipment but I believe our distributors should be receiving their shipments around the same time we do if not shortly after. We will not be offering the CFV upgrade this round of shipment and plan to begin the process once we have a complete stock of the Tera.

    For any questions please feel free to comment, PM, or email me . Appreciate the support everyone and can't wait to get this unit out to the community."
  • Zoomr2416
    Has anyone tried the Herb-E by Mig Vapor?
  • Baron23
    Got the VXH survey and its definitely exploring user requirements for a portable vape.
    On behalf of VapeXhale and the future dreams of many VapeXhale users, we are reaching out to YOU for help.

    VapeXhale is designing its next generation of vaporizers and would like your input on how we can ensure to make your user experience even better. In exchange for your feedback, we will provide you with a 15% DISCOUNT on a future purchase with us!

    We just ask for 2 minutes of your time to answer a quick survey that will help us improve your user experience and develop even better future Vapexhale products.
    — VXH
  • johnwillyums
    Hi all,
    I've just been on Ed'd T'n'T's website. Some beautiful wood stuff on there, but also stuff from other manufacturers, screens , grinders etc.
    After wrestling with my sensible self for over five minutes I resolved to buy a Woodscent kit.
    The lovely burr wood I had chosen,was out of stock. It was the most expensive one, so probably a best seller.
    Hmmmn. I looked at some of the other woods, and found two others that were almost as nice, and one was considerably cheaper. They were both out of stock. The whole range is out of stock.
    I carried on looking at other items, they were all out of stock. There appears to be nothing in stock on the site.

    So, does anybody know whether Ed's T'n'T are still operating, or why this spooky website is floating around?, or, more to the point, where I can buy a Woodscent?
  • johnwillyums
    My mistake. I have found some products in stock on Ed's T'n'T site.
    It's not abandoned, as I thought.
    No Woodscent's, or a lot of the other wooden stuff they make in house, though.
    I suppose I shall just have to check every day.
  • Baron23
    nope. What you need is to get a hold of Ed (great guy) and get in his list. I don’t believe these have ever been Pre-built on spec

    If you can’t get him via his site, try at Fuckcombustion.com . I know he has a presence there.
  • Ed's TnT
    Good morning, yes it's true all my WoodScents are out of stock right now. The popularity of them and life all at one time has caught up with me.

    I am having the website completely changed for a launch later this week, got my 11th annual celebration coming up too.

    Life has me moving, with that the biz has to move as well and all that comes with a move.

    Pls as said email me at and let's talk more about it what's on your mind and hang in there with me. I got a lot of great stuff to come, new design for 2018 and alot more goodies. Keep an eye out and hit me anytime, thanks.
  • Ed's TnT
    Thanks for pitching in guys with advice and such, am most grateful.
  • johnwillyums
    Thanks for the link @Baron23, and hello Ed, pleased to meet you. There are two other emails from me seeking you Ed :-), you make beautiful things.
    I'm initially attracted by the Buckeye Burl, like the one used by Troy on 420vapelife, in his review.
    So, I'd like to order one of those, but I'm also tempted to wait and see what else you are working on.
    Mind you, I think you would have to go a long way to find something as spectacular as the Buckeye Burl.
    So, how do I go about ordering one, do you want a deposit, will you ship to England, do you take Paypal etc etc?
    I'm fairly new to vaping, having previously been a bong man. I initially spent a lot of money on machines that cooked my weed. I could't get on with them at all. Then I saw reviews about the Dynavap, and The Sticky Brick, both superb ways of vaping.
    I have 3 Dynavaps, including two wood bodies (cocobolo and blackwood) that I believe you may have had a hand in.
    As I say, both of these devices have changed my approach to vaping, and my view of wood.
    I think the Dynavap is such an elegant solution, and the new trend for wood, convection, various heat sources etc, is to be welcomed.
    Never much cared about wood, but I'm quite fascinated now, as I say I have two Vongs, The Sticky Brick, and the Sticky Brick Jr., both of which are made of dark walnut. Also got a lovely olive wood bowl to keep my stash in. There appears to be a face in the grain, quite noticeable when one is baked, but still there in the cold light of day.
    I suppose you can tell I'm attracted to the more dramatic woods, I also like the scorched maple, that's a great effect, and spalted woods.
    Anyway, I'm rambling. What's best to do, commit to a Buckeye Burl Kit (which is most likely gonna be my choice anyway), or wait a bit and see what new stuff you have coming.
    Also, what about deposits? Strikes me you might want a deposit before making one up.

    Talk to you soon, John :-)
  • Ed's TnT
    hello, got your email and have replied to it with similar content as above. Pls hit me back at the one I sent and we can go from there. Thanks much for the kind words and I hope to hear from you soon.
  • Jack-vic
    Do you make E.U versions?

  • Ed's TnT
    they are 12v units that can easily be used in the EU. At this moment I don't have the CE certification to offer them yet. I am working to make this happen as i habe been for a while just taking longer than I anticipated. Thanks
  • johnwillyums
    @Ed's TnT Cheers Ed, I've replied to your mail sent about 4 hours ago, is that what you meant?. cos it's the only email I've had.

  • Ed's TnT
    yes sir thatd be the one.
  • VapeCritic

    Super cool of you to jump in, thanks!
  • Ed's TnT
    Absolutely bro, I am always where someone can reach out to me. Had a guy send these posts to me though, is there a way that when people mention me I get an email? Not sure how it works bro but could sure use some help to stay on top of things. Hope all is well for you and wish you all the best bro!
  • Rockytdogg

    Hey Ed, select “You” from the top left menu, then click “Edit Profile”, then “Set Preferences” and in there you’ll find the settings you’re looking for...
  • Gergin
    Anyone tried the Hera 2 by Vape Dynamics? Looks sick.
  • Cl4ud3
    They don't have the best vape track record, you might want to look on FC.
  • Karec
    yeah got the same some weeks ago and replied, i have to say a portable by VXH will be highly anticipated judging by the EVO performance... i know u like your EVO Baron
  • Baron23
    yes I do. EVO suits me to a “t” X-)
  • Karec
    never tried any of your woodscents, im trying to avoid torch but ill keep an eye on u this year, the feedback from your toys is great.
  • Ed's TnT
    Ohhh well then you sure need to some day! I hope you will keep an eye out and whenever you wanna do something just hit me up, you just wanna ask questions or holla to say hello, am always near.

    Thank you
  • Karec
    Cheers mate i will (Y) ;) thx for the joyful reply
  • PAM
    Not sure if the Lil' Bud has been mentioned here yet being my first post , but it sure fits the bill for this thread .
    Built by Vapwood , www.vapwood.com .
    Portable , unregulated 18650, on-demand instant heat, handcrafted, all wood vape, no glue or glass and well priced. First units shipping out this week.