• lolo308
    I was able to clean the clogs with the needles, but the clogs kept on happening. Fumbling with tiny needles is no bueno for me.

    Here is what actually ended up working for me in terms of firefly2 clog maintenance/prevention.
    **Never use iso alcohol on the oven when it's hot. EVER

    Do while oven hot
    1) "Clear" oven immediately after use with provided brush(don't leave product in device). Since the oven is still hot, removing debris is way easier. A soft hand is best, no need to scrub.
    2) After debris is cleared, heat your device and use an air blaster to pump air at the clogged holes.(always clean oven upside down). The one I selected(and really dig) is the Giottos air blaster. https://www.amazon.ca/Giottos-AA1900-Rocket-Blaster-Large/dp/B00017LSPI

    Only do when oven is cold**very important**
    1) Soak a qtip in iso alcohol sparingly, make sure to soak off excess in a paper towel etc
    2) Use qtip to scrub the oven. I usually have to apply a good deal of pressure, ie scrub hard. Absorb any excess liquid in the oven with a paper towel. (always clean oven upside down )

    Since I started doing this, I have not needed to use the needles to unclog the device

  • Baron23
    **Never use iso alcohol on the oven when it's hot. EVERlolo308

    Still have any eye lashes left? :joke: (jk)
  • lolo308

    It's actually way less funnier than that haha. If you put iso alcohol onto hot oven and any resin therein, you essentially create super heated, less viscous resin....which becomes runny, falls into the holes, cools down...and friggin clogs them even worst.

    During the unclogging process I had repeatedly been creating the conditions to create even worse clogs. by using iso on the hot oven.
  • Baron23
    Ah, I get it now. Just had this picture in my mind of you in your kitchen, in a lab coat, scorched and smudged with smoke, holding your FF2 and a bottle of ISO. LOL

  • DaveinSM
    I think it's fairly evident that the Achilles Heel of this cool vape design is a propensity for clogging. What this thing needs-- like all other reliable vapes-- is a screen that can be removed, cleaned, and replaced.

    With the Plenty and Pax 2: I love the fact that I can vape a session, leave the herb in the vape, then come back later, heat it up, vape up the remains and then clean it out with no problems.

    I think that removing any unused herb between sessions in the Firefly is probably necessary for longterm reliability. I once left some partially vaped herb in it once, and it got quite sticky.
  • abacus55
    PSA: Poking out the holes is super easy using a felting needle. They're extra long and sharp needles made for turning wool into felt, and they have a thick end like a little allen wrench because they're made to be used by hand, so you don't have to poke yourself trying to maneuver a tiny needle. I used a 38-gauge star-shaped one, but honestly any of them would probably work fine.
  • LabPong
    Best way to fix that FF2......get another vape that is not out dated.......so many others to choose from now.
  • Westernmass420
    Finally I saw a video on how to correct this problem. Unlike all the paid vape critics this dude actually fixes the firefly 2.
  • VapeCritic

    heheheh save it bro

    so he takes the whole vape apart to clean the screen?

    i skimmed through the video and didn't see what he's actually doing to clean the screen or prevent clogging?
  • VapeCritic
    FF2 design should have been updated IMO after seeing issues like this one pop up, it's one of the reasons I don't recommend it anymore, among others.
  • juxt
    Did you guys get the Purple bed advertisement? Or do your ad blockers block gooooogle stuff.
  • Bruce
    Mine was performing very weakly. I sent it in and they told me I just needed a clean up and get a tiny needle.

    When you have a tiny needle it free's the holes but where does the junk go ?

    Almost every vape, can be completely cleaned. It would be pretty cool if that screen can come out. But even then brand new I was exhausting myself to get vape production.

    Good luck with your purchase I hope you get a lot out of it.

    I have been ripped off by vapes in the past, this is one of them despite a valiant effort.

    Best thing you can do is load up on watching videos on YouTube, The vapecritic has a very well followed YouTube following. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=vape+critic

    Peace, Love and Vape
  • To the Cloud
    When you have a tiny needle it free's the holes but where does the junk go ?

    It's about the airflow with convection vaporizers, the small amount of resin would just move into underneath by the coil. It's such a small amount poking it down into the bottom is no big deal. Getting that plate cleaned really does make a huge difference. I just posted this in another thread on how to take it apart and deep clean it.
  • didak
    My FF2 got clogged after cleaning it with cotton and rubbing alcohol, I thought I had ruined the chamber, but it seems I just covered the holes with some resin. I read the tip about the needled and after looking through stuff at home I found one that was a little thicker. I don't know if for some reason it expanded the holes a little or what but now the vape hits better than ever and you can get a lot more vapor with little effort (not sure if I had forgotten how powerful it can be), anyways after almost a year I love and recommend this vape and plan to keep using it until it stops working.
  • Westernmass420
    of course you skimmed through it..... you didn't want to see the truth. I think you are mad because this guy actually tells how to clean the unit and makes fun of all the dumb ideas you gave to reader on cleaning. But you get paid to review stuff, so why would you admit you don't know what you are talking about.
  • Baron23
    you came here to troll the man on his own site four months later? :roll: :down:
  • VapeCritic
    eatit (2M)
  • Baron23
    :fire: :fire: :fire: :sweat:
  • Aj85
    i found a needle to make the holes a little wider ages ago when my unit was clogged really opened the airflow a bit, and now after every session I hold the vape upside down blow through the bottom up through the air holes. I haven’t had a clog with using herb only, in a very long time now.

    you should always admit what you don’t know, or your nothing but a know it all.

    Most reviews are founded on opinions and buds viewers want to know his opinions.

    Unlike you, that just comes across like an angry, stupid little troll that’s full of disrespect. Which means no one is going to be interested in any of your opinions.

    Even if you disagree with someone there’s ways to go about it without being an arsehole.

    Welcome to the forum!

    All the best,

  • Ogaitnas
    Well I followed the video disassembly instructions (very detailed and well done)
    It did not make a difference. On the other hand I received my dynavap today , unfortunately I do not have a torch lighter yet so I have nothing to report.
  • EconMan

    Little bit late here. I clean mine with alcohol wipe pads (small) cheapy available on Amazon, and I use those "air-duster" cans of compressed air available at office supply stores. I have never needed to stick a pin into the bowl holes. But I clean mine almost after every "session" so it never gets that dirty.
    Indeed, my main gripe with it is that like an ENFP woman, it's high maintenance. That being said, when well-maintained, it does deliver truly delicious hits.
  • waldrake
    I'm late to this party, but I just wanted to share what worked for me - I was prepared to take it apart following the video someone else posted but I didn't want to risk the warranty, so I figured I'd first try a TOOTHBRUSH, like someone else suggested.

    Works like a bell. I lost the plastic needle Firefly included and can't find another small enough, and alcohol pads alone just weren't enough. After a five minute cleaning with a toothbrush, however, it vapes like brand new (I've been hitting mine regularly for almost two years).

    Learn from my mistakes:

    (1) ABSOLUTELY clean the bowl with it upside down at all times to keep alcohol out of the circuitry.
    (2) New toothbrushes are probably best. I soaked an old one in alcohol for at least twenty minutes before rinsing it and soaking it again, but that wasn't enough to get rid off an odd toothpaste aftertaste on the first few draws (fortunately, it burns off and I just use a dedicated brush as needed now).
    (3) The unit should be very warm but not HOT; otherwise, you risk burning the nylon bristles into the bowl itself (which doesn't taste or smell good, but can still be cleared out).
    (4) When you're done, wipe up any remaining alcohol with a paper towel, then (with the bowl still upside down) run the oven for a little bit and burn off any leftover alcohol until it stops sizzling.

    Take a few hot drags to clear out any remaining alcohol before actually packing the bowl, and you should be good to go! With regular cleanings I expect to get a few more years yet out of my Firefly 2.
  • EconMan

    Hello and welcome! :)
    A fellow FF user. :cool: I am so happy :party:

    I'm one of the "outliers" here who truly love the FF2. If I lost mine, I would buy another. I truly appreciate it and I use it towards its strengths.

    I've talked a lot about the FF here (you can search or I'll edit later and link), and and important thing to understand is the airflow is so oddly OUT of the bowl and not INTO the bowl. The convection passes from the bottom of the bowl, and some conduction from the hot glass on top -- right in the airflow... yummy.

    I gently swab with iso, and wipe the bowl clean. If you feel it is clogged, just turn it on concentrates mode (500f) and it acts like a self cleaning oven. A couple fake "cigar style" draws, and it unclogs remarkably. After every use, I quickly brush it, as you mention, except I use a brush I think goes to an electric shaver. But it works well.

    Lastly.... grind. Coarse.... not in ANY way fine.
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