• Rezinade

    I sure wish. Japan has a lot of neat things, but one of the annoying things is their view on marijuana (among other substances). Getting caught with it here will easily put you in jail, deported, or getting a ridiculous fine. As a result I've been on a huge break from bud (not that I've been able to find any here anyways). Two more months until I'm back home and can get back to my vapes. I'm quite excited to say the least.
  • VapeCritic
    No stream this weekend sorry guys!! :cry: :cry:
  • LabPong
    Time to go fishing then......have a good weekend all.
  • PuffItUp
    I'll be doing that tonight! Woop Woop!
  • Magicman
    At least the russian bots finally can go back to hacking elections instead of Vape Critic give aways.
  • VapeCritic
    Fishing yes!!!
  • VapeCritic
    It's Hazel's b-day i gotta be a good husband! :lol:
  • Alexis
    well for me that's knda handy Bud. We just switched to unlimited broadband after having to avoid Youtube for half the month. So I couldnt even take a peak at your last stream, and am just watching back the one before that.

    Great, got some time to catch up now phew!

    Have a real nice time with Hazel today and very happy birthday to her indeed (32nd?)
  • PureVape

    Wish her a happy birthday from me and tell her to do " everything " i would lol. :party: :party: :party:
  • Zep4
    You mean you HAVE A LIFE?! Awesome, Bud. Enjoy the weekend:) :heart:
  • Magicman
    @Magicman could have run this from alley behind Haze Headquarters.
  • Zep4
    Happiest of Birthdays to you, Hazel. Maybe you’ll get a new...vaporizer!! Lol. We’ll miss Bud’s stream.
  • Pakalolo2
    Happy Birthday Hazel!

    Don’t forget to thank your Mom on this her special day!
  • AdianV
    Happy Birthday Hazel

    Vape Critic - The Best
  • okla68m
    Hazel, Happy Birthday !
  • Zep4
    There’s always TODAY, Bud. Lol...I know...ya probably gotta mow the lawn and go for a bike ride like us wee folk. Happy Sunday everyone! :heart:
  • VapeCritic

    Believe it or not my mother-in-law's birthday is only a few days apart from Hazel's, so in a couple of hours it's dinner again with the fam :party: :shade: :sweat:
  • VapeCritic
    Missed you guys!! lol
  • Zep4
    Us too, you, lol.
  • Ooziah

    Sick without you :lol:
  • Futurevapors
    Mate, right on the nose! I'm pretty new on this Forum and I have to say what a lovely bunch of people you all are. I'm opening up more and more with each post and no one has ever shown any negativity towards my posts or me witch in this day & age is unheard of! and I'm pretty sure that everyone one here knows i'm a Butane man through and through and some of you lot are Battery men through and though and that's ok because being different is apart of who we all are and respecting what other love is KEY to us all getting on.

    I really feel like this is a community with a big serving of love for Healthy vaping, maybe that's it right there, maybe because vaping herbs is healthy for our minds it's making us be nicer to each other where if this was a Whisky alcohol forum we would all be at each others throats :rofl:

    I don't Like you, I love you :fire:
  • Ooziah

    Right on, totally, you said a lot there and I agree with all of it..
  • Alexis
    hey man, thanks for reaching out to us all with such warmth and openess. Yes I have seen how open and "off the cuff", "open sleaved" you are here and I really appreciate that and applaud you for taking a lead and spreading yourself out (picture- aim tomatoes here Lol!)

    Im really glad to hear that you feel so comfortable to openly express yourself here, and its so cool to see that a lot of the other members here feel the same way about this very friendly, (Bermuda like) forum, in that it can feel like a shelter tucked away safely from the prying internet menaces.

    All credit to Bud of course and his vision and intention for Vapelife forum from the conception.
    You know, as much as Bud is a big kid at heart- it's his maturity which is perfectly balanced with light-hearted humour and sensitivity. Always keeping things semi-serious in tone and dealing, totally pressure free.

    It is no doubt the energy and vision put into this that has resulted in such a nice playground of sorts, with serious topics in a relaxed, friendly and playful atmosphere. Essentially- ACCEPTANCE! To me this is one of the best words and concepts to sum up what Bud has created here, and which he puts out always as a core value in everything that he does (except for a lot of these underpar, badly considered vapes being churned out- which is totally- Unacceptable Lol!)

    The net can be very cruel and even the strongest of us can be rocked by a simple bit of negativity from a stranger. And yet when we can stick together and support each other that makes a big difference. I always try to be as open, honest, direct and true to myself, feelings and thought processes as possible.
    I am very unusual though and not a "normal" person in any way. I am also very emotionally sensitive with low self esteem, so I have plenty of insecurity to deal with.

    But I try to let my spiritual strength and individual mindedness reign supreme. I am very much an ambassador for peace and strongly believe in evolution to a far higher consciousness where all pettyness, nastiness and cynisum will have no place and power.

    We are heading here, humanity, together. We have our feet on the ladder. We are looking up, building confidence but held back by the mess we have created and endured for so long. So my own energy is directed towards this kind of evolution of consciousness to fortify and increase our united strength to achieve spiritual maturity.

    We all need to focus on being our higher selves more, or all of the time. When we can, we are so much more emotionally robust in ourselves, able to brush off negativity and shine back a light so bright and undeterred that nobody could want to bring us down, or see the point in even trying.

    Okay enough shit talked now. Its one of those days where my head is in dumbed-down mode at 28% of creative expression. I really shouldn't embarrass myself trying to post on these days.

    But then, I guess that is the point at hand here in a way. I guess I dont care how dumb I come across here haha. Now if this was FC- I have a reputation to think about! :wink:

    Big love to everybody here and around. Lets keep our outward thoughts, expressions and posts fully positive at all times and just be our true selves.
  • Futurevapors
    Yes Alexis, thanks you for the very nice words brother.
    You didn't miss a thing and you opened up nicely there :pray:
    and you're :100: right that we are all finally finding our self's through the mess we made in the past.

    :fire: Powerful Alexis :fire:

    If i could bottle you a nice rip of my Lemon Haze I would brother. :heart:
  • VapeCritic

    Excellent posts and thank you! I am beyond happy and grateful that you feel welcome here :pray:

    This place wouldn't be anything without you guys, you deserve all the credit! I do try hard to make this a very comfortable, accepting place for everyone, and our friendly (?) :lol: mods @Baron23 and @Cl4ud3 do a damn fine job of keeping things in order :strong: :strong:

    You guys are the best!!
  • VapeCritic
    Looking forward to next stream, I need to break out the soundboard again lol
  • Baron23
    and our friendly (?) :lol: mods Baron23 and @Cl4ud3 do a damn fine job of keeping things in order :strong: :strong:VapeCritic

    Uh, I think that should be "our friendly (?) :lol: mods@Baron23 and @Cl4ud3 do a damn fine job of keeping things in order

  • Cl4ud3
    Uh, I think that should be "our friendly (?) :lol: mods@Baron23 and Cl4ud3 do a damn fine job of keeping things in orderBaron23

    I'm sure a lot don't see it that way :lol:
    It's a group effort here from everyone though, not just the mods, that makes it a fun forum.
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