• RollingStoned
    I own a Mighty and a Volcano Digit. Very Satisfied, huge cloud production with both!
    Very tempted to get a Ghost MV1... Pricy with a lot of usability problems?
    Is this a safe bet or should i wait for a new release?
  • Bud
    Thanks again for all of your responses dudes!! :strong:

    You’re all doing very well, you make me proud! :sweat: :cool:

    I’m going to un-pin this thread from the top now but here’s the results after about a week:

  • EasyToSlip
    You should definitely get the MV1.
    You see a lot of discussion about MV1 here. That doesn't mean it is a bad product. It is a solid product.
    They have made minor improvements based on user feedback (which so far have been delivered to users at no charge... new heatsink, mouthpiece etc.) Once you get it dialed into your personal preferences it is desktop performance in a handheld. One thing about the Ghost is there is a lot of flexibility. You need to learn what works for you. Some people don't have the patience for this experimentation. In that case the ghost MV1 is not for them. If you are willing to experiment,
    I think the Ghost would be a great addition to your arsenal. You need an on demand convection vape.
  • VapeWeedEveryDay
    Only a volcano and a swift pro.
  • Baron23
    hard to argue with that....I have a Volcano and its rock (used it just last night) and I had a SwiftPro which I actually really liked for its price point.

    Sadly the battery gave up the ghost on my SP so that was that. But I rather liked my humble SwiftPro.
  • AdeM
    Since 2015

    Pax 2 - Given away hated the taste
    2 Grashoppers
    1 Crafty - swapped for Mighty after warranty issues
    1 Mighty
    1 Argo
    1 Dynavap M
    1 Milaana
    1 Ghost MV1

    Keep promising myself no more...
  • Taz
    1 MV1 (my first)
    1 VxH EVO turbine
    1 NV Flowerpot
    1 Omni XL
    1 SB Jr. Zebra wood

    And that since March!
    I blame Bud for getting me hooked! :grin:
  • bum karacho
    hello to the colonys
    plenty (love it)
    crafty(love it)
    volcano(like it)
    aromed (really good taste,but not the right vape for me i sell it for 250 euro incl. shipping)
    have a nice day
  • neodevil
    Newbie to vaping. Got myself a Pax 3 couple of months ago.
    Wanted to buy The Mighty in a couple of days, but now this thread got thinking me again.
  • arcticsaguaro
    My first vape experience was a volcano into a bag. Loved it. Never used one I've liked as much since but boy is it cumbersome (and, sadly, pricey).

    As for me, all my vapes are from picking up nicotine after a decade and a half clean. My roommate was a bad influence. Gave them over to her after about a year though and don't miss it (we had good organic juice locally made so none of that garbage from overseas) but... Still. About to pull the trigger on my first dry herb vape here and couldn't be more stoked. :)
  • Toked23
    2 ghost mv1’s
    M vapcap
    V2 pro series 3

    About 4 more than I need, lol
  • okla68m
    AirVape XS
    DynaVap OG
    MV1 Nickel
    Ooze Dab pen
    Dr. Dabber pen
  • BouncingOffClouds
    -Firefly 2
    -Boundless CFC
    -Dynavap M
  • kebcatmorgan
    I have 4 now:
    - Ghost MV1
    - Davinci IQ
    - Dynavap
    -- Omnivap
    -- NonaVong-XLS
    -- sold the "M"
  • metalmancpa
    Ghost MV1
    Hydrology 9
    Dynavap Omnivap XL Ti
    Dynavap Omnivap XL Ti (gold)
  • Vapedude
    1 month into the vote, looks like 3% own zero vapes, which is tied with the I own just 1 vape crowd lol.

  • Ambush
    I'm glad I could increase the (1) only number by one. Haha. I'm noob vaper. I have been watching the streams and review videos. @vapecritic really has my attention.
  • AdeM
    Add the Splinter to my list...oops
  • TheZman
    I agree 100%. I think some people might have an addiction on here and it isn't the Herb!!! Haha. Well I guess they were partly right MJ can be addictive because some end up being addicted to buying ass loads of Vaporizers. Hahaha..
  • Lucic and Chong
    V.A.S.(Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome) - it's real, and it's spectacular.

    I really started to realize that I had a problem when I came home from work a few weeks ago, and sat in front of my vape shelf for 20+ minutes trying to decide which one I was going to use. And I only have 7 vapes.
  • Lucic and Chong
    And be forewarned, V.A.S. can be contagious. There are reports of catching it just from frequenting websites like this. (I think that might be where I caught mine)

    Plus it can quickly spread to affect things like bongs and grinders if you're not careful (I wasn't)
  • BestBuds
    Here is my current collection:
    S&B Mighty
    Davinci IQ
    Ghost MV-1
    Arizer Extreme Q
    Epic Vapes eNano
    And soon to come RVT Milaana 2

    And a CCell Palm for 5/10 cartridges

    I'm planning on unloading the mighty, and the IQ to buy a quality herb grinder. The mighty actually might be sold tonight!
  • TheZman
    Haha. I'm sure it is. I'll just have to make sure I take the clear straight path. And fight any urges. Lol.

    I'm sure I will buy another vaporizer some day. But it will be after I use the Hell out of my CF and a couple years goes buy. If not Id feel like I wasted money buying the CF if I just went out like next month and bought another.

    I can definitely see how it can be addictive though. Theres a lot of good vaporizers out there and it's hard too chose between them all. And then if your a taste connoisseur then your really screwed. Because you keep chasing "the best flavor" vape. Lol..
  • Vapeur Rogue
    So Far Since 2013: Vapman, Lotus, WoodScents Aromalog, Underdog, Sticky Brick Jr, Milaana 2,Haze Square, Noochie,MVT2, FW5, Lil'Bud

    Reserved: Lil'Bud Elite
    Wait List: HI, Nomad

    Shopping List:
    SBL: Runt
    Epic Vape: E-Nano
    Honey Dabber 2 Quartz, Titanum Straws
    Honey Hose
    Dreamwood: Dobby
    Venus: Venus Apollo 2, 50 Watt, Helios
    *Lamart: Tubo Evic
    ** Dreamwod Punch Hightower (Special Request)
  • acstorfer
    I bought and sold a bunch of used vapes, and now I found all the vapes I want (I hope). I currently have 8 vapes.

    Muh playas

    Ghost MV1
    Titanium Omnivap XL

    The retired

    G-Pen Pro
    G-Pen Elite
    G-Pen Pizzanista set
    FlowerMate HybridX
    Dynavap M (2018)
  • meeemeee
    Herborizer Ti
    Tubo evic
    Omnivap xl 18mm to 14mm zero carb

    All you need?
  • Aderson
    Starry and a Dynavap M. Got both from POV.
  • game 7

    5 Woodscents 1 Haze 3 Gifted to Vitollo : 1Solo;1Pax1
    1 eNano 1 Firewood 4 1Elevape SV ; 1Ascent
    1 Herbie 1 Mistvape 2
    1 VapMan 1Ghost MV1
    2 Spalted Milaanas 1Palm 2
    FF1 & FF2 3 DynaVaps
    3 GH's 1 Alfa
    1 Mighty
    1 Crafty
    2 IQ
    1 Fury2
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