• Vapedude
    As a dude who appreciates zero combustion, but maximum :strong: powa on the go vaping, like many of you out there, we like to continue our knowledge quest for best vapes. Even the lesser ones, why not.

    So earlier today, I was reviewing past reviews on vapes, and even searching for new ones...

    I did a search on YouTube for the Utillians’, all 3 of their model range, just to refresh my mind on these units, and I have to be honest, BUD aka Vape Critic, is my go to guy for a video review on vapes, that I can actually sit through from beginning to end, lol.

    I simply don’t have the patience anymore to decipher through all of those other dorks on YouTube, who simply can’t make a proper review that you can actually sit through, from beginning to end, and actually feel that you learned something new.

    So I came on here, used Search, typed in Utillian, and Nada lolllll.

    Didn’t have much luck on here with the Tubo Evic either, using search. It was discussed in a couple of threads, but that was it. From what I could find anyways.

    I did however find a vid Vape Critic, recommending the Tubo Evic. That was in his best Portable Vapes for 2018 YouTube video. But I couldn’t find a video that was ONLY dedicated to it as a solo review. Ditto any of the Utillian

    Yes, I know BUD, you can’t do every vape on the face of the Earth, but wutttuuuup wit these two vapes??? Lol :victory:
  • BobCat
    Here's a link to a forum thread discussing the Utilian.

    Vapelife Forum Utilian
  • Vapedude
    thank you, how did you find that so fast, lol, nothing comes up when I type that word in.
  • Vapedude
    OK just read it, thx again Bobcat :up:

    Looks like the Utilian sucked too much to even review lol nice.

    I did notice that most of the Utilian reviews online were Bankster and affiliate websites lol, not surprised at all!!

    Tubo Evic though seems to have solid positive feedback from its base. It intrigued me so I wanted to dwell in.
  • BobCat

    I had a Tsunami Eruption which is one of the many rebrands: Utilian, Fenix, The Healthy Rips Force. Mine cost $100 USD 2 years ago. It was fine, but I gifted it to a friend.

    I forgot to include The Tubo link. Sorry.
    Lamart Tubo Evic
  • Vapedude
    I just saw that Bud did a lil mention of the Tubo Evic on today’s short live stream, thx Bud! :ok:

    If you use it in tomorrow’s stream for a vape session, I’m curious to see how hot that air gets into the mouth, after say after 4 good hauls, in under 4-5 minutes. Also how big is that dry herb bowl?

    The Ghost MV1 has spoiled me on decent IAT’s.
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