• sanman
    Haha so I'm waiting for a break from work to take my first bite of a cookie I got or go get a Bic lighter to hit this tiny glass pipe (no screen on it unfortunately). I've smoked before. A couple minor buzzes, but 2 occasions that I sucked like no tomorrow while holding the side valve and f*cked myself out of the space-time continuum. Funny thing is when I thought about the memory, or even smelled a whiff of cannabis, I'd find myself feeling high again (though I was sleep-deprived around that season so my head was pretty f*cked to begin with).

    So I'm introducing my background and that I haven't even done my first solo smoke with the material I just acquired.
    Once I decide if I'm gonna be a regular user, I'd take a full plunge on a unit. No small-end then high-end, I need to make up my mind so I'm not buying 2 devices. Maybe the Summit. But if I'm serious, I'll have to go for the VapeXHale, right? So it's looking like that to me.

    What glass piece should I buy for it? Something that has water?
    Hoping to catch a discount here if there's any upcoming sales or something.
    Thanks bros. Stay up.
  • Aj85
    hey there sanman,
    The Evo is great with pretty much any 18mm water pipe at any angle, that's partly what makes it such a great vaporizer, but the Hydra Tubes add some real class although they're quite pricey. So it's all down to preference, I personally even like the dry mouthpiece, although the hits aren't quite as big or smooth, the flavour is immense!

    If you haven't already, check out VapeCritics latest 2016 video review.

    And if you buy from the official VapeXhale store, and use VapeCritics promo code STAYUP10 you'll get 10% off your purchase! That makes the standard starter kit (dry mouthpiece) only $315 and the Turbine, HydraBomb and HydraHoneyComb only $405!

    He really is a stand up guy that VapeCritic! That's why they gave him his own Emoji! 8-)

    All the best,

  • sanman
    Hey, AJ, thanks again for informing me. I know some of that and am glad to hear it's a good piece.
    So if I end up gong for it, the official site with the coupon seems like a good bet.
    Should I consider a water pipe? Should I consider getting one elsewhere?
    I guess it comes down to the pros and cons of the dry vs each water one and if there's some better value elsewhere. I'll phrase it that way. I can't tell the difference between any of this glass :P
  • Aj85
    hey sanman,
    I'd say if you can afford it buy the full kit you won't regret it! If you can't afford the full kit buy the starter kit, as you can buy one of the Hydra Tubes separately at a later date for around $150!

    Basically dry means more flavour but more chance of coughing, while water means less chance of coughing but slightly dulled flavour. Most people prefer a little bit of water conditioning!

    The difference between the HydraTubes is as follows, the HydraBomb is the one with the least restriction so it's the easiest to draw from. The HydraHoneyComb provides the smoothest vapour of the three so least likely to make you cough. And finally the Turbine provides the best flavour of the three.

    Any one of them will provide a top notch experience! Really the Evo is good with any 18mm glass!

    To be honest you'd be hard pressed to find the Evo cheaper at the moment, and coming directly from the manufacturer is reassuring for any future warranty claims!

    Hope this helps. All the best,

  • Flipz
    I think any of the 3 hydratubes from vapexhale are a great addition to have with the cloud.

    Personally I have used/tried the Vapexhale Turbine and HydraBomb with the cloud and both are awesome. I would say I use the HydraBomb most frequent because it's the easiest one to draw from. The turbine I believe gives a lil more flavor but is a little harder to draw from.

    In conclusion, the vapexhale is great and whichever glass tube you decide on... you won't be disappointed whether using for herbs/concentrates.

    Take it easy
  • sanman
    in for informing me. I know some of that and am glad to hear it's a good piece.
    So if I end up gong for it, the official site with the coupon seems like a good bet.
    Should I consider a water pipe? Should I consider getting one elsewhere?
    I guess it comes down to the pros and cons of the dry vs each water one and if there's some better value elsewhere.

    Ok I'm in the zone right now, if you know what I mean. Dang, too up, left the ground a bit fast there to Mars. Let's check out this vape so I can control this better and steer (no trudging around outside with a Bic and come back in when it hits big).
    So I'm buying this while still buzzed.
    What grinder should I get? Space case, Santa Cruz, NewVape, or Magic Flight? I ain't see anything about the latter two aside from "the best right now are", but he's got the other new post about the classic Space Case. Which of the 4 should I buy?
    And I'm thinking about doing the Turbine VapeXHale so as a newbie I can appreciate what I'm tasting.
    Thanks so much guys. You're making this an easy process into getting my medical treatment gear.

    Edit: ok I found a really good page comparing all Space Case and Santa Cruz . Different kinds of each too.
    Dang that's a lot to comprehend. I've never used one so it's gibberish to me. Deciding how many pieces, blah blah blah. This dude gives pros and cons I can't imagine, but he seems to say Space Case, but talking about sucking on a wand so maybe he's using a pen? Ok, I'm gonna watch cartoons or something to use this buzz to relieve anxiety and overthinking haha almost have my vape and it'll be alright.
  • sanman
    Ok ignore all that. I'll do the Santa Cruz.
    Should I get the 4 piece or three piece? Since I'm a lightweight user, I might choose the small size, but not sure what benefit there'd be of having that 4th piece.

    Also, how discrete is the packaging from VapeXHale or Santa Cruz? Maybe that'd be a question for the store themselves. I'm just concerned since my apartment office manager can receive the package for me as they usually do, which might have to happen since I just got a $25 package stolen (luckily not any of my $$ orders I usually send to the apartment office).

    :) All good.
  • Bud
    the Turbine is awesome!! i like 3-pieces! packaging should be discreet, but doulbe check with them when you order
  • Flipz
    I'm a space case fan and my 10+ year old one is still grinding. Besides how dirty if is from my lack of cleaning over years, this baby is still grinding. I am really satisfied with my new vape fine grind grinder but the only downside is there's no kief catcher if you require/want that. Have a good one!
  • Simone
    Hello all,
    I'm going to open again this thread after months

    There's someone here that have vapexhale hydrabase?
    I'll be grateful if someone could measure size of hydrabase, I need to know if they can be fitted into my vape case

    Thank you all!!
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