• DazedPain
    There is way too much info out there. Just looking for a really good portable vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates. We are in pain 24/7, we bought a vaporizer for $200 and it is worthless (not portable). Sent it back to get fixed twice and the third time ..... we are done. Just looking to kill our pain, get rid of the high anxiety and be able to sleep. But all that is impossible since we can't find a really good reliable vape! Can someone help?
  • BestBuds
    I'm a medical patient too with chronic debilitating pain. How do you use cannabis now? Have you ever owned a herb vape before? What is the most important things that you need/want out of a vaporizer? Do you want something that can vape a lot in a short time or something that you can take and toke on for a while, maybe you want something that can do both? Do you want on demand or a vape session? How portable?(are you thinking out in public use or just not wired)
    I started with a Davinci IQ and a Mighty and it was not a happy start for me. It just didn't fit my wants. Let us know a little more and we'll get you there! :grin: :up:
  • DazedPain
    Question 1 Answer: right now we use edibles. Until we can find a good vape.
    Question 2 Answer: Yes, did own a herb vape before (also did concentrates and wax)
    Question 3 Answer: Flavor, ease of use, can do dry herb and concentrate, doesn't burn the herb or concentrate, can actually vape more than just one or two hits.
    Question 4 Answer: ?on demand or a vape session? don't understand what you mean.
    Question 5 Answer: portable enough to take out (when we walk, etc.)
    Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast BestBuds. : )
  • BestBuds

    What vape did you own before? Did you like it? Explain. And on Q4 I mean do you want to be able to take a hit or 2 and walk away and repeat or do you want to sit and "smoke a bowl" like spend 10 to 15 minutes just chillin and vapin?
  • DazedPain
    The vape was a desk top, it had bags that we could fill, but the heating part kept breaking. Didn'y like it at all. The use of the bags was difficult (we have arthritis), and if you didn't in hale al of it it would just fade away and taste bad. Oh Q4 both would be great to be honest. Sometimes you get "sneaky cannabis" lol it doesn't come on right away so we like to take our time. Besides chillin and vapin sounds good! :wink: The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer, does both, is that any good?
  • DazedPain
    Oh the name of the vape was: the Zephyur Ion
  • DazedPain
    I have to go now. I WILL be back tomorrow! Thank you very much! Have a great one and stay out of pain. :grin:
  • BestBuds
    I think you would really love any of the Rasta Buddah Tao products, they are hard to get right now because that company is going through a little transition period but if you can find any of their vapes you will love them, I have a cherry wood Milaana 2 and a Splinter (gen3) They also have the Splinter Z which I want..

    The Ghost MV1 is also a great option for you my only reason for recommending the RBT products over the Ghost MV1 is that the crucibles might be difficult to handle with your arthritis. Watch some you tube videos on it and you will see what I mean. Maybe it won't be a problem for you.
    *Take a look at our classified section, there looks to be a few on sale there.

    Third I would recommend Arizer, Air or Solo latest versions (they also have the ArGo but I have heard that the vapor is just a touch less taisty but it is a great option if you need a vape that you can pocket.). They are great vapes all around but imo are not quite as good as Ghost or RBT. But "not as good" is like saying Ferrari is not as good as Lamborghini. Would you complain if you had either?!? :brow:

    If you don't mind a power cord with a small unit I strongly recommend that you look at EpicVapes eNano or Ed's TNT WoodScents Aromalog. They are versital units that can be used with a glass stem, a water pipe or bong, or a whip (think hooka) and it feels damn good on my hands when my arthritis hurts my fingers because I leave it on for hours when I am using it so it's nice and warm. I'll set it at 5½ or so and take a hit as I need it I leave the vape on and just remove the stem when I'm done.

    Those are a few to look at. Let us know if you have any questions and we'll help you out.
  • Baron23
    Wow, big subject.

    First, portable? Really? For occasional walks...but mostly for home because you and your partner?

    Might want to rethink this...portable, but for daily constant use for pain relief, must be reliable, and has to do flower and concentrate? Wow....this is just an opinion but devices that try to be the Swiss Army Knife of vapes generally do not.

    So right off, I would suggest you separate flower vape from concentrates. If you are in a legal state, you may want to look to pre-filled carts for your concentrates. If not, then a pen vape like a Linx Hynos Zero, Source Orb, or Humbolt Sayonara are less money and be more effective.

    Next, you get what you pay for in vapes....personally, I think they are all overpriced and when full Fed legal happens and big companies get in the game (think Mr Coffee and Black and Decker), I believe prices will come down. But that's not the case now and still...you generally get better for more and crap for less.

    Additionally, you are generally going to get a more reliable, effective, and efficient vaporizer out of a desktop unit than a portable. You seem not to like bag vapes (though I love my Volcano and its as rugged and reliable as a brick) but I know nothing about the vape you mentioned once having. Desktops I would recommend for you (besides the Volcano) are the Enano or Ed's Woodscents as a log vape (that's a general type of design...they are very efficient, you can load what you want, vape a draw and set the stem aside and come back to it later. This is my way of using an Enano.


    Another desktops you may be interested in are the VapeXhale EVO. Super extractor and also full convection so hit what you want and set your ELB (easy load bowl) aside for later if you wish. I LOVE my EVO.

    The suggestion of a Solo 2 above is a good one...but I'm not a big, big fan of these vapes as I tend to find the draw resistance a bit high.....but MANY view it otherwise and its a well loved, well built, vape for a decent price.

    There are desktops like the NewVape Flower Pot, Glass Symphony, etc that are very good effective devices to be used with a water tool (bong, bubbler, call it what you like) BUT they are some very hot exposed areas and its pretty easy to burn the crap out of yourself.

    If you must have a portable, then please don't go cheap or you are going to get cheap. The Storz and Bickel Mighty and the Ghost MV1 are, IMO, very good quality vapes. I own both. Personally, although they do concentrates using liquid pads, I do not want to gunk up my expensive, complex, flower portables with concentrates which, in the final analysis, really doesn't require much more than two hot knives and a straw in terms of tech to vape it. Both can be run with fairly small loads....with the Mighty, I cut the load size down by topping the flower load with the liquid pad. Works beautifully. The MV1 crucible is already pretty small (about .1 - .12 g ish). With the Mighty, you can preload dosing capsules (and now I do sometimes make flower/concentrate/flower sandwiches in a dosing capsule and it also works beautifully...key is to not put to much in there and have flower on top and bottom). With the MV1, they have the crucible holder and you can also preload crucibles.

    Then there are butane vapes.....manual control, can combust, but if learned correctly, they are not too expensive and extract flower very well. I have a Sticky Bricks Lab's Jr and and like it a lot.

    There are tons of vapes out there and I'm sure others will view and recommend them differently, but these were my thoughts when I read your post.

    Best of luck.
  • DazedPain
    Baron23, thanks so much for your help! Have taken into consideration about the portable vape. I will also check into vapes you mentioned! You mention
    The suggestion of a Solo 2 above is a good one...but I'm not a big, big fan of these vapes as I tend to find the draw resistance a bit high...Baron23
    What do you mean by draw resistance? Hard to draw?? If that is what you meant, I am glad you mentioned to me about the draw.

    Another great mention you gave me was about the Flower pot/ and others
    some very hot exposed areas and its pretty easy to burn the crap out of yourself.Baron23
    Good to know about those possibilities.
    The MV1 I will take a look at that one.
    Thank you again for all your advice! Need all I can get :smile:
  • Baron23
    yes, draw resistence is just that, how hard it is to pull air through.

    Glad you found my note helpful. Wrote it in insane hurry so sorry for fractured sentences.
  • Vapeur Rogue
    I have and love many of the vapes listed in suggestions here- I too, vape for pain relief- I want to add that the Vapwood Lil'Bud would be a good choice, (portable) but you would want to use mainly flower, and put down a bed of flower or ABV when using concentrates, in moderation. Also, you may want to consider the Haze Square, which is designed for use with both. Lotus is one of my favorite of my butane vapes- I don't see it listed here either- but sometimes if my hands are acting up, I reach for something else first.
  • DazedPain
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been in a bit pain and have been staying up and resting.
    Thank you so much for your suggesting what you did!
    There is just so much out there, some I have no clue how to use! :yikes: Like Vape Kits, lol oh well. When we decide on what we want I can ask about that if need be. : )
  • Ctipp22
    In my opinion get a cheaper wax device meant for wax and get a good dry herb device .The ones that do both are not impressive most of the time. Get a Saionara and dry herb you have options
  • EconMan
    Might want to rethink this...portable, but for daily constant use for pain relief, must be reliable, and has to do flower and concentrate? Wow....this is just an opinion but devices that try to be the Swiss Army Knife of vapes generally do not.Baron23

    Agreed. It's why I also don't have only one lawn tool. :)
  • Vapeur Rogue
    @DazedPain Never any worried on how long it takes to respond- There are times when I am bedridden- Yes, there are many options, and many good ones- including more with high grade materials then folks may realize, and that were out when I first started collecting vapes.
  • Dr green thumb
    I agree completely with needing multiple tools. Desk top vapes are much more reliable than battery powered portable vapes. Nothing is more frustrating than having your vape cut out mid session because the battery died. I have had that happen a few times because I forgot to charge it (pain brain fog) luckily I have more vapes than I need and could switch easily. My butane vapes eliminate problems with batteries but still needs a lighter that has enough butane. As for dabbing concentrates, yes a pen works but not nearly as well as a dab through quartz and glass.
  • martinstraka8282
    -Desktop Vape
    -Solid Mighty or MV1 "At home portable" Vape
    -Portable, discrete, small Pax 3 or Miqro IQ type Vape
    -Concentrate pen Vape or Dab rig

    That should about cover it for the most part?
  • Westkvw
    I say pax 3, the battery life is great so you can take it out for the day with confidence in knowing it will last. I like the quality for both herb and wax. It was my very first vape and I feel spoiled because I try other vapes and they fail in one regard or the other.
  • DazedPain
    Wow thank you to EVERYONE for writing to help us out! You all are great! Seriously! Thank you!
    I have a question, we were looking at the Zion .... but the price, wow, almost fell off my chair! :yikes:
    I guess I should have put price up first. I wasn't thinking. Pain gets in the way a lot.

    Now I feel I have to re-adjust what we are looking for, unless we can get it cheaper than $350.00 The Volcano is $400.00 and that is a desk top! Really starting to feel helpless here. It is difficult not having the money when you need it.
    I think I need I need a break ...... will be back if I can fix things about price and what we are going to do.
    Thank you all so very much, honestly, everyone is awesome!
  • martinstraka8282

    It sounds to me like the Mighty could be right up your alley. From everything I've read it produces excellent vapor quality, is incredibly consistent, is portable enough for most purposes, and would be within your $350 budget with the discount code on this site.

    I almost bought one myself but went for the Ghost MV1.
  • Vapeur Rogue

    I feel you on the expense- I have many vapes, medicate for pain, among other issues- daily in some seasons- but have built the collection over time. For the most part, they are portables, and within $300 range when I purchased. There has been no mention yet of the Healthy Rips Fierce, Which would be on the larger side of portables- you might want to consider it- For transparency's sake, there were issues with the first run/release of the unit, but the company and customer service is on top of that and from all I hear, excellent. You might want to stay tuned on that, they mention the updated/fixed run will be in the shop soon. Further, the Tubo Evic is on my shopping list, I hear it is a powerhouse, and currently lists at 220.00. I know folks on another forum use it for pain relief.
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