• Atomize
    You don't need to clean every use. Depending on usage but I clean maybe once a month. I and vaping moistly oil at the moment and use the iq lightly. You may find once you clean it well you won't need to clean thoroughly too often. I use the brush provided to clean out the oven and around the ball every time I empty it. A good indicator that it needs cleaning is the airflow gets very restricted. The design of the airflow holes is not the greatest.
  • tripertronic
    What exactly is your IQ doing? does he not turn on anymore? Do the buttons light up when you press them?
  • mamaSAID
    the battery indicator is off. Ive put new batteries still malfunctions.
    its not consistent.
  • Mrcurisan
    Try sending it back for warranty because it sounds like your unit is messed up!
  • tripertronic
    That's how it started with my IQ. Here is where it's end...
  • Mrcurisan
    How was your usage? Did you go high temps often or for extended periods of time? I'm curious because I saw your post and was afraid maybe the high temps was the cause? Did you ever message davinci back? I might message them asking where are the possible ways the vapor got into the electronics area which is supposed to be separated. Perhaps there was a crack in the casing due to temps? I'm just guessing honestly.
  • UbarDog
    My newish unit gets resin in the battery compartment from day one, Due to the IQ I now ISO wash all ink off batterys before use because i was getting off gassing .
  • tripertronic
    yes I used it in high temp and often but that can not be an excuse. I think I found the issue after a lot of analyzing. The cracks of the silver oven "input". (Sorry for my English). That shiny part where the weed falls into the chamber. This cracks around the silver bowl has no real seal. So when you clean it with iso, even only on a qtip, a little bit always creep through the cracks. Over the years... Same on the battery compartment... always a tiny bit. Like @ubardog said. Even the Crack between bowl and shine tray leaks. The electronics inside are not made for hard usage, so when u plan to use it as your only device, watch out.

    You known what. Fuck it. No body should buy this shit. Why? Because fucking usage and usability before design! I, as a designer, says that. I hate it that company's make such big and important "mistakes" only for design and smallness...
  • Mrcurisan
    Yeah thats why I believe Davinci should have use a better design in retrospect. @ubardog you should ask Davinci if the battery compartment should be getting resin and let us know if it is a warranty issue! I haven’t noticed any on mine but will be paying close attention. I got the VapeXhale Evo with hydratube as my desktop for use at home and the IQ as my portable, so I do the occasional bowl or two with glass spacers using already ground bud inside supplied storage container. I really baby it, I don’t let the gaskets touch ISO ever, I do the steam clean when I can (which is wet cotton seab and hot oven), and make sure when you slightly bend the qtip agaist a flat surface so it can have that angle to dig in that area between silicon gasket and ceramic heating chamber. Even the shiny part of the bowl only water no ISO, cuz I seen VapeLifes IQ and its like corroding slightly near silicon threads! I’d like some of your guys advice on drawing technique for the Davinci IQ. I am currently using the water adspter mouthpiece but I have never tried the flat. I hear to sip it like tea? Or cigar puffs? I kinda hit it like my MFLB, sipping every other decind, but I feel if I just suck it theres hardly air flow. I need to have a little air coming from outsife to get an area of low pressure. I flip my grinder upside down so not sure if its consistency of my grind. Any advice is greatly appreciated. @tripertronic will let you known if my IQ happens the same. You didn’t answer my question about Davinci! I’ll ask nonetheless!

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