• Baron23
    Wow, not sure if this is good or bad for vaporists.

    They say that they are going to incorporate S&B's IP into their already tech heavy vape development (that's close to a quote, right there). So, what are their tech heavy vape development? Something that has never been to market or used by vaporists

    So, does that mean no more new S&B devices....I think perhaps so.

    While I always expected the Mr Coffee's and Black and Decker's of the world to get into vapes when Fed legal, I rather expected there to still remain small high end vape companies....but that's perhaps naive of me.

    Just not sure but my initial reaction is that this is unsettling.

    We will see.
  • G-Code
    Just not sure but my initial reaction is that this is unsettlingBaron23

    @Baron23 yep, very startling when the company on top appears to cash out after no new products in 4 years...
  • Baron23
    yeah, and for 145M euros!!

    @VapeCritic -see what you can earn if G43 isabig hit! Haha
  • Gman
    I think they did the right thing. They made great products, then made better upgraded versions of the exact same products. Now they sell and let someone else take over for the new round of products, hopefully with the same engineering, research and design team as before. The owners sold out, as they deserve too.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Wow! I guess I'm glad I grabbed my Mighty when I did. I wonder how this will effect warantys and such?
  • Baron23
    in general, when you buy a company you buy the liabilities also incl warranty burden...no?
  • Ctipp22
    Hmmm I wonder if this is good?
  • YellowDog
    I think it's great. Maybe now something new from SB
  • twhc291
    Wow that's big.

    What does that mean for S&B products?
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I’m sure it’d be new products improving upon existing designs. With new blood, I could see the teams internally crafting some pretty fantastic products. Detachable batteries I could see, same with improved cooling units and hopefully a way to break down the chamber. One could hope. Maybe an instant on-demand mode. One the size of the crafty or smaller, like IQ size somehow, and another like a mighty 2.0. Yeahhhhh!! Dosing capsules are awesome. Gimme a mini-crafty and ultra mighty with on demand, party/session mode, dosing capsules capability, improved cooling unit that eliminates the annoying small o-ring somehow, detachable swappable batteries, and lemme get up to 428f-430f. Gimme a four year warranty instead of a two :)
  • Baron23
    I suspect that the new owners are going to want to make a splash in 2019 with some new product or another and I agree that a modified Mighty might be in the works.

    But I would expect this to be a revision and not a completely new vape which I think they will most certainly issue but which may well take longer to get out to the market.

    All nothing but pure speculation on my part = worthless really! haha
  • martinstraka8282
    They could make a mighty and a crafty with a small aesthetics facelift & a replaceable battery and that would probably be enough for people to be falling over themselves to buy it.
  • Ctipp22
    Apparently I have a stake in S&B now as I own some Canopy Growth shares lol
  • Mrcurisan
    I just saw this while googling storz n bickel!!! I wonder if the OG mighty or the 20% battery mighty will become either obsolete OR cherished by many, really depends on how Canopy goes along. Whether they make an improvement or not I believe our Mighty's will still hold their value since it is already a solid vaporizer. Lets hope they keep the quality up! Will be keeping a close eye out for any new products. Certainly won't be the first to try em though haha.
  • juxt
    Because they do so much business in the EU, and will technically have to have an HQ there because of the laws, I think Canopy will have to honor every bit of the S&B promise, but that doesn't include anything new even, only that those dudes will stay and contribute.

    I agree they will want to make headlines, however the announcements about the deals shipping stuff to the us government. I don't know if you heard but Aurora announced that first, but Canopy had shipped first, and to Jamaica and now the EU and others.

    This is how the business part of it goes, get in, make a name, sell it, make another, etc. Bud is well positioned to reap some of these waves. I'm rooting for him anyway, if only we could invest.
  • Dazza78
    @Baron23 you took the words right out of my mouth (it must of been when you was kissing me) ;)
  • Baron23
    t must of been when you was kissing meDazza78

    hahaha. In your dreams, mate. :rofl: :joke: :blush:
  • BobCat
    Meatloaf fan?
  • Dazza78
    @BobCat yeah of course but only the boh album
  • Baron23


  • EconMan

    "Objects in the rear-view mirror appear closer than they actually are."

    in general, when you buy a company you buy the liabilities also incl warranty burden...no?Baron23

    Yeah, barring bankruptcy, warranties are like pension liabilities. Their claims precede stockholder's equity.
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